Wednesday 12-3-03 Recaps

Wednesday 12/3/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica and David attempt to assure Bianca that they are truly having an affair, neither killed Michael, and they have no ill will toward Kendall, nor desire to see her take the rap for murder. Mia successfully seduces Aiden although she's aware that his heart is with Kendall. Greenlee gets very upset and drunk over Jack's new loyalty toward Kendall, which she fears will take his attention away from her. Ryan attempts, unsuccessfully to get Kendall to believe he wants to help her prove she's pregnant. He later goes and finds Greenlee and cheers her up.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron is reminded that his father had his share of problems at the same age. Alison thinks that now she has no one. Barbara is MIA. Bob hopes that Chris is doing the right thing. Chris isn’t all that sure that the baby isn’t his. Dusty says that he was with Rose all night.

Jack knows what bait should be used. James gives deadly instructions. Katie pushes a friend to ask questions. Lily gives sisterly advice. Lucy can’t tear her eyes away. Molly commits a crime. Paul plays a trick. Rose reveals what she did the night before. Will is missing.

B&B by Lea

Ridge and Stephanie brought Eric home from jail. They were trying to find a way to get Eric out of trouble. Deacon would be the only person who can keep Eric from jail. Bridget overheard the plans and was not happy with her father. Stephanie is disturbed by Bridget’s feelings for Deacon. Oz visited Deacon in the hospital. He gave Deacon a pep talk. Deacon thought of Bridget and knew he had something to live for – her love. Bridget dropped in to see Deacon. He told her she gave him a reason to get out of the hospital bed. They shared a kiss that Oz walked in on.

Jackie and Massimo discussed Brooke, Ridge and Nick. Massimo is not excited about the prospect of a grandchild from Brooke. Stephanie and Ridge discussed Eric. They realized he cannot hide from the press forever. Stephanie turned the conversation to the paternity test. Ridge cannot hide from the truth about the baby either. The two come to an agreement: if the baby is his, Stephanie agreed to accept his marriage.

Days by Rebecca

GH by Nicole

Jason and Sam meet at the PCPD cell and Jason assures her if she doesn't press charges she will be given bail money and the best lawyer around. Scott tries to intimidate her into admitting Sonny kidnapped her, she refuses. Jax is curious as to why Sam is covering for Sonny. Sonny is in the hospital guarded by PCPD. Carly gets in to see him and tells him she loves him and wants to see him live, he says he feels trapped. Carly calls Alcazar and meets with him and asks him not to press charges, he in return wants her to be with him, she says she may not love Sonny but she doesn't love him either. Alcazar agrees to get Sonny off to prove to Carly how he feels about her. Courtney asks Jason to leave the country with her, they can start a new life, he tells her he can't leave the business and leaves. Courtney takes off her ring. Sage starts to do research on Carly. Alcazar tells Sage and Dillon that they need to leave the country for a couple days. Liz and Ric get interrupted on their ski trip, Scott wants him home to interrogate Sonny. He comes home and gets Sonny to say he kidnapped Sam. Liz is confused on whether to tell Zander and Ric about her pregnancy.

GL by Megan

Marah, Marina, and Michelle question their loved ones about Maryann Caruthers. Josh, Buzz, and Ed deny knowing her. Buzz, Josh, Ed, and Billy meet at Company and Billy says no one but them and Alan knows what happened to Maryann. Carrie appears to get the girls results and allows them to know that Maryann Caruthers is dead. Lizzie, Beth and Lillian are out together. Lizzie realizes that they are keeping her from Philip's intervention. At the intervention Philip is paranoid and delusional. Philip agress to check into a hospital. Philip and Lizzie agree to get well together. Olivia returns to town!!! --

OLTL by Kym

Dorian & Vicki hesitate before lighting the dynamite. In some great comedy scenes, they both imagine what life would be like for their families without them. Among the scenes are how Dorian imagines everyone coming into her house & taking her things, how the men in her life would miss her & what kind of life choices her nieces & nephews would make without her wise guidance.

Vicki imagines the kind of life she would want for her kids & what would be the best & worst case scenarios for Blair finding out about Walker. In the end, they both decide to take their chances with the dynamite.

Passions by Ashley

Liz aggravates Eve by teasing her about loving Julian. T.C. plans a special getaway for the family but invites along Fox. Jessica's depression improves when Reese returns to Harmony. Charity and Miguel are kept apart because of other's schemes. Rebecca plans both her wedding to Julian and revenge. Theresa is spotted with one of Gwen's belongings and Gwen gets infuriated and tells Ethan they are through.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Cameron shakes off seeing a woman from his past. Christine has regrets. Danny recaptures the feelings that he had for Christine. Nick decides to do business with someone familiar. Nikki thinks that her grand daughter is unnecessarily being stressed out. No one answers when Jack brings up the ‘new project’. Phyllis leaves. Sharon needs a lawyer. The man is in Nick’s office. Victor admits that he has problems. Victoria outlines the pecking order.

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