Thursday 12-25-03 Recaps

Thursday 12/25/03 Short Recaps

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Merry Christmas!  NBC Soaps are the only ones airing on Christmas Day...

AMC by Jennifer

ATWT by Glynis



B&B by Lea

Days by Danielle

Christmas Day has arrived in Salem. The day brings Chloe and Brady in each other’s arms. Victor gloats as he sees Nicole’s angst. Later, Victor gives Chloe Isabella’s pearls. Will and Lucas present Sami with a homemade family photo album and ask her to join them for Christmas dinner. Hope and Bo host a Brady family gathering at their house where Roman and Kate announce their engagement and plans to marry the day after Christmas. Marlena puts on a brave happy face but is saddened at the news. The news of a new baby Deveraux brings Abby and Jennifer closer together. Bonnie surprises Mickey with Christmas breakfast and a country music mix CD. Alice bestows the honor of reading the Christmas story at the hospital party to Jennifer. At the party, Roman receives another threat from the killer on his PDA.

GH by Nicole

GL by Megan

OLTL by Traci

Passions by Brenda

A Christmas miracle takes place at Midnight Mass! Sheridan breast feeds little Martin, and he gets the nourishment he needs to survive. Beth is furious when she arrives at the church, but Edna talks to her and prevents her from interfering.

Norma, dressed as Santa, arrives at Tabitha's house and the chase is on. Baby Endora wakes up just in time and saves Tabitha's life. As Norma flies through the sky, Reese and John pretend they never saw her or that they even had a conversation about it.

Theresa takes little Ethan back home where she gives him all his Christmas presents. She believes that she will be able to keep little Ethan permanently, and Fox and Whitney do not have the heart to tell her that Rebecca will make sure he is returned to the Crane mansion after Christmas.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Cameron has plans for New Years Eve that include a woman. Colleen is having a great time at the coffeehouse, until a man from her past enters. Damon puts his trust in Vanessa and his feelings. Drucilla is present when another flower is handed over. JT isn’t ready to believe that the law has given up on them. Jack sneaks into the bedroom and gets his hands on the bouquet. Kevin wishes acquaintances a Merry Christmas and announces that the restraining order has been lifted.

Michael’s advice is refused yet again. Neil makes a corporate decision to take the flower to Newman and have it checked out. Nick donates his wife’s services. Phyllis finds the picture of the flower and learns that the flower isn't currently used for anything. Sharon tells how she will not be freed from a relationship and opens the door to terror. The maid confirms where Damon’s room is. Vanessa finds the flower growing and learns of an admirer’s true feelings.

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