Wednesday 12-10-03 Recaps

Wednesday 12/10/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall attempts to "counsel" JR about his dilemma with whether to trust Babe, and indirectly tells him about her own dilemma with Aiden vs. Ryan. Ryan urges Juan Pablo to leave Greenlee alone, because he's putting her in danger having her around the thugs who were after Carlos. Babe admits to Stuart that she is still in love with JR and does not want anybody else. He encourages her to not give up on their relationship. But Adam is determined to stop at nothing to get Babe out of his son's life. He attempts to bribe Jamie to marry her and keep her away from JR. Jamie reveals to Brooke that he wants to marry Babe and believes she's pregnant with his child. She demands that he stops this crazy scheme, but he does not listen.

ATWT by Glynis

Barbara hides evidence. Craig is discovered in an unlikely place. Dusty fears that someone else may be killed. Emily finds all glassware missing. Hal learns that a likely suspect was in the church.

Lily knows the truth when she looks into Paul’s eyes. Lucy won’t go home with her father, as she has other plans. Paul learns that he was wrong. Rosanna gives some solid advice to a hurting teen.

B&B by Lea

Brooke asked for a few minutes of Stephanie’s time. They discussed the baby and Eric’s concern for Bridget and Deacon. Sally continued her lessons with the computer hacker. Nick walked in on the meeting. He and Sally talked about Brooke. Sally advised him not to give up on the baby. Oz tried to convince Bridget that the proposal was not because of Deacon. She doesn’t want to jump into anything too quickly. Bridget told Oz she loved him. Bridget accepted the ring. Bridget told Oz she didn’t want to sleep with him until they are married.

Days by Rebecca

Sami pleas with her parents to leave town, but they refuse. Sami cries to Lucas, saying she'll be alone when they die, and he comforts her, with Kate looking on. Rex says that Roman will be the next victim, and Bo confirms it saying it was in a message from the killer. Tony tells Rex that he is Roman's so by blood and he doesn't have to deny it. It looks like Victor has brought Chloe back to Salem!

GH by Nicole

Courtney and Jason meet in the snow where they got married. They profess their love for each other and Jason promises her he will always wait for her. Courtney tells him that she just wants to focus on the present and not the future. Jason tells Courtney this is the last time they will be able to see the Corinthos family, once they leave, no more contact. Sonny and Carly talk about leaving, Carly is afraid her feelings will never fully come back. Courtney and Carly say goodbye, Carly tells her that she can't let Sonny run on his own. Jason and Sonny say goodbye. Carly and Jason say goodbye and he gives her an Eiffel tower from the airport. Sonny and Courtney say goodbye, Courtney tells him that she realizes now that she has always needed him as a brother. In court, Scotty tries Sonny in absentia. Sam gets questioned and says that Sonny did not kidnap her. Jax gets mad and walks out, tells her she is walking down the same path as Brenda. Sam gets mad that he keeps comparing her to his ex and tells him to call her when he gets some sense. Emily and Nik go to the Quartermaine house to announce their engagement. Edward is adamant that they won't marry because he is broke. Emily threatens the family that if they are against the marriage or have nothing good to say about it, to not attend the marriage and if they try anything funny, then they will elope. Alcazar gets on the stand at Sonny's trial and says that he did not entrap Sonny or set him up. Liz and Emily talk about her baby, Liz says she is going to pass the baby off as Ric's. Emily thinks it is a bad idea and that a marriage cannot be based on a lie. Liz visits Ric in court to see if his revenge against Sonny has finally died down, she says it has. Alexis and Nik talk about the demise of the Cassidine family. Skye questions AJ about why he wasn't upset about maybe getting ousted of ELQ, she overhears him on the phone talking about a second payment transaction. Sam approaches Nik about a business deal, he says talk.

GL by Megan

Zach is feeling sick but it is only because his daddy is. Harley explains Philip is working to hard and is a bit sad. He says he doesn't want his daddy to be sad. Harley promises she won't let anything bad happen to him or his daddy. This was by far the cutest scene in the longest time. Marina gets a package from Shayne it turns out to be a dress for the dance. A very sweet card is included. Darci and Frank talk about changes in the home decor now that they live together.Gus stops by to ask Frank for a leave of absences to go work at Spaulding until Philip is well. Gus says it was Alan's persistence that got them where they are and he wants to do this for him. Frank agrees unless crime goes up. Gus and Har;ey run into each other outside Cmpany and catch up. Jeffery arrives and Gus tells him about his leave from absence from the force. Harley asks Jeffery hypothetically about his job offer. He tells her if she doesn't take the people she loves will be hurt more because the person he will bring in won't know them or care like she does. Olivia stops by the mansion to see Alan who is upset because she went to see Philip. Olivia is defending herself and gets dizzy due to not eating; Alan leaves to go get her something. Lizzie arrives and is rude to Olivia. Olivia tells her the baby died but this news seems to have no effect on Lizzie. Lizzie tells Olivia that she took her father from her and she wishes she never meet her. Olivia says she might get her wish because she is leaving again for good. Lizzie begs her to stay say Olivia is the only one who can help Philip. Gus arrives at the mansion and tells Alan before he starts work there he has a few ground rules. Shayne wants to stand on his own and when he dos falls. He and Josh argue over him pushing himself to hard. Sandy arrives and tells them to stop they need to compromise.

OLTL by Kym

Mc & Bo continue interviewing Marcie. Ron is brought in for questioning after he ditches the man they sent to follow him. Blair at first wants to shoot Todd, but is talked out of it by Dorian. Professor Haver shows up at Rodi's & gives Jessica & Antonio his opinion on what the killer is like. Marcie tells the cops that Michael was the one arguing with Madison before she died. He's also brought in for questioning. Troy shows up at a bar & runs into Gabrielle. He tells her he's out on a pass & he's taking meds now. He apologizes for what he did to her. During questioning Ron has an allergic reaction to something he ate & Michael saves him. Blair decides to go back to Todd & proceeds to start making him jealous as a revenge scheme. Marcie thanks Michael for saving her bro's life. John warns Natalie to be careful again. Blair sets up a date with Kevin while Todd listens in.

Passions by Brenda

Theresa struggles with the DFC officer and elbows him in the stomach. She pushes the social worker down on the couch, grabs little Ethan's hand and tries to escape. The social worker informs Theresa that a court order has been issued and little Ethan is now in state custody.

Sheridan's pain is getting to be too much for her, and she sticks her head in a bathtub full of water. Luis, Antonio, and Eve are very worried about her state of mind because of losing her child. Beth has come up with a plan to cause Sheridan to die and make it look like suicide.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

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