Monday 12-8-03 Recaps

Monday 12/8/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

JR discovers that Babe and Jamie have lied to him. Jamie believes he is the father of Babe's child, and sounds like he wants to commit to her, until Tad tells him he's being foolish. Juan Pablo blames Maria for Carlos' death, and she has doubts about her ability to be a surgeon.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron is getting tired of getting advice. Alison suggests getting married. Barbara knows that now is the time to strike. Champagne all around! Chris schedules an appointment. Dusty reveals his plan. Faith starts off the wedding. Hal stops a murderer. Holden finds a way to get a troublemaker outside. Jennifer sees how stubborn her mother can be. Lily hands Rose the glass that is obviously hers.

Lucy enters the church on her date’s arm. Molly knows that this is going to be the night when everything comes to an end. Paul makes sure to bring the gaudy red glass. Rose almost collapses. The bridesmaids feel that the ‘break in’ notification can wait. The young parents have had enough. There is a big pause after the minister’s opening statement.

B&B by Lea

Eric and Stephanie held a dinner party for Oz and Bridget. Massimo is concerned Eric doesn’t feel Oz is good enough for Bridget. Eric assured him he looked forward to getting to know Oz better. Bridget got ready for the party and talked with Samantha about Deacon. Bridget admitted she was drawn to him again. However, she feels like it was meant to be with Oz. Amber visited Oz as he got ready for the party. She then dropped in on Deacon at the hospital. Deacon told Amber he intended to ask Bridget to marry him.

Days by Rebecca

Sami tries to convince both Roman and Lucas of Kate and John's guilt. Sami cries, saying that when her parents are dead from their respective murderers, she'll be alone alone and Lucas kisses her! Belle calls Shawn and learns about Cassie's death, while Jan lurks nearby. Roman is even more convinced of Kate's innocence. Mimi and Rex have some nice alone time, talking about Cassie, etc. Bo and Hope talk about his dream with Caroline and Shawn's safety.

GH by Nicole

Jax arrives by helicopter on the boat that Sam stole, they dodge the police and hide in a cove. Sam tells Jax that this business job isn't cutting it for her, her life is on a boat. They talk about how Sam is a risk-taker and Jax then tells her that he thinks she is afraid of getting too close to him. Sam tells him that this is not true. Courtney asks Jason to look for Sonny, when he doesn't, Courtney questions the mob's "code". Alcazar approaches Courtney questioning her about where Carly and Sonny are. Courtney tells him she doesn't know and wouldn't tell him even if she did know. Brian goes to Courtney's room and tips her off on some information, that Scotty is trying to make Michael and Morgan wards of the state since Sonny and Carly are on the run. Hearing this Courtney starts to pack her bags, when Jason shows up, she tells him she is going to the island. Georgie approaches Tracy about Dillon, Tracy assures her that she is intrigued by Alcazar and she likes Sage even more because she is his niece. Tracy tells Georgie that she will keep Dillon away from Alcazar if Georgie breaks up with Dillon. Dillon, hung over wakes up in the bed. Sage tells him that he lost his virginity last night to her, Dillon doesn't believe it and makes it clear that he is in love with Georgie and to get out of the room. Sage leaves and comes back later scared and crying, she tells Dillon some man attacked her, meanwhile all she did was go outside and tear her shirt. Dillon goes looking for this man that supposively attacked Sage and starts punching the guys outside his room, Dillon gets a hit himself in the stomach and out pops Sage's head from underneath a cart. Luke tells Faith she can push Skye into the water and she does, Luke jumps in after her to save her. Faith and Luke then play cards and Luke folds with a Royal Flush and tells Faith he will cooperate with her. Carly and Sonny are in France at Carly's safehouse. Carly calls a doctor to take care of Sonny's open wound. Carly tells Sonny she wants to call the children, Sonny tells her they are ok, Leticia is taking care of them, Carly tells him that Leticia is not their mother. They talk to Michael and when Carly gets off the phone, Sonny tells her he told her not to call so she could prove that she has feelings for the kids, but he also says that doesn't mean she has feelings for him. After talking about how they can make new memories, Sonny tells Carly to give it time, her feelings for him will come back. They kiss and Sonny tells Carly he will only do what she is ready for.

GL by Megan

Jeffery asks Harley if she would get involved to save her child's father. The case has to do with Brad Greene and effects Philip as well. Philip's phone has been disconnected. Olivia and Beth talk about Philip. Olivia steals Beth's hospital pass. Olivia goes to see Philip. Nico tells the reporter he is grateful to Danny and Michelle for helping him. Ed asks Michelle to never bring up the name Maryann again. Tony asks Marah if they can be friends. Tony tells Danny he hope Marah find a guy to make her happy. Michelle believes her wish for Danny is coming true.

OLTL by Kym

Dorian & David hatch their plan to find a phoney heir to Aunt Betsy's fortune. Todd comes back to Blair & apologizes for his jealous behavior. Daniel & Lindsay go on a date at Rodi's & talk about their families. Marcie accuses Michael of playing her to hurt her. Kevin continues to harrass Blair with his feelings for her. He tells Kelly he's moving out of the house. Rex & Jenn make love at the motel with someone watching thru the blinds. Todd & Blair get a room at a hotel. Blair starts to get romantic, but Todd's too furious over what Kelly's been telling him & starts to rough her up. Lindsay informs David that she found out the paintings he got were fakes. Madison shows up & tries to get Michael interested in her again, but he yells at her to get lost as Marcie listens in. Dorian finds pills in Paul's jacket & suspects him of trying to poison Betsy. Marcie finds Madison's strangled body in the student lounge. Natalie starts playing pool again. Blair starts to put the pieces together & wonder if Walker's Todd.

Passions by Ashley

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Brad makes an offer that can’t be refused. Cameron puts his hand where the sun don’t shine. Colleen shares a romantic dance. Jack decides another guest will be going to the wedding. JT tells Colleen that he wants to take someone else to the dance. Michael comes up with a plan.

Neil knows that the new guest to his wedding proves that something is up. Nick makes his son the priority. Nikki cries on a good friend’s shoulder. Phyllis is angry with a ‘friend’ suggests using her problems for something else. Sharon asks Gina to call a guest. Victor still has a hard time believing the truth.

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