Thursday 12-18-03 Recaps

Thursday 12/18/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Jack meets with Kendall and has Livia Frye assist him as Kendall's defense attorney. Kendall does not trust Lieutenant Frye's ex-wife, until the new DA enters, tells them he's got a court order to force Kendall to take a DNA test, and both Jack and Livia come to Kendall's defense. Ryan urges Erica that she must help Kendall by supporting her allegation that she's pregnant by Michael Cambias.

Babe comes back to JR after helping Bianca. Adam urges his son not to trust his wife. He almost follows through, until Babe urges him that they must work out their marriage. Bianca informs Lena that she needs to go abroad and have her baby, and she needs Lena to look out for Kendall when she's gone.

ATWT by Glynis

Carly calls a close friend to help her with the case. Craig asks a killer what advice he had given out. Dusty is arrested, and learns that someone unsuspected is accusing him. Emily gets an update on who could be the killer. Hal doesn’t reveal who sent him over to the house for a search.

James gives a look into the future. Jennifer overhears cops saying that Dusty is going to be arrested. Lily begins a transformation. Molly’s explanations of why she spent the night don’t fly. Paul can’t deal with knowing that a suspect may be arrested. The police confirm Molly wishes.

B&B by Lea

Jackie gave Nick a present for the baby. Nick was sure Ridge had moved out and he went to visit Brooke. Brooke told him Ridge was going to raise the baby as his own. Nick said it was never going to happen. He will not allow another man to raise his child. Ridge told Brooke he would call a lawyer in the morning to start going through the legal end of things. He left to talk to Stephanie. Stephanie is surprised Ridge is not leaving Brooke. He is convinced Nick will sign away legal rights to the baby. Stephanie told Ridge he would not be able to accept the baby. Bridget turned Deacon down and returned the ring. Eric arrived to discuss business with Deacon. Deacon signed a statement clearing Eric of all fault in the shooting. Eric agreed to help Deacon’s company succeed as a subsidiary of Forrester Creations.

Days by Danielle

Nicole taunts Brady in an attempt to get his mind off of Chloe. Brady refuses Nicole’s advances, insisting that he is in love with Chloe. Victor sends his jet for Chloe to come back to Salem now instead of waiting for the performing arts center to be built. Jan continues her pursuits to break up Belle and Shawn. Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn share a tender moment as they exchange gifts. Jan poses as the tree delivery guy to get into Belle’s loft. Sami and Lucas argue about getting Will the same Christmas gift. The killer stalks Roman. After sensing someone following him, Roman taunts the killer. He later confronts the killer, only to be attacked when his security detail distracts him. Later, the killer comes after Sami.

GH by Nicole

Georgie gets a phone call from Maxie about a hot guy that is in Kelly's, Georgie goes over to Kelly's and meets "Guy", after some talking, Maxie leaves them and they go over to the skating rink to people watch, afterwards, laughing they sit on a bench and Dillon and Sage walk by, Guy and Dillon discuss movies, and finally after much tension, they leave. Guy asks Georgie if Dillon is available, Georgie then realizes that Guy is gay. Sonny sets up a christening for Morgan, Carly convinces Jason to go and Sonny convinces Courtney to go despite their separation. At the christening, Alcazar is watching from outside the door, jealous of the closeness of Sonny and Carly. Emily and Liz talk about telling both Ric and Zander about the baby, Liz goes to tell Zander. Zander tells Liz, he is on his own now and doesn't want to have feelings ever again, he wants to be able to just up and leave town tomorrow and not have to worry about anything, Liz is disappointed and decides not to tell Zander. She then goes to Ric and tells him she is pregnant, with no questioning and just assuming the baby is his, Ric is happy and tells her that this is a good sign of their new life together. Faith gives Zander a Christmas bonus and tells him he can have more money and more power, after he tells her he wants out. Faith overheard a shipment of Sonny's that Jason is personally escorting, not realizing that it is the toys' for the needy children for the church, she orders Zander to intercept the shipment. After hitting one of Sonny's men with her blow-dryer, Alcazar tells Sage she needs to go back to boarding school, he doesn't want her affected by his business, she says no, you want to stay her to be close to Carly and I want to stay here to be close to Dillon. He says ok and sends her out in a public place with Dillon.

GL by Megan

Olivia is at Gus' office and tells him she thinks he is making a power play for the company. Olivia and Harley exchange pleasantries on Olivia's way out but Olivia is a little short with Harley. Harley receives a call from Jeffery about her next assignment. Her assignment to spy on Gus and see what he is up to at Spaulding. Though hesitant at first Harley agrees. While at Spaulding she decides against looking it to a personal folder. Later, Eden comes to visit Gus and they talk about Bad Girl and how far they have come in life. Eden makes a comment about Gus running the place one day but backs off the topic after he makes a face. Dr. Langum brings Olivia to see Philip. Philip learns about the baby and scream out in pain. Michelle is trying to forget about the Maryanne situation and answers a call at the hotline. A photographer comes in and starts taking pictures and Michelle is not happy. Later she learns that Danny is trying to promote the hotline not use it. She asks Danny about secrets and them coming out. He says there is no way to keep them buried they need to preempt them.

OLTL by Traci

Starr figured out that her mother Blair knows that Walker is her father Todd. Todd asks Starr to pretend that they are one happy family. Kevin told Blair that he thinks that deep down she wants to be with him. Al in Michael's body confronted Marcie and told him the it was him, Al. Luna tried to help Al one last time. With a little help from an angel named Gabrielle and got another chance.

Bo got a letter from the killer. John figured out that the killing all form a box on a map. Bo thinks that Flash might be a potential victim. Riley helps to crack the killers code with music. Natalie and Roxy watched the tree lighting. Nigel and Roxy went to see if they could by the old hotel. Nora went to see Troy.

Passions by Brenda

Theresa continues to be upset that little Ethan was taken away from her by CPS. She realizes that it is going to be a difficult struggle to regain custody. Gwen stopped by to see Sheridan, who continues to be in a deep depression over the loss of her child. Sheridan is certain that Beth's child is hers, but no one believes her.

Julian tells Rebecca that Theresa is a good mother, and that she did not deserve to have little Ethan ripped away from her. Rebecca is gloating over the plan she concocted to get even with Theresa. Ethan goes to see Woody Stumper, Theresa's lawyer. He informs the attorney that he will pay for any of Theresa's legal fees that she cannot pay, and Ethan also delivers a large amount of documents he researched for child custody cases.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Christine is excused from the room. Damon lets Drucilla have it for getting involved in his work with the flower. Drucilla doesn’t trust everyone on the trip. Jack gets an offer to be a part of the party. Lily goes flower picking and finds the most beautiful flower ever. Michael shows up to do damage control.

Nick has become his father. Nikki can’t believe the stance her son has taken. Olivia tries to help with a present. Phyllis knows that not everyone in Japan is there for the wedding. The press sees Victor being brought in by the police. Vanessa finds a familiar tree. Victor decides to remain in jail.

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