Tuesday 12-9-03 Recaps

Tuesday 12/9/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Greenlee finds out Juan Pablo's secret, where he intended to protect her by claiming to dump her and she does not appreciate it. Two thugs come to threaten both their lives until they run into Ryan. Simone fights her feelings for Tad, but admits to him that she loves him. He reveals he could never love any other woman besides Dixie, but genuinely gets through to her that she matters to him.

JR corners his wife and brother about their secret affair. Tad also does some investigation which enables him to get information from Babe's mother.

ATWT by Glynis

A dark figure arrives at the church to pick up the evidence. Aaron proposes. Alison points out the benefits of marriage. Barbara congratulates her son with the biggest smile ever. Ben gives away his heart.  Clarke gives advice on what to do if you find your true love. Jessica gets her dream wedding anyway. Lily urges her sister to fight. Molly can’t believe his ears. Paul retires from the circus. Rose seems to have been poisoned.

B&B by Lea

Ridge set up a romantic evening for his wife. Sally met with a computer hacker to teach her how to hack into hospital records. Oz told Bridget her dad was right about Deacon. Bridget doesn’t want to discuss Deacon anymore. Oz offered Bridget a ring and asked her to marry him. Deacon told Amber about kissing Bridget. He showed Amber the ring he planned to give to Bridget.

Days by Rebecca

GH by Nicole

Alcazar tells Scotty he refuses to testify. Scotty is mad. Dillon is in jail and Sage informs him that she told the manager that he is crazy. Dillon starts to act crazy and asking where are the butterflies? Tracy shows up and goes along with the crazy story and bribes the manager with money to get her son out of jail. Georgie reluctantly agrees to Tracy's deal and breaks up with Dillon. Dillon doesn't understand why she is so mad and is heartbroken and confused. Alexis and Justus talk about taking Sonny's case, Alexis tells him she wouldn't lift a finger for Sonny. Alexis shows Nik how much in debt the Cassadines really are, they will have to go bankrupt. Alexis gives Emily the divorce papers and she meets with Zander as he is on a date, they have some words, Zander tells her he is not making his life about her anymore. They both sign the divorce papers and once Emily leaves to give them to Alexis, Zander starts crying. Sonny and Carly kiss and Sonny stops saying they need to slow down. Carly begins to feel like she made a mistake in bringing Sonny as a fugitive. Sonny reassures her that with time, she will be the old Carly again. Carly goes outside and Sonny finds her they talk and he tells her their marriage will work. Back in the room, Carly thinks she saw a figure by the bushes and gets nervous. Alcazar gets into their room in France and spies on them from the balcony. He then hides behind the bushes as he watches them hug and be close. Courtney goes to the island to get the kids when the Social workers knock on the door and barge in. Courtney plays it off that she is their mother and Michael denies that Sonny is his father, catching on that his family is in trouble. Jason barges in and takes them to the island. After watching Sonny and Carly being close again, Alcazar calls Scotty and tells him he will testify against Sonny to put him in jail.

GL by Megan

Jeffery and Marah continue their discussion about her clothing line. Sandy tries to intrude but Marah and Jeffery leave to continue things at her place. Marah and Jeffery kiss. Olivia arrives and she and Sandy catch up. Harley goes to see Alan about Philip's condition. Later Harley calls Jeffery and tells him to get in touch with "Terrier". Dr. Langham questions Olivia's motives for visiting Philip. Gus tells Harley about him wanting to work for Spaulding while Philip is getting well. She starts to slip about Philip being in danger but covers.

OLTL by Kym

Great anniversary show for Blair. She gets to sing. After figuring out that Walker's really Todd, she has fantasy sequences that resemble a b&w 40's movie about how she would deal with finding out that Todd has betrayed her again. In different segments she imagines: a denial reaction where she denies being angry with him & wants him anyway. Forgiveness-She forgives him, believes he's changed & they stay together. Regret-She takes him back, but discovers he's been leading her on & steals the kids & the newspaper & prints a damaging story on Kevin. Anger-She vows revenge on Todd & begs Kevin to kill him. When Kevin refuses, she plans on killing him herself. Revenge-She actually shoots him dead. Dorian tells her, she should have tormented him instead. Back in reality, she almost figures out that Starr was in on it too, but Starr covers with an excuse. Starr tells Todd to get over to Dorian's & fix the situation. When Todd tracks down Blair she waits at the door with a loaded gun.

Passions by Glynis

Beth organizes a suicide. Ethan knows that he has to keep his wife protected. Eve plans to escort Sheridan to the funeral. Father Lonigan starts the service. Fox wants to marry his true love young, so that he doesn’t go through what his father did. Gwen accepts a ring. Julian gives advice on family values. Luis and a rival argue over what a loved one should do.

Rebecca revels in the knowledge that another baby is being taken away. Sheridan sees her baby in the bathtub. The officer throws himself through the closed window. The social worker wishes that she had a choice. Theresa grabs her kid and makes a break for it. Whitney worries that an unwelcome visitor may show up for the funeral.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Another guest is going to Japan. Drucilla quenches any ideas that Neil may have. Jack tells his enemy of his separation. Michael refers to a friendship as a relationship. Neil doesn’t want the majority of the guests at his wedding.

Nick is angered that a trusted friend has betrayed his trust. Nikki orders her son from the house. Sharon reveals that she went to visit her abuser. Vanessa is not worried anymore that the chemical will be stolen. Victor warns that he is on the warpath.

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