Thursday 12-11-03 Recaps

Thursday 12/11/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall has an encounter with Ryan where they both reveal their feelings for each other. Greenlee sits by a rock and talks to Leo about her love life failing, and is joined by David Hayward who encourages her to give up on love. Adam urges JR to see the reality about Babe's infidelity and the unlikelihood that he's the father of her baby. Brooke urges Babe to make her marriage with JR work, and to stay away from Jamie. Jamie confides to Reggie that he's very motivated to be a father. Cops suddenly come and confront Reggie and he pushes one of them over.

ATWT by Glynis

B&B by Lea

Bridget told Samantha about her engagement. Bridget is concerned about telling Deacon the news. Sam told Oz that Bridget went to the hospital to talk to Deacon and tell him their news.  Darla visited Deacon at the hospital. He told her he planned to ask Bridget to get married. Bridget arrived to tell Deacon about her engagement to Oz. Before she could tell him, Deacon showed her his ring. Nick told Brooke about running into Sally at Chuck’s Bar. Brooke is not worried about Sally. Meanwhile Sally arrived at the testing lab claiming to be a computer technician. She saw the lab tech enter the paternity information into a neighboring computer. After being left alone in the lab, Sally got to work. Before she could finish, the lab tech returned.

Days by Danielle

An old schoolmate of Isabella’s is the one Victor uses as a surprise for Brady. Stevie reveals her model for an Isabella Toscano Black Concert Hall. Victor offers Brady and Chloe lavish gifts to entice Brady to allow Chloe to return to Salem.  Lucas and Sami discuss their kiss as Sami denies having liked it. Lucas offers a truce but Sami turns away from him, ending up falling into the open plot. She refuses Lucas’ help at first, still insisting that Kate and John are murderers. John vows to stand by his love for Marlena. Kate offers her help to keep Roman safe to which John advises her to stay by Roman’s side.

Roman wants to live his life open so as to catch the killer, proclaiming that he is prepared to die for it if it means catching the killer. Everyone shares his or her objections but soon Hope decides to try Roman’s plan. Bo objects, requesting that Hope be taken off the case. Bo and Hope share a pep talk that ends with them deciding to continue to work together. Marlena suggests to Roman that he work with John to bait the killer. Roman, Bo, and Hope agree to let John work on the case. Bo gets another PDA message showing Roman turning into a skeleton.

GH by Nicole

At Sonny's trial, Alcazar testifies that he is in love with Carly. Carly gets questioned on the stand and tells the jury that she was trying to protect Sonny not Alcazar, and that she doesn't know what she feells. After saying the Carly sleeps around, the courtroom goes bonkers and Sonny flips out. Sonny gets on the stand and makes a heartwarming testimony about his love for his wife and Alcazar trying to drive him crazy with all of the things he has done to him. Scotty tells Ric to object, but he says no, let Sonny finish. Justus makes his closing statement as does Ric. Coleman tells Sam that he has a boat for her, but she has no money. Sam goes to Ned for money and he writes her a check for $60,000 which she gives to the man selling the boat, turns out the check bounces, the man attacks Sam and Jax comes to her rescue. Alexis tells Nik that Wyndemere has to be sold because they are broke. AJ calls the Quartermaines and tells them he knows who has been stealing all of their money, eager to find out, they put him on speakerphone where AJ tells them he has been taking all of the money and is done with the family. After he hangs up, him and Lydia share a passionate kiss while they are somewhere in the tropics.

GL by Megan

Michelle finds out that a white powder is involved in the whole mystery. Carrie explains this is how Mayanne's father made his wealth. Carrie says Maryanne then got involved with the wrong people and ended up going off a bridge and that is how she died. Carrie wants the girls to find the car. Reva worries that Shayne is going to push too hard and end up hurting himself more. Jeffery offers his help in the situation to Cassie. They go see an acupunctrist. Jeffery suggests she remcomend it to Josh and Reva to help Shayne. Tammy get Sandy to talk to Edmund and the find a common intrest their dislike for Jeffery.

OLTL by Kym

Kelly continues to try & work things out with Kevin. Blair has dinner with him in his room. Rex & Jenn flaunt their affair at Rodi's. Renee advises Joe to talk to the parish about his problems with his wife. Paul helps River track down Adriana. Gov finds out that Kevin's staying at hotel, but Paul covers for Kelly with a story of how they're refinishing their house. Dorian goes to Todd & asks him not to print anything about Kev & Kelly, as an excuse to show him that Blair lied about having dinner with her. She baits him about Blair possibly being with Kevin. Bo & Nora have dinner together & talk about Matthew & Gabrielle. Blair pretends to be torn up over finding out Walker's Todd & cries on Kevin's shoulder. David interviews possible prospects for the long-lost Cramer heiress. David tells Dorian he will dig up info on Paul. Todd bribes the bellman for the master key & busts in on Blair & Kevin while they're hugging.

Passions by Brenda

Sheridan leaves the gravesite to go have a chat with her mother and seek comfort from that. Beth sets up speakerphones around the masoleum and on the path to the cliff. She plays a recording of baby Martin crying, in order to lure Sheridan to her death. Charity witnesses baby Endora's magic when she sees a bottle flying through the air. Of course, Kay and Tabitha have a "reasonable" explanation. Kay is furious that Charity and Miguel kissed under a "mistletoe" branch. The social worker takes little Ethan but doesn't provide Theresa with any information. Theresa leaves to find Ethan and crashes the funeral by screaming out Ethan's name. Rebecca tells Ivy that she has been expecting Theresa to show up.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Cameron shouts “Good night!” out loud as he leaves the dining room of the restaurant. Gina is closing but a guest won’t go. Jack worries that he has no contract. Lauren holds the mistletoe overhead but doesn’t get a chance to use it. Michael is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t.

Nikki suggests that only one person will go to jail. Paul asks an ex what it is she wants from him. Peter is going to make the best deal possible. Phyllis comes up with a plan to get in on the dirt. Vanessa takes advantage of the situation. Victor disowns a relative.

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