Wednesday 12-24-03 Recaps

Wednesday 12/24/03 Short Recaps

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Merry Christmas Eve!

AMC by Jennifer

While Bianca is distracted by this mysterious baby she's fallen in love with, Erica and the rest of the family wonder where she is. She meets a priest who tells her that baby is the Christ child. She is at peace and she goes to join her family for Christmas. Greenlee is all alone talking to Leo. Jack invites her to join his family but she declines.

Kendall and Ryan spend Christmas together. The Martins are ready to enjoy Christmas in spite of Jamie's hostility toward JR, and the fact that Tad and Joe have arrested Adam for dressing up as Santa Claus for the purpose of breaking into Babe's medical records at the hospital.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron has a surprise. Alison fesses up. Barbara gets mommy time. Bob makes a toast to his family. Carly gets her back up when her husband has to work late again. Crater turns blackmailer. Dusty tosses his present to the wall. Hal is leery of having a suspect in his house.

Holden and the kids seem to be having a good Christmas. Jack takes time off work to make up. Jennifer convinces a sibling to share in the family gathering. Joe is taking the body. Lily wants her twin’s body. Mitzy will be brought in for questioning. Molly revisits her vandalism.

B&B by Lea

Stephanie and Eric sang Christmas carols together. Brooke and Ridge arrived at the house bearing gifts. Sally sat alone in her apartment looking at pictures of Macy. Thorne and Darla invited her to the Forrester’s for dinner. Stephanie brought Sally a gift and asked her to join their celebration. Jackie, Massimo and Nick arrived for the holiday celebration. Everyone sang Christmas carols.

Days by Danielle

Jennifer thinks Jack is the Salvation Army Santa as she is out shopping. Santa tells her that she’ll receive a great gift from Jack this Christmas. The Horton clan arrives at Alice’s house for the annual tree trimming party. Everyone takes their turn at hanging their ornament on the tree. Jennifer announces that she is pregnant.  Bo, Shawn, Hope and Belle exchange gifts. Hope and Belle pull out the gifts they chose themselves and pretend to be surprised. Bo and Shawn realize the difference and decide to go along with it.

Marlena admits to Roman that she doesn’t want him to marry Kate. Marlena worries that John will kill Roman and then her. Roman assures her that John is her present and future. Sami wants to get rid of Kate and they struggle. Later, Sami gloats to Kate as they watch a tender moment between Marlena and Roman. Sami eavesdrops as Roman proposes to Kate. At home, Marlena reaches out to John again. Brady shows John the Isabella Toscano Black concert hall and the plans for Chloe to perform there. Brady and Chloe share a romantic reunion.

GH by Nicole

Luke is approached by Stavros' ghost and he tells him 3 spirits will appear. Helena appears and shows Luke his past, Nikolas appears and shows him his present, and a black masked man appears and shows him his future with him and Lucky both dead. Luke realizes that he cannot take his life for granted and becomes a merry holiday man. He brings all of his family together for dinner and brings presents.

GL by Megan

Reva, Harley and Cassie have thought of a way to restore the children's belief in Santa. Josh, Gus, Danny, Rick, Alan and Edmund all arrive dressed as Santa. Shayne lifts himself up at the gym and falls hard injuring himself. Frank and Buzz arrive at the Beacon dressed as Santa as well as Jeffery. All Marah wants for Christmas is for Jeffrey to tell her one personal detail about himself. Later, Jeffrey confides in Marah he was afraid of thunder as a child. Josh, Alan and Buzz worry about the sunken car. Reva asks Sandy to spend the night at the house. Holly refuses to let Ross see Blake before the ceremony. Ed volunteers to walk Blake down the aisle. But first there is someplace he wants to take her. Ed delivers Blake to Ross; they confirm their undying love. Blake and Ross say their vows. Alan surprises everyone when he begins to sing. Blake and Ross exchange rings. Jeffrey pronounces Ross and Blake husband and wife. Josh agrees to spend Christmas at the house. The "real" Santa hands out gifts to the kids. After everybody leaves, Blake and Ross dance beneath the Christmas tree.

OLTL by Traci

Luna found a flower by her statue that she says when it grows in the winter, it may hold magical powers. Rex came by the to see Lindsay and found Jen there. Daniel invited Lindsay to a concert with him. Natalie went to work at Rodi's and found the courage to open Christian's present.

Michael/Al found Marcie at the radio station. Marcie came under a spell, which was broken at midnight. Blair continued to toy with Todd/Walker's feelings. Kelly prayed for help for the little boy Jesus and for herself. Jessica tells John to lighten up if he wants to help Natalie or he will just push her away. Vicky was happy just to see her kids happy with one another.

Passions by Brenda

Fox and Theresa take little Ethan to Midnight Mass, where he is reunited with Theresa. Ethan gets Gwen to agree to the fact that Theresa and little E belong together on Christmas Day.

Edna sneaks baby Martin to Midnight Mass while Beth is upstairs primping to look good for Luis. Luis and Eve, meanwhile, help Sheridan break out of the psych ward. They also arrive at the church to attend Mass. Edna hands baby Martin to Sheridan, and she begins to breast-feed him. Luis and Sheridan exchange a look as though they have witnessed a miracle. Ivy gives Sam a Christmas surprise - she can walk. Grace witnesses Ivy and Sam sharing a kiss.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!



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