Friday 12-19-03 Recaps

Friday 12/19/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall believes she is defeated and will not be able to pull off her false pregnancy when Allen Singer demands she has a supervised amniocenteses. But Bianca is determined to help her and not give up. Adam is almost successful in bribing Dr. Parker into letting him see Babe's files, and even gets Brooke to help him, until Babe's mother gets to Dr. Parker, and he refuses and threatens to report Adam to the ethics board.

Tad tries to get Jamie to get over Babe and realize she chooses to be with JR. But Jamie is determined to find out whether he's the father and win her over. Greenlee seeks out Jack, and then Maria to get them to help her protect Juan Pablo. But it's too late. He gets into his car and it blows up.

ATWT by Glynis

Alison learns that she will be living with the ‘father of her baby’. Carly wants to wait until the case is wrapped up to call the police. Chris knows now that Alison wouldn’t ever lie about a baby’s father. Craig passes over a note for evidence. Dusty makes a run for his accuser but is stopped in his tracks. Emily vows to find the killer. Hal comes to the same person, no matter how he looks at his case.

Hal has the prison log checked. Holden has an idea where his wife is. James sent the flowers by credit card. Lily promises her image that she will not let go of Rose. Lucy is interrupted by a phone call. Molly is afraid to enter when she sees who is at the station. Paul gets to kiss the love of his life. Rosanna explains what you have to fight for love.

B&B by Lea

Jackie told Massimo the baby is Nick’s. Massimo was very upset by the news. He felt he could not choose to support one son over the other. Massimo is worried how the baby will affect the whole family. Ridge visited Nick to talk about the baby and working out the legalities of raising the child. Nick made it clear he was going to be involved with the child. Ridge explained to Nick he wanted to adopt the baby.

Stephanie and Brooke discussed the situation. Stephanie tried to make her see how difficult it would be on Ridge to raise another man’s son. Stephanie wanted Brooke to give up Ridge. Stephanie compared Brooke’s situation to the one she had with Eric and Massimo.

Days by Danielle

Rex regrets having ever come to Salem. Jan continues to spy on Shawn and Belle. Lucas and Will visit Bonnie’s lot to pick out a tree.

The killer goes after Sami, who thinks it is Lucas. Once Lucas calls, she realizes that she’s face to face with the serial killer. Hearing Sami’s screams, Roman comes to her rescue. Rex and Shawn hear the sirens and go after the killer. The killer attempts to attack Roman again but leaves when Rex and Shawn arrive to help. They force the killer towards Bonnie’s tree lot where the killer goes after Bonnie and Mimi.

GH by Nicole

Ric and Liz get married again. As they are leaving Kelly's Ric finds a note in his pockets that says you are not the father, he begins to question Liz about the note. Carly goes to the hospital for a check up, the doctor tells her there might be some more problems in the future. Sam approaches her father about working for the Cassadine's, Nik tells her that if she is rich, he is rich to. Faith calls Sonny and lets him know she has Jason, they meet and Faith realizes that the shipment she has taken of his was toys for the needy kids. Faith ends up bringing to toys to the Christmas party claiming, she had a bad childhood and doesn't want the same for the kids. Nik asks Edward about "Courage", he tells him the whole history of the ship. The Quartermaine's vote on how the money from the Courage will be split up, they agree on 50/50. Jason tells Courtney he is leaving Port Charles for a while and does not know when he will be back, Courtney is devastated, crying and feels a hand on her back, she thinks it Jason and jumps up to embrace him when she sees that it is Brian.

GL by Megan

Michelle comes to Marah and Marina, feeling conflicted about the way she walked out of the threesome they'd formed to investigate the mystery of Maryanne Caruthers's death. Marah and Marina say they are in to help their loved ones if at all possible Michelle agrees and rejoins the team. Carrie appears and Marah tells her that they require more concrete proof. Carrie takes them to Cutter's Bridge, where a car that has been submerged for 30 years, is raised from the lake. Shayne's is at Cedars to meet with the acupuncturist Dr. Chen, and have him explain what he might be able to do for Shayne -- but Chen wants to show by example, suggests they proceed right ahead with a session for Shayne. Josh is hesitant, but Shayne is eager to try anything that will get him up and walking again, and he has his first acupuncture treatment, which is a mild success. Olivia's devastated by Phillip's reaction to the news that his baby with her did not survive childbirth. He blames himself, and she repeats over and over: it's not true. Christopher notes her odd choice of words, questions her about it. She said she was just trying to make Philip feel better. Christopher and Cassie, are concerned for Olivia but when left alone for a few minutes, she disappears.

OLTL by Traci

Nora talked to Troy in prison. Troy told Nora he was sorry for everything he did. Dorian tried to convince Blair that what she was doing was a bad idea. Kelly told Rae that she and Kevin were going to go to counseling. Bo and John still worked on finding some information. Vicky had a sister to brother talk with Todd. With the help of Starr, Todd found the custody papers that Blair was trying to trick him into signing.

David tried to find out anything about Babe from Opal, a woman from Pine Valley. The police officer still followed Flash. Natalie read the card from Christian and ran out after, leaving the card. Kevin didn't give into Kelly as she tried to get him to be with her. Stephan Haven and Rae offered there insights on the Music Box Killer.

Passions by Brenda

Tabitha receives notice that her relatives will be coming to visit during the Holiday Season. Baby Endora has lots of tricks to play, and Tabitha has a hard time explaining the "weird" things that are happening. Kay is still scheming to break up Charity and Miguel. Jessica and Reese are getting closer as a couple, and have adopted pet names for each other.

Gwen is still trying to console Sheridan, but depression has taken over Sheridan's state of mind. Beth and Luis call for Father Lonigan to baptize little Martin, who is extremely ill and malnourished. Nothing the doctors have tried seems to work, and Sheridan rushes off with Antonio to attend the baptism.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Alexis gives a hint for buying a Christmas present. Christine gives the wrong gift to a new guy. Colleen finds the perfect gift for her boyfriend. Damon is frustrated that they haven’t found the flower. Danny makes an impromptu visit. Drucilla follows tradition. JT sells a prized possession. Jack learns that the secret is almost out. Lauren convinces a friend that he needs to pay special attention. Lily presents her mother with the flowers that she has picked. Lynne arrives on a friend’s doorstep. Mary tries to mend a relationship. Neil learns that a couple is faking. Paul arrives with a present, and pushes for it to be opened.. Phyllis can’t forget seeing Damon and Vanessa prancing off into the woods together.

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