Friday 12-26-03 Recaps

Friday 12/26/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Ryan warns Greenlee that she must not put herself in danger being with Juan Pablo. But she insists she loves him and will take her chances. Aiden and Boyd barge into Kendall's home, interrupt her encounter with Ryan and demand that she lets them help her in her trial. Jamie contacts Jackson Montgomery and asks him to represent him in a paternity suit to find out if Babe's child is his. Tad tells him he needs to drop it, as does Reggie. But Jack reveals he has a personal interest in helping Jamie, recalling how he was prevented from knowing Greenlee was his child, throughout her life. Krystal bonds with JR, although not with Adam or Mary. When Babe finds out Jamie is going to take her to court in a paternity suit, she becomes very afraid, and her mother comforts her while Tad eavesdrops at the door.

ATWT by Glynis

Alison still tries to hush up the secret. Aaron plans to tell the father the truth and thinks that maybe Alison isn’t the best thing for her baby. Barbara learns of a new suspect, doctors the goblet and plants evidence. Chris finds newlyweds arguing. Craig sees the updated list of suspects and tries to direct the blame to his advantage. Crater’s death sheds new light. Dusty’s information gets results. Hal has DNA and demands a confession for everything due to a suspect’s progressive behavior. Holden knows his wife would have tried everything to get away and blames himself, until he learns that there was a party instead and that his wife was mistaken for her twin.

Jack tests the bat and follows a tip, which leads him to kick a door down. Lily was terrorized by her captors and then thrown in a river. Molly gets caught at the door with a passport, and is asked for the goblet, even though she finally tells her truth. Paul might be feeling paranoid getting suspicious of an enemy, whose wife is his only friend. Rose doesn’t care when her flash bulb earring falls to the floor on her way out to go boozing by the river, and then dancing by herself at the club. The clerk remembers who bought the necessities. The trio learns their prey is rich.

B&B by Lea

Massimo met with Brooke and asked her to allow Nick to be a father to the child. Brooke explained Nick would always be a part of his son’s life.  Ridge waited in Nick’s office to continue their discussion from earlier. Ridge had adoption papers drawn up. Nick told Ridge to drop the adoption idea. Brooke interrupted their discussion.

Oz arrived at Forrester to talk about a job with Eric. Eric proposed Oz work at Forrester to help diffuse the Deacon situation. Oz agreed to take the job. Deacon started physical therapy with Bridget.

Days by Danielle

Brady and Chloe continue their reunion as Nicole drinks away her anger. Nicole makes plans to get rid of Chloe by forcing herself onto Brady when Chloe walks in on them. Shawn surprises Belle with a pair of “snowpeople” made up to look like them while Rex brings Mimi to the place they first landed to scatter Cassie’s ashes. Rex traces the PDA messages back to Tony’s PDA.

Sami fantasizes about stopping Kate and Roman’s wedding by replacing Kate with Marlena. Celeste delivers an ominous warning to Sami. Sami tries to enlist Marlena’s help in stopping the wedding. Marlena admits to John that if Roman marries Kate, it will be his death sentence. Kate and Roman share a romantic morning on their wedding day. The mood is shattered when Kate finds a threat from the killer on Roman’s PDA. Kate asks Marlena to be her matron of honor but Marlena refuses. Lucas uses pre-numbered, hand delivered invitations as an extra security measure for Roman and Kate’s wedding.

GH by Nicole

Jason comes back to Port Charles and tells Courtney it's over. Being hurt, Courtney goes to the Haunted Star's opening with Brian. Sonny gives Carly a necklace, they go to the opening together. Carly tries to convince Jason that Courtney and him are not over. Faith assures Skye that she is taking over since Luke is missing. Sam goes to dive to the courage and is found unconscious after Alcazar's set up explosion. Liz tells Zander about his baby, Ric offers him money, he says no sale. Carly runs outside on the deck and one of the masked men kisses her.

GL by Megan

Jeffery tells Harley to do whatever it takes with Brad and he gives her a pin for Christmas. Harley meets with Brad and she tells him she got the case againist his wife dropped. He askes her to go to dinner. Bill, Danny, Michelle, and the newlyweds happen upon each other. Bill asks Ross to drop out of the race. Eden goes to the church thinking she is to meet Father Ray but learns he is in Rome. She goes to leave and runs right into Tony. Eden and Tony encounter The Shadow for the first time. The Shadow wonders what Tony and Eden are willing to do to save Danny and Bill. The Shadow leaves after opening the lines of communication with Eden and Tony. Olivia asks Philip to come back. Alan is very upset that Christopher let Olivia visit Philip.

OLTL by Traci

River goes to Jessica to ask if Antonio is back so he can ask about Adrianna. David and Dorian plot to drug Paul and have a girl named Michelle marry him. Michael/Al gives encouraging words to Gabrielle in order to make her feel better. Jen finds out the Joey is leaving to go back to London. Natalie refuses to give a man who is robbing Rodi's her wedding ring.

Nigel has some regrets over buying the old hotel. Roxy tries to change his mind. Marcie and Rae hold another radio show. Michael/Al is able to get all the questions Rae asks about Marcie right. Gabrielle has another encounter with Troy. Bo, Nora, and John continue looking for clues into the Music Box Killer. Gabrielle tells Bo that she still wants to get married. Marcie gets asked out by former radio show guest Greg.

Passions by Brenda

Theresa tries to make the best of her "last" Christmas with little Ethan. Ethan is still secretly trying to help Theresa to regain custody of little Ethan. Baby Maria gets very ill, and Kay is upset that Maria's condition is so serious.

Sheridan refuses to let go of baby Martin, and all her friends and relatives are worried about the fact that she believes Martin is her baby. Alistair is still trying to come up with a scheme that will separate Luis and Sheridan forever.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Ashley reads the paper’s head story, that makes her float back into her past on at least 2 occasions before her husband sees what she has been reading. Brad rambles on about this and that but no one is hearing him, until he breaks a spell and brings up a familiar subject. Cameron makes a surprise visit and reveals a partner project, forcing the partner to go along with him. JT says, “I’ll kill that bastard…” Kevin puts the blame on an innocent as he’s been tested ‘clean’ and he revisits his brother’s abandonment.

Michael sees a sibling and exits unnoticed another way, later he is told he is a disappointment. Nick invites his mother to a party, but still acts cold as ever. Nikki brings up her daughter-in-law’s behavior. Paul holds a teen back from hurting another, and instills some sense along with an idea. Sharon thinks that her surprise visitor has spoken to her husband, and she orders him out, but changes her tune when her husband comes home. Victor goes to the restaurant and wishes a familiar couple a Merry Christmas, and then he is ordered to butt the hell out, which is when a scream is heard.

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