Wednesday 12-17-03 Recaps

Wednesday 12/17/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Edmund, Aiden and Greenlee are all concerned about Juan Pablo putting himself in danger to go after Rick. But he's determined to do it anyway. Erica discovers Bianca's sudden friendship with Babe, as do Maggie and Lena. But Bianca is still secretive about her pregnancy to her mother and to her new friend.

Tad finds and talks to Babe's mother, informs her for the first time that her daughter married JR Chandler, who is his step-son, and he's worried for JR. Kendall and Ryan share a cozy moment in his new home, until she drifts off and has a nightmare about Michael Cambias telling her she's been found guilty of murder.

ATWT by Glynis

Carly thinks that she knows who the killer is. Craig pays off a spy. Dusty refuses a search. Hal finds a way to get his search warrant. Holden hurries things along for the funeral.

Jennifer wishes that she could change the past. Lily runs off when faced with decisions. Lucinda finds a document. Molly gets a warning. Rosanna knows of her husband’s jealousy.

B&B by Lea

Brooke told Ridge she cannot hurt him anymore. She said they had no future together. He stopped her from leaving and said he wasn’t going anywhere. Ridge explained he believed in them and their ability to make the situation work. Amber asked Oz about Deacon’s proposal to Bridget. Amber tried to undermine Oz’s faith in Bridget. Bridget told Deacon he was crazy if he thought she would marry him again after everything he put her through the first time. She showed him the ring from Oz. Eric and Megan shared a drink and he told her about the paternity results.

Days by Rebecca

Jan stalks Belle and Shawn, and Bonnie sees her! Rex asks for tips from Bonnie to make Mimi's holiday season bright. Mickey buys a tree from Bonnie for the children's wing of the hospital, and Bonnie spikes his eggnog! Friends and family gather at Bo and Hope's house, and the killer send another message - "Death doesn't take a holiday" as the credits roll.

GH by Nicole

Brian arrests Courtney for assaulting Faith, even though Faith provoked her. Courtney is taken to PCPD and the charges get dropped after Justus makes some threats. Courtney leaves by herself and goes back to Kelly's where Jason finds her and tells her he was going to take her "home", they discuss their marriage and Jason takes off his ring. Courtney offers to work with him in the mob, he says no. She tells him she's not ready for a divorce, he says when she is, she will have all the money she needs. Alcazar is in the Penthouse and asks Carly is this was she really wants, she assures him she loves her husband and this is the only place she wants to be, with her family. Alcazar leaves and Sonny asks Carly if she has feelings for Alcazar, she says she has anger and pity for him. Sonny teases Carly about all the places he was going to take her, wine and dine her, buy her jewelry, all to make her feelings come back for their family. They get dressed up to go out dancing and start kissing. Michael comes in and asks them if they are kissing AGAIN!!!! Faith visits Alcazar and wants him to work with her to get revenge on Sonny. He says no. Sage reminds Alcazar about going to buy a tree, he is upset and tells her to go with the bodyguards, unwillingly she goes. Sam mutters the words, courage, ship while she is passed out, Emily and Nik hear her and ask her about courage, she makes up an excuse that it is a saying her father used to tell her. Emily tells Nik later after Sam leaves that according to Quartermaine story, they had an old ship called Courage and it was lost with treasure on it. Sam's father Cody applies for a butler job at the Cassadine Mansion, Alexis puts him on trial basis. He sees Nik bring in Sam unconscious and hides. Luke and Skye argue about Christmas and if they are just friends. Luke reminisces about old times with Laura, he can't go back there.

GL by Megan

Carrie drops by the museum to encourage the reluctant girls to continue to find the link between Maryanne and their loved ones. They proceed to question their loved ones again which leads to strained relations. They all come back to the museum and talk about the emotional pain they are causing their loved one while they are not telling them about Carrie. Carrie appears and tells them they should continue despite the pain they are causing and accuses them of not wanting to know the truth about the citizens of Springfield. Carrie says that perhaps when the truth comes out that the men can start to spiritually heal and tells them they are either in or out. Marah and Marina are in and Michelle is out. The cast of Romeo and Juliet is rehearsing in the gym where Sandy is trying to teach Joey how to fence. Edmund steps in and teaches Joey the correct positioning and a relieved sandy moves on to help the rest of the cast. Tammy gives Joey a scarf identical to the one she gave Edmund and leaves when Joey says the gift is not his style. Lizzie goes to make a move on Joey and before Cassie can stop her Edmund takes her to pick out a tree. Lizzie scores some points with Joey but leaves the gym upset after a cast mate makes a comment about her dad's health. Sandy who is worried follows her out. She confesses she feels she will never fit in and he relates and they connect. Though it is clear Lizzie is after Joey as she gives him a ride home while Tammy rides with her family. Buzz and Ed meet up at Maryanne's grave, where Buzz warns Ed that they all promised to visit the grave only once a year. Ed is clearly buckling under the strain.

OLTL by Traci

Marcie had her first broadcast on the radio today. Rae and two others were there to talk about date rape. Marcie's male guest asked her to see a tree lighting with him, as Michael/Al looked on. Luna told Al not to give up. Roxy tried to get Natalie to open up her Christmas present from Christian. Carlotta came back and she and Dorian tried to figure out where Adrianna might be.

Paul got a call from Babe to meet her, so they could talk. David followed Paul to find out any information he could use against him. Antonio and Evangeline put together the clues to see that the murdered victims had some sort of connection to Nora. Troy and Gabrielle shared drinks together again. Bo, John and Nora still went over clues to try and find anything that they could.

Passions by Brenda

Luis's baby is getting weaker and the pediatrician fears the worst. Sheridan is demanding that she be allowed to see the baby. She insists that she feels a connection to the infant. John sees toy stuffed elves come to life at Tabitha's, thanks to Endora. Reese tells John that strange things happen at Tabitha's house all the time, but it's hard to get anyone to believe.

Pilar helps Theresa sneak in to the Crane mansion to see little Ethan, but they are caught by Rebecca, who promptly fires Pilar. Ethan makes a phone call to Attorney Woody Stumper and tells him that he will pay for Theresa's legal fees, as long as his name is not mentioned.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Christine makes an arrest. Drucilla has her fiancé whipped. Jack breaks down and has a glass of wine. Lily has a part to play in the wedding. Michael won’t reveal without a deal.

Nick learns a sibling has split. Nikki has a reminder that nobody likes a Judas. Phyllis proves to be very understanding. Sharon bursts into Nick’s office with an update. Vanessa has a suggestion for marketing the chemical. Victor will not be reading stories to Noah tonight.

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