Friday 12-5-03 Recaps

Friday 12/5/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Jamie’s concerned that he’s the father of Babe’s child. Although she assures him he can’t be, he goes to the hospital to investigate. JR is also becoming suspicious of her and inquires to a motel manager, what he knows about Babe and Jamie shacking up. She’s still very confident that JR loves and trusts her and that she has no cause to fear Adam Chandler. Kendall and Mia get into verbal combat, after Kendall discovers Mia slept with Aiden, until they are informed, by Simone and Greenlee, of the shocking news of Carlos’ sudden death. But it still seems hopeless for Kendall and Greenlee to reconcile their differences. Greenlee goes to see Juan Pablo after discovering the news about his brother, and they hold each other.

ATWT by Glynis

Dusty threatens to make a scene. Hal learns that there is a nun in the non-Catholic church. Lily is incited to violence. Lucinda agrees to be a part of the wedding party. Paul has special glasses and champagne. Rose forgets to bring her shoes.

B&B by Lea

Nick and Jackie discussed the paternity test. Ridge was with Brooke as the test was performed. The doctor explained the results would be available in about a week – though she did put a rush on them. Sally overheard where the tests were being sent.

Jackie told Stephanie she would have no problem accepting Brooke and the baby into her family. She wondered if Stephanie could do the same. She also told Stephanie that Nick is in love with Brooke. Jackie is convinced Nick and Brooke belong together. Ridge and Nick confronted one another in the waiting room. Nick apologized for what happened. Ridge knows Nick is in love with his wife.

Days by Danielle

Jan eavesdrops on Shawn and Philip’s conversation, then continues to stalk Shawn. Shawn senses it but attributes it to Caroline’s ghost haunting him. Hope worries that Bo is working too hard. Bo worries that Caroline isn’t resting in peace. Bo dreams of stepping out of his body to be with Caroline’s ghost. Caroline tells Bo that she has come with a warning that Shawn and Hope are in danger. Hope seeks Alice’s advice on how to help Bo.

Marlena begs John not to move out and vows to stand by her husband, despite Sami’s warnings. Roman considers the possibility that Celeste could be foreseeing an accident that would happen to Marlena and suggests that John and Marlena separate for a while which both Marlena and John veto. Sami accuses John of being the serial killer. Roman admits that he is investigating John. Sami vows to Roman that she will make sure that John is out of Marlena’s life forever as Marlena proves her devotion to John during passionate love-making.

GH by Nicole

Faith approaches Luke about the money he found and she claims it is hers and tries to convince Luke to partner up with her. He refuses and goes to Sonny for protection. Sonny tells him he is too late, he is out of the business, Luke catches on to the fact that Sonny left the business because of Carly and advises him to hold on to her. Skye is kidnapped by Faith's men and Faith leads Luke outside to find Faith tied up to a chair ready to be pushed into the water. Carly tells Sonny she will take care of him. She asks Courtney for help so Sonny won't be transported to jail by Scott's orders. Courtney goes to Brian for help. Brian approaches Scott about keeping Sonny in the hospital under watch, Scott refuses. Carly goes to Bobbie for help. Bobbie drugs Sonny and he wakes up on his jet with Carly. Carly tells him that they are on the run together. Jason goes to the monastery to try and get Justus to take Sonny's case. Justus, already taken the vow of silence, doesn't speak at first, but when Jason brings up Damien Smith and the past, he breaks his vow of silence. Justus shows up later as Scott goes to Sonny's room to transport him to jail and is found missing. Justus tells Scott his is Sonny's new lawyer. Jax gets approached by Tracy for a business deal. Sam tells him in front of Tracy that it is a bad deal, Jax tells Tracy he will get back with her. Skye then comes to visit Jax and ask for money to pay back Faith so she doesn't go after her or Luke when Sam interjects and says no to the deal and tells Skye that she is still hooked on Jax, but Jax is hers.

GL by Megan

Reva ensures that she will be fair while interviewing Danny on her show. Danny announces his intent to run for mayor. A reporter tries to get dirt on Danny from Niko. Niko lets it slip that his parents were murdered. Marah tells Michelle about the M connection and they wonder what the story is. Eden tells Tony that Danny turned his life around and he should do the same. Alan, Beth, Dr. Langham and Gus want to get Philip out of town before Olivia can tell him about the baby. They agree on a hospital to send Philip to. Alan asks Gus for his help in the business. Beth tries to warn Marah about Jeffery. Ed and Buzz admit to have nightmares about their secret and wonders how Alan sleeps at night. Harley is grabbed by two men. She finds they work for Jeffery and he is much more than just a D.A. He tells Harley he needs he help and she could save someone she loves.

OLTL by Kym

McBain decides to put undercover guys at the university. The pic of Blair hugging Kevin gets printed in a NY paper & Kelly gets ahold of it. Todd & Vicki get together in the Lord mausoleum to talk about their dad. Todd uses it as an opportunity to bury his ring with Victor & get on with his life, saying Todd's dead. Kelly confronts her husband & demands to know what happened in that cabin. He brushes off her accusations. Rex asks Jenn to meet him at a hotel. Vicki gets flowers from the governor. Kelly lights Todd's fuse by showing him the pic in the paper. Marcie asks Jess to talk on the radio about the sexual harassment that's taking place at LU. Madison tells Marcie that she used to date Michael. After finding out that Jenn might be a witness to Karen's murder, The Music Box Killer watches Jenn from the shadows. Todd goes berserk with Blair & storms off after confronting her with the pic.

Passions by Ashley

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Bobbie wants to start a relationship. Brad reassures a friend that he hasn’t done anything wrong. Brittany agrees to go on a date. Colleen hates that Kevin is the reason that she can’t enjoy certain things. Damon tells of the extra tourist that will be in Japan. Jack learns that a loved one is going to be in Japan as well.

JT makes a surprise visit. Lily feels that something may go wrong with her parents getting married. Michael hugs a woman in distress. Neil stops a conversation about Victor’s crimes. Nick tells his wife of a dinner date. Nikki leaves. Raul will learn to deal with his stress before getting his true love back. Sharon learns that her new confidante is a criminal. Victor plays cat and mouse.

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