Monday 12-29-03 Recaps

Monday 12/29/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron backs down when faced with an opportunity. Alison’s thanks falls on dead ears. Barbara admits her crime. Carly promises to stand by a friend. Chris feels that his ex is rubbing it in his face. Craig remembers his criminal activity. Hal sees a flicker of disappointment when he tells of a clean search. Holden’s image appears in some funny places. Jennifer asks her mother to make sure that Paul stays free of prosecution. Katie relates her crappy date.

Lucinda seems to have made her way to Atlantic City. Mike offers to redo the date and organizes a dancing fiasco. Mitzy does a double take, sees a familiar face, receives forgiveness, changes to party, drugs her friend, gets picked up by the cops and learns that she has been hanging with a dead woman. Rosanna waits to hear those words that she is so desperate to hear. 'Rose' is offered a place to stay, gets a curious look when she doesn’t remember a gift she bought and later snaps out of it.

B&B by Lea

Brooke stopped Ridge and Nick’s argument. Brooke invited Ridge to Big Bear for New Year’s so they could reconnect. She assured him everything would be different when they came back. Brooke visited Stephanie to tell her about the trip to the cabin. Brooke wanted one last night with Ridge and then she is going to let him go. Stephanie was shocked.

Bridget talked to her supervisor about getting assigned to another patient for her physical therapy training because Deacon experienced arousal during the last session. She dropped by Oz’s place and he was cooking dinner for them. Oz is concerned about Bridget’s involvement with Deacon. She assured him everything was ok and Deacon was only a patient. Massimo was concerned Brooke would not face the problem head on and instead cover the issue with sex and romance. Massimo explained to Ridge he and Stephanie were just trying to help. Ridge vowed he would never give Brooke up.

Days by Rebecca

Sami is determined not to let her father wed Kate. Marlena refuses to be Kate's matron of honor for fear of Roman's life, but Kate thinks that she still loves Roman, and so might John. Tony is arrested for all the murders, but says that he is innocent. He also realizes that Rex is now a full Brady...

GH by Nicole

On The Haunted Star, the robbers rob everybody but Sonny of their belongings and money. Carly tells Sonny about the robber attacking her and kissing her, they suspect Alcazar. Outside, a gun shot is let off and a dead man, that nobody knows is found outside, Alcazar claims he shot him. Alcazar and Scotty set up the explosion so Alcazar could get a kiss from Carly and Scotty could get money and set up Sonny. Courtney and Jason talk about their future, Courtney tells him she doesn't know how to stop loving him. Jason kisses Courtney, then she tells him it is better off it they stay away from each other. Emily talks to Zander about the baby, he tries to blackmail her, but it doesn't work, he goes to Liz and Ric and tells him he will let them keep the baby as theirs. While unconscious, Sam has a jewel in her hand that Jax finds. After she is breathing and in the hospital he questions her as to if she found the treasure, she says no, he shows her the jewel and tells her she is on her own.

GL by Megan

Marina gets Shayne ready for New Year's Eve at the museum. . Shayne says she needs to get ready for the winter dance with Nico. She reminds Shayne that the one you're with at midnight is the one you're meant to spend the next year with and Shayne says he'll see her at midnight. When she leaves the room, Shayne calls Sandy - he's all set for the dance tonight. After hanging up, Shayne drops the phone and holds onto his left wrist, studying it. At the gym, Michelle and Danny interrupt Nico's workout to get him for the big dance. He hates the idea of not fitting in with Marina and her friends. Prepared, Michelle whips out paper and begins a list of conversation topics - music, movies, new year's resolutions, and other similar topics. When Nico arrives at the museum to pick up Marina, Shayne is impressed at how well Nico. Nico is floored when a gorgeous Marina appears, but Shayne is quick to remind him that she's coming home to him. After Shayne drops the nursess keys twice she says the should make a trip to Cedars. Nico and Marina get to the Beacon and realize they're the only ones there apparentely their were some pre-party bashes. Nico spots Michelle and Danny hiding behind the Christmas tree and accuses them of spying. Michelle and Danny enter Olivia's and sit at the bar as Michelle praises her husband for caring about Nico. They discuss the mayoral race. Danny is worried about running against Ross Marler. Josh wanders outside the Beacon, hearing Marah's voice in his head and then Ed's and Reva's all talking about Marianne Caruthers. Reva arrives, and she thanks him for being there Christmas morning. Josh receives a call from Ed informing him that Shayne is in the hospital. At the hospital, Ed notices the bruise on Shayne's back. Shayne tells him about the fall on Christmas Eve. Ed becomes angry and accuses all young people of being thick-headed and not listening to the people who know what's best for them. He says Shayne has lost some of the strength in his arms and they are awaiting test results. Josh follows Ed into the hall and suggests he is too overwhelmed with the Marianne situation to continue being Shayne's doctor. The neurologist, Dr. Scully, greets them then goes in to examine Shayne. Dr. Scully explains that fluid has built up around Shayne's spinal cord from his initial injury. They can either wait and see, or remove it with surgery. Shayne wants to go ahead with the surgery. Ed volunteers to perform the surgery. Shayne sees his parents' unsure faces, "Hey, it's New Year's, what better day to take a chance?" In the Beacon lobby, Lizzie is bummed that she and her mom don't have New Year's dates. Beth's cell phone rings. Beth hands the phone to Lizzie, saying it's Connie's son, Jack, a freshman at Springfield U. After speaking to him, Lizzie excitedly asks her mother if she can go to the dance with him. Lizzie says yes and hangs up, in disbelief that Jack Ansel actually asked her out. When she leaves, Beth calls Connie and thanks her saying their plan worked. At Olivia's bar, Marah sits next to Jeffrey who admits he likes New Year's and Marah suggests a "lip lock at midnight," but Jeffrey isn't interested. Marah accuses him of being afraid of her, which of course he denies. After being rejected by Jeffery: Sandy is DJ-ing the dance and insists Marah come too. However, she's not crazy about spending New Year's Eve with her brother. She caves and goes to get dressed as thunder shakes the museum. Jeffrey goes out into the snow, but upon hearing the thunder, returns, uneasily inside the Beacon and upstairs.

OLTL by Traci

Blair tells Walker to cut the act and that she knows he is really Todd. Jesus' mother comes to get him and Kelly is crushed. Rae tries to get Kelly to listen to Kevin. Kevin says that he wants a divorce from Kelly. Blair vows revenge against Todd. Kevin asks Blair if they can finally be together now that nothing is in their way. Flash is annoyed by having an officer follow her everywhere.

Gabrielle tells Bo that she has seen Troy a few times in the past few weeks. Paul gives Dorian a Christmas present and says he is going to a hotel. Dorian finds out from Carlotta that Antonio found Adrianna at a friends house. David comes up with a new plan to have Adrianna pose as Dorian's daughter.

Passions by Brenda

Rebecca overhears Ethan's conversation to Woody Stumper, Theresa's attorney. Ethan tells Woody to file a motion immediately to stop the DFC from taking little Ethan away from Theresa. Rebecca's eavesdropping leads her to move up the DFC's schedule. Rebecca, Gwen, Ethan, and Julian arrive at Theresa's, and Rebecca informs Theresa that Ethan is on their side. Theresa slaps Ethan and tells him off!

Death arrives for baby Maria, who is critically ill. Charity begins to beg for Maria's life, and Death reminds her of her promise to give up Miguel. Luis leaves Beth's house with Sheridan, and Beth begins to drink, because she is beginning to realize that Luis truly loves Sheridan, and all her plans did not change that fact. Edna reminds Beth that Luis and Sheridan belong together, and they always will.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Ashley sees a whole new life. Brad makes a ‘quality of life’ decision. John breaks down as he pleads. Neil buys his family a wedding gift, and receives his first visitor. Paul gets background information on a new case, and hires a junior gumshoe.

Sharon sounds sexy when she gets mad, then she makes an invitation. Victor disagrees that he will only hurt a friend and vows to find his daughter and has a chat.

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