Thursday 12-4-03 Recaps

Thursday 12/4/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall's murder trial starts. Jack represents her. Bianca, Erica and David offer support. Ryan cancels his plans to sleep with Greenlee, in order to be there for Kendall. He puts up her bail. Kendall rushes off to be with Aiden and discovers he's spent the night with Mia. Right when it looks like everything is going good for Carlos, he suddenly goes into cardiac arrest, and he dies.

ATWT by Glynis

Alison has to have a scary conversation. Barbara’s gun is the perfect accessory. Chris wants a sonogram. Dusty points out a pattern of behaviour. Emily has to wonder the if the superstition is true of not. Hal hears contempt in his son’s voice.

Molly promises to end things permanently. Paul reacts to the voices in his head. Rose gives an amour the bad news. Will admits that his father is listening to the conversation.

B&B by Lea

Massimo wanted Nick to explain what happened with Brooke. Massimo is concerned the situation will tear the family apart. Nick told Massimo if the baby is his he will be proud. Nick acknowledged he loved Brooke, but he prayed his brother is the father of the baby. Ridge planned a romantic night alone with Brooke. They talked about the sex of the baby – Brooke’s only preference is that it’s Ridge’s.

Sally told Stephanie what she knew about the baby. Stephanie doesn’t want to fight with Brooke anymore. She realized all her past actions just caused her family pain and Brooke never paid for anything. Sally has a plan to remove Brooke from Stephanie’s life – and it involved the upcoming paternity test. Oz demanded to know why Bridget was kissing Deacon. She explained Deacon was only a friend. Deacon vowed to give Oz a run for his money once he got out of the hospital.

Days by Danielle

Nicole worries about her future with Brady due to Victor’s actions. Brady tries to convince Chloe (on the phone) that she should stay on tour with her opera company. Brady figures out Victor’s plan and they argue much to Nicole’s delight. Jennifer visits Jack’s memorial. She is visited by Jack only to have a strong wind send him away. Jennifer rejoins Lexie and Celeste and they decide to hold a séance. Abe reaches out to suggest that they have Roman join the séance, who ends up bringing Sami along. Abe’s ghost arrives through Celeste. Abe refuses to declare the name of the killer, but uses the letter tiles to spell out that John will kill Marlena. Jack begins to arrive but Sami breaks the circle, which sends Jack’s spirit away. Abe returns to deliver Lexie the message that he goes in peace. Jennifer gets a text message from Jack to meet him in the alley behind Salem Place. Jack returns and takes Jennifer’s hand, only to rush off a moment later. After the séance, Roman agrees to check out Sami’s suspicions about John.

Marlena ponders whether or not John could really kill her as Sami’s warnings echo in her mind. John vows to die before he let anyone hurt Marlena. Marlena knocks over a glass, cutting her hand. John tries to help clean the cut just as Sami and Roman come in to accuse John of trying to kill Marlena. Marlena’s doubts return as Roman and Sami tell her of the séance. John is offended and decides to move out for a while.

GH by Nicole

Carly introduces Alcazar to Jason as Sonny’s way out of being convicted if tried. Jason tells Carly she is out of her mind for going to Alcazar for help. Carly tells Sonny about Alcazar and Sonny says forget it, Alcazar shows up and Sonny tells him not to help him. Alcazar later tells Carly he will still get Sonny off, but nobody will know and not to tell Sonny. Brian questions Courtney about Jason’s whereabouts during the shipment bombing, Courtney, angry, tells him that Jason was with her during that time. Brian rushes back to find out Jason’s alibi and beats Courtney to him, somehow, someway, Jason knows to tell Brian he was with Courtney. Courtney lashes out at Brian and tells him she will always love Jason. Sage continues to try and make Georgie jealous. Dillon and Sage go away to a tropical getaway where Dillon gets drunk and Sage answers Georgie’s phone call and taunts her by telling her they will be very busy while on vacation and not to call. Dillon is meanwhile, drunk and passed out with his shirt off on the bed.

Sam and Jax visit Sonny in the hospital, Sam still trying to convince Sonny not to say he kidnapped her. Jax is mad that Sam is trying to cover up for Sonny. They talk about Jax’s past with Sonny. Back in Jax’s apartment, they talk about future plans, work, life, etc, Sam goes into the shower to come out and find a red rose with an outfit and a card telling her to wear the outfit when she comes. She goes to Jax in her black suit and finds a nameplate with her name on it as Vice President, they kiss. Dara tells Sonny his options for trial, he doesn’t like either of them and fires her. Jason tells Sonny he knows the best man for the job but he has to find him, meanwhile Justus Ward is taking his oath at a monastery.

GL by Megan

Michelle, Marina, and Marah think their fathers or grandfather lied to them about Maryann. Carrie appears and say their names all start with M and sometimes that adults have ways of doing things that their family doesn't know about at all. Danny decides to run for mayor. Danny is to appear on the Reva show. Edmund gives Cassie and necklace. Cassie's say she wasn't expecting it but is sorry she took so long to tell him how she felt. Philip thinks he hears Olivia outside but she isn't there when he goes to investigate. Olivia was there though she was looking for her doctor. Alan and Rick tell him Olivia is gone. Olivia shows up at Towers where Cassie and Edmund are and tells Cassie she had a miscarriage. Alan appears at Towers and explains to Olivia Philip's condition.

OLTL by Kym

Nora & Bo tell Asa that Matthew is there kid. Asa proceeds to spoil him rotten. Vicki & Dorian blast their way out of the cave & return home. A parishioner gives Jenn flack about her latest antics. Vicki stands up for her. Joe warns Rex to stay away from his wife. Jenn lets it slip to John about her being with Karen on the night of her murder. She also tells him Rex helped her cover up evidence at the crime scene. Dorian's furious when she finds out Paul's getting Aunt Betsy's money, instead of Starr. David's relieved to see Dorian back in one piece.

Passions by Ashley

Reese and Jessica have a loving reunion. Charity and Miguel are kept apart by a scheming Tabitha and Kay. Ivy swears she will have Sam for her own once again. Sam and Grace come face to face at a tree lighting in town. Rebecca tortures and upsets Julian with wedding plans. Theresa gets hope from something Ethan tells her. Gwen dreams about how life would've been with her daughter, Sarah.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Ashley assures a friend that the baby that she lost wasn’t his fault. Bobbie kisses someone that he has been dying to kiss. Brittany is angry at a big fat mouth. Colleen agrees to go and visit her mother in New York. Jack tells of his broken marriage to win confidence.

JT decides to cook a romantic dinner. Nikki delivers a bitch slap unlike the world has ever seen. Sharon wants to make sure that her husband never finds out about her incident. Victor is glad that Ashley has Abby.

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