Monday 12-15-03 Recaps

Monday 12/15/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall and Bianca are both taken to the hospital after the explosion. They are very worried that if they are both examined, it will be found out that Bianca is pregnant and Kendall is not. Ryan helps Kendall escape. But Bianca, who is still hurt and not ready to leave, escapes as soon as she hears her mother's voice outside. She goes somewhere out in the wilderness and she collapses.

JR decides he will believe Babe over his brother. He does not want to even believe the reality that she slept with Jamie. Jamie feels upset and abandoned and when he sees Maggie at the student, he attempts to get her to take his mind off of Babe. Juan Pablo and Edmund discover that Maria is not responsible for Carlos' death. Instead, they believe, a male nurse named Rick had the means and motives to deliberately kill him and let Maria take the fall. They both go out to find Rick. Maria and Greenlee are very worried for their mens' safety after they leave.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron has a change of heart and demands that the sonogram go as scheduled. Alison finds out that her mother knows about her sonogram appointment. Barbara refuses to take a lie detector test. Chris announces that he had unprotected sex. Curtis walks in on an unexpected group.

Dusty blames a twin for the death. Hal hears a suspect begging for forgiveness. Jessica assumes she knows the culprit. Joe learns his daughter seems to have been murdered. Lily cries in a strange pair of arms. Paul is haunted. Sarah gets her back up when accused. Todd is found having a conversation with himself.

B&B by Lea

Nick waited for the results of the paternity test and thought about good times with Brooke. Eric wanted Stephanie to have a party for Brooke and Ridge – to show her support for their marriage.

The doctor called Brooke. She didn’t have the test back yet, but wanted all parties present to hear the results. Eric, Stephanie, Nick and Jackie arrived to hear the results. The doctor read the results – the baby is a healthy boy. Brooke read paternity result and everyone asked “who is the father?”

Days by Rebecca

Belle is back and Jan is steamed! She asks Marlena why she can't get a boyfriend. Roman and Kate have a nice dinner. Marlena assures John that she loves him and him only. Belle greets her father. Sami is chased around by the killer with a knife when Kate and Roman arrive. Roman unmasks the killer...

GH by Nicole

Georgie sees Dillon in bed with Sage and tells him they are over and she will never forgive him. Dillon lashes out at Sage and she goes running to Alcazar telling him she wants to leave Port Charles, he says he can't, and knows that she really doesn't want to. Maxie pays a visit to Dillon just to let him know how amazingly great Georgie is. Dillon says he is scum and he knows it. Luke and Skye have a run in with Faith and Zander, the place a bet on the roulette and Skye loses, Luke noticeable finds that the table was rigged. Skye wants out of the partnership, Luke says no, she is in it for the long run. At the Quartermaine's, everyone is getting ready to trim the tree, Luke shows up with Skye, Nik is with Emily. Edward tries to convince her to date a wealthier man, she says no, she loves Nik. Carly wakes up after passing out. She tells Sonny she had a dream about him. She gets her feelings back and Sonny notices it. Jason and Sonny help Carly home to the Penthouse and surprise, Bobbie, Mike, Courtney and the kids are there with decorations all around. Michael notices that Carly is back to her normal self again, Carly has an emotional reaction to everyone and tells everyone she is back to normal! Sam and Jax find that the piece of rock is really a tiara, Jax thinks Nik should have it since it was his boat, they offer it to Nik, Sam really wants it and Nik tells her she can keep it, and she continues to look for more treasure.

GL by Megan

Marah and Michelle figure out which bridge Maryanne's accident took place at. They go to the police station to look for the record of the accident but find nothing. They wonder why everyone is trying to cover it up. They plan a trip to the cemetery later to find her gravestone. Tony, Bill and, Danny talk about volunteering information about Danny's past instead of ignoring it. Eden arrives and says two political head are on the way over. The two political guys arrive with their attorney Ross. Danny hopes they will back him but they say the need more proof that his former life is done with. They tell him to turn his back on Tony. Danny say if that is what it will take for them to trust him then they can shove it. At the Gym Brad Greene thinks Harley is working for Gus and Alan but Harley assures him she would never work for Alan no matter what. Brad believes her and lets the subject change to his wife's case. Harley says that she might be able to get the charges dropped and Brad says if she could he would be forever grateful. Jeffery and Harley discuss this meeting later and Jeffery tells her to follow his rules next time. Gus is holding a confidential file debating on whether to look at it or not when Alan walks in. Gus says he didn't look at but Alan says he is free to look at whatever he wants to. Alexandra arrives and demand Gus give her the file. Before long Brad Greene also arrives and isn't to happy to hear about Gus' job at Spaulding. He is concerned with the fact that Gus has access to all the files but mostly the one in his hands. Brad is sure to mention his time at the gym with Harley to Gus.


Passions by Brenda

Sheridan slips and falls over the side of the cliff, but manages to hang on to a drainpipe. She screams for help, and Beth rolls a small boulder off the cliff, trying to make Sheridan fall into the rocks below. Charity has a premonition, and tells Luis and Antonio. The trio head for the cliffs and rescue Sheridan.

Rebecca and Pilar exchange words, and Rebecca falls into an open gravesite. As Ethan tries to help Rebecca out, the loose dirt gives way and partially buries Rebecca.

Theresa beats Julian for calling Child Protective Services. Then she grabs Ethan and tells him he has to help her get little Ethan back. Gwen reminds Ethan of his promise, and Ethan tells Theresa he cannot be her attorney.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Bobbieís partner gets a warning that someone wants to hurt him big time. Brittany canít forgive her parents. Christine reluctantly accepts Michaelís confession. Drucilla has a language barrier. Frederick wants Brittany to get on with her life. Jack insists on getting the couch.

Michael knows that charges are going to be filed. Neil sees his bride take another manís hand. Phyllis knows that the secrets have nothing to do with the wedding. Sal leaves wants the person who tried to close the club to be given a message. Vanessa gets a quiet caller. Victor learns that a weasel is going to take the fall. Victoria gets the 411.

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