Tuesday 12-16-03 Recaps

Tuesday 12/16/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Babe finds Bianca passed out and takes her to her home. She calls David Hayward. He keeps Bianca's secret and tells her she will be alright. Bianca also calls Erica and Kendall so they know she's alright. Ryan urges Kendall to tell him if she is really pregnant. She does not confess the truth. But he urges her to keep what she alleges is her sonogram, safe. Greenlee angrily confronts Erica about having the mistaken impression that she, Bianca and Kendall mean more to Jack than his own daughter. Erica tells Greenlee that she is not threatened by her and can manage everything she needs for her family without Greenlee's help.

Jamie seems to want to hook up with Maggie. At first she hesitates, but she sounds like she might want to get to know him better. Juan Pablo, Edmund and Aiden find and interrogate Rick and get him to confess that he killed Carlos.

ATWT by Glynis

Alison arranges for her pictures to be picture perfect. Molly fakes an apology. …Once outside, Molly stops to consider what she has done. Jack offers to check up on an old friend.

Paul ponders confessing. Curtis confesses to getting high. Hal finds it strange that one would turn on a lover. Rosanna can see everything in a good friend’s eyes.

B&B by Lea

Brooke looked surprised by the results. She dropped the file – unable to read the results out loud. Jackie read them – Nick is the father. Ridge walked out. Nick is stunned by the news. Jackie is thrilled by the results. Ridge and Brooke talked about the results. He felt robbed. He told her there is only one thing they can do …Oz and Bridget discussed Deacon. She needed to return the ring. Deacon’s operation was a success. He had feeling in his legs. Bridget visited Deacon at the hospital and he noticed she wasn’t wearing the ring.

Sally dropped by Forrester looking for Stephanie – no one was there. She realized the test results were in. Stephanie and Eric talked. She is disappointed by the results, because she wanted the baby to be Ridge’s. She was sure Ridge wouldn’t forgive Brooke.

Days by Rebecca

Lucas is revealed to be the man behind the mask, but denies being the killer. Sami is caught with evidence of PLANTING evidence in Kate's room! Belle reunites with her family and John makes Shawn-D promise to take care of her. Jan stalks Shawn...again.

GH by Nicole

Georgie runs into Dillon at school, in the middle of an argument, Sage approaches and informs them that she is enrolled at PC High and is in all of Dillon's classes. Georgie goes to the hospital and hits on a jock only to find out he has a girlfriend. Carly and Sonny relax in the Penthouse, Carly takes Michael to see Santa at Kelly's and speaks to Courtney about Jason. Meanwhile Jason talks to Sonny about Courtney. Courtney has a run in with Faith and ends up hitting both Faith and one of her men while Brian watches as he is Santa underneath the costume, Jason is also watching from afar. Sonny and Carly make love. Faith tells Alcazar that Sonny and Carly are together and in love and that Carly got her feelings back, he goes to the Penthouse and Sonny tells him to come in, he's been waiting for him, meanwhile a naked Carly is covering herself up with a blanket.

GL by Megan

Eden learns a business dinner with Alexandra and some ad executives was canceled because they don't have enough funding. At this time she also learns of Gus' new position at Spaulding to which she is surprised. She learns that to get the funding she is going to have to talk to Brad Greene. She tells Brad to give her a week and Bad Girl will have a lot of hype behind it. He agrees to find if this happens. Niko informs Danny that he is leaving but after Danny tells him about a project in memory of his parent agrees to stay. Frank and Darci discuss decorating for their first Christmas together. Buzz is in a foul mood and make some rude remarks but says it is just the Christmas blues. Later Buzz and Alexandra try to drink their troubles away. Marah, Michelle, and Marina find Maryanne's grave and find out that Carrie was telling the truth.

OLTL by Traci

Blair used Kevin to make Todd jealous. Kevin ended up leaving her alone and left. Kelly found lipstick on his collar and accused him of being with Blair and that she was the reason for them divorcing. Kevin left Asa's after an argument about Asa trying to control his life. Todd figured out that Blair knows he is Todd and not Walker.

David and Dorian tried to get some information that they could use against Paul, so they could get the thirty million. Antonio and Evangelene went in search of a student Emma Jacobs and ended up finding here dead. It is believed to be another victim of the Music Box Killings or a copycat, as Antonio thought it might be.

Passions by Glynis

Sheridan is taken to the hospital for an examination. She insists to Luis, Antonio, and Eve that she heard her baby crying, and that's why she was at the cliff. Eve suggests that Sheridan might need psychiatric care. Beth brings little Martin to the emergency room - he is feverish and won't eat. The pediatrician tells Luis and Beth that little Martin is in serious condition and severely dehydrated. Beth is in fear that Sheridan will hear the baby crying and try to take him.

Gwen and Ethan argue over Theresa losing little Ethan. Rebecca reveals to Gwen that CPS has delivered little Ethan to the Crane mansion. Gwen is upset that her mother is pushing her to become attached to little Ethan, but when Gwen sees little Ethan crying, she tries to comfort him. Little Ethan hugs Gwen and clings to her.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Angelo feels that Frederick may turn out to be a problem. Bobbie may lose control of his business. Brittany feels that she has no one to talk to anymore. Damon gives a warning about the flower. Drucilla jumps to conclusions. Jack perceives a threat.

Michael plays “Let’s Make a Deal”. Neil reveals that he is ready to cancel the wedding. Nick outlines his terms for forgiveness. Phyllis screams in terror. Raul listens for a change. Vanessa knows who her roommate is with. Victoria never wants to see her brother again.

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