Friday 12-12-03 Recaps

Friday 12/12/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Tad locates and spies on Babe's mother, noticing she has worse morals than her daughter. Babe fights to keep JR and keeps telling him she loves him. But he does not trust either her or Jamie. He does, however, reveal to both of them the decision he's made, at the end.

Aiden still seems to have Kendall on the brain and is not ready to commit to Mia, although she wants him to. Aiden reveals to Kendall all the people who are suspects in the Cambias murder, and the fact that Bianca and Reggie might have some secret about the mysterious gun he found by the dumpster where he buried Michael's carcas.

Erica picks Reggie up at the station and is very proud of him when she discovers his recent behaviors are due to his loyalty to Jack. She gets into a big argument with Brooke when she notices she is also there to pick up Jamie up and take him home.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron wants to see his aunt. Alison tries to manipulate some more to miss an appointment. Barbara heads over to forbidden territory. Chris couldn’t care less about a recent wedding. Craig convinces Rosanna to forget about Paul and come home to her family. Dusty is a little too sure that Rose loves him over Paul. Hal finds a rose of a story stinks. Lily heads out to get the man she hates.

Lucy would like to go to the hospital but someone that saddens her might be there. Molly has questions about the poisoning even though she says that she doesn’t care about Rose. Paul’s prayers seem to be answered. Rose goes into eternity with an unanswered question. The minister has made a mistake with the marriage papers. The twins started in the same egg and will never be apart.

B&B by Lea

The lab technician wondered how Sally got into a confidential database. He called security, but Sally left before they could arrive. Sally told Stephanie she failed at her attempt to free Ridge from Brooke. Stephanie did not want to know what Sally tried to do. Sally said it was no problem because she didn’t do anything.

Bridget is stunned when Deacon offered her an engagement ring. He slipped in on her finger before she could tell him about Oz. He was taken to surgery. Bridget went to Oz’s place and told him about Deacon’s proposal. Oz was upset – he wondered why Bridget had the ring.

Ridge showed Brooke the plans for the nursery. Doctor Paxton called and said the paternity test results would be available by the end of the day. Ridge and Brooke discussed baby names. The doctor called back and said the test was conclusive. Brooke asked if that meant Ridge was the father …

Days by Danielle

Jan dresses up as the Salem U mascot to spy on Shawn. Shawn receives a static filled phone call from Belle.

Sami continues her goal toward getting Roman and Marlena back together. Sami uses Kate’s computer at Basic Black to frame her for murder only to be surprised by Roman and Kate. Sami heads to Kate’s hotel suite to plant evidence, only to open a door to a masked killer. Marlena admits to still loving Roman but insists that she is in love with John.

Nicole tries to convince Brady not to accept Victor’s offer. Nicole is disheartened when she hears the joy in Brady’s voice as he phones Chloe. Chloe agrees to come home.

GH by Nicole

Carly visits Sonny in jail and tries to get him out. Scotty comes around and tells the verdict has been reached, Sonny is found not guilty of all charges. Alcazar orders Capelli to kill Sonny. Capelli gets ready to shoot Sonny but Jason stops him. He denies having a gun. They all go to Kelly's for a party, Alcazar shows up and gets words from both Sonny and Carly, afterwards faints. Sam's father comes into town and meets with Jax and Sam. Sam tells Jax that her father is a thief and took all of her money. At the hosital Georgie and Dillon argue. He tries to convince her to get back together, she refuses. Sage pulls an innocent virgin trip on dillon and gets him to have sex with her, meanwhile Georgie walks in on them.

GL by Megan

Gus starts his first day at Spaulding dressed in executive wear. Harley stops by to see how things are goin and wishes him luck. Harley leaves and calls Jeffery and says she will take the job and he tells her to meet him. After hanging up Jeffery runs into Brad Greene who wants to talk to him about his wife's case. Josh and Reva are at Company arguing over Shayne. Cassie arrives and drops the acupuncture idea. Josh is wondering how coaching Shayne could hurt him more. Josh and Reva decide to have dinner to research the idea before making a desicion. Outside Company Rick runs into Ed. Ed asks Rick to get an envelope dusted for fingerprints and tells him to only give him the results. Ricak agrees then leave while Ed goes inside. At Spaulding Alan arrives for a meeting and explains to Gus he started a Casual Friday to make hime feel more welcome. He tells Gus all the department heads will be at the meeting. They arrive at the conference room to find Olivia there; she offers to take over for Philip but Alan say no that Gus will be doing that. At Harley and Jeffery's meeting Jeffery wants her to get close to Brad Greene to get information on Spaulding Enterprises. Jeffery tells Harley to dress sexy and go warm up to Brad at the gym. She agrees and goes to the gym wearing a microphone so Jeffery can hear her. Harley and Brad talk and she tells him she is there if he ever needs to talk. Harley asks Brad about work Jeffery says t back away before he get suspious but it is to late he has Harley pinned under the weights and demands to know what is going on.

OLTL by Kym

Kelly & Vicki decorate the church for a service & talk about her problems with Kevin. Todd catches Blair in Kevin's room & he winds up fighting with him. John helps Natalie decorate the tree at Rodi's. Roxy invites him to her place to help decorate there. Marcie gives Michael a thank-you gift for saving her brother. John talks about his mom. River plays the piano & declares he's going to write a song for Adriana. Dorian tells Blair to inform Kelly of her scheme to make Todd jealous, but she refuses. Marcie leads carroling at St. James. A drunken Jenn interrupts the festivities & tells a shocked Joe that she's leaving him. After crashing at Rex's place, she wakes up to find a red leotard wrapped around her neck & someone trying to strangle her. Todd catches Blair in more lies. Antonio buys necklaces for Jessica & Jamie.

Passions by Glynis

Tabitha stops Kay from using baby Endora to harm Charity. After Charity leaves to go to baby Sarah's funeral, Kay sobs uncontrollably about her inability to attend the funeral.

Miguel stops decorating the tree and tries to comfort her. He hugs Kay and tells her that they are a family now, and he loves baby Maria.

Theresa screams hysterically for Ethan to help her, that her child was kidnapped. Gwen stops Ethan from rushing to her side by reminding him of his promise. Theresa finds out that the complaint was filed by Julian, and she attacks him.

Sheridan is lured to the cliffs by the recording of baby Martin crying. She steps onto the spot that Beth loosened, and falls over the side of the cliff. Beth get the look of a mad-woman when she hears Sheridan scream, and is ecstatic that her plan worked.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

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