Tuesday 12-2-03 Recaps

Tuesday 12/2/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Derek and Justin interrupt the big Thanksgiving dinner to arrest Kendall. Jack also discovers he's been suspended from his DA position and will have to undergo and inquisition for suspicious behaviors in handling the Cambias murder. He's ready to represent Kendall. Erica also suddenly shows concern. And Bianca is able to discover that Ryan is in Kendall's corner.

JR discovers Babe has slept with his brother. At first, he's upset and unresponsive to her. But they reconcile. Brooke confronts Adam about disrespecting his son and daughter in law, and demands he leaves her son out of his dirty work.

ATWT by Glynis

Barbara lures the officer. Bennett falls on his face. Crater gets punched out. Dusty admits his feelings. Hal makes an appointment. Jennifer’s been had. Katie gets a sign. Mike regrets pushing Katie. Molly knows someone must die. Paul will make her pay. Rose initiates a hug. The priest counsels. Will is awakened.

B&B by Lea

Ridge assured Brooke he was committed to going through the pregnancy together – despite his mother’s misgivings. Stephanie discussed the pregnancy with Samantha. Sam told Stephanie about her feelings for Ridge. Sam went to see Ridge and he asked her to decorate the baby’s room. Brooke ran into Nick at a restaurant. She told him that Ridge had forgiven her and they were putting everything behind them. Brooke wanted to make sure Nick remained in their life. Brooke vowed she would see Nick and Ridge make peace. Jackie met with Ridge to talk about the baby.

Days by Rebecca

Tony and Rex grieve for Cassie, and they both want revenge. John recites a message Cassie sent to Rex that clears him of the murders, but Shawn-D still thinks he did it. Tony calls Stefano and tells him that it was never supposed to go this far. Sami and Lucas come in for questioning, but they appear clean. Kate is brought in and the blood on her hand is a match to Cassie's. Phillip and Lucas refuse to believe their mother is guilty. Roman believes that she is innocent, but because of evidence he has to arrest her.

GH by Nicole

Emily is busying studying for school when Nik tries to convince her to take a break to celebrate St. Vivian's Day. She ends up meeting up with him outside and they have a snowball fight. Jax and Sam talk about her incident with Sonny, she tells Scott she wasn't kidnapped and doesn't want to press charges. Sam asks Jax for another chance and Jax doesn't respond, so she storms out and heads for the airport waiting for Jax to follow her, finally he does and advises her the Christmas in Port Charles is beautiful, she should stay. Sonny finds Alcazar and Carly in the Penthouse and is really mad, he lashes out at Carly claiming she betrayed him, she tells him everything she did was for him, he tells her that she is his wife and he will always love her. Sonny, on Carly's orders tries to leave the Penthouse and gets shot by Brian, by Scott's orders, he runs back into the Penthouse and Carly and Sonny come out together. Ric asks Elizabeth if it's ok if they wait until tomorrow to leave for their ski trip, she agrees and they talk about Sonny. Jason gets arrested for assaulting a police officer and interfering with their business, Jason knows they were going to shoot Sonny either way. Courtney and Mike meet at the police scene and she lashes out at Brian for shooting Sonny.

GL by Megan

Beth, Lizzie, Alan, and Philip meet for lunch. He goes to get champagne and mistakes the bartender for Olivia. Beth and Lizzie go on a shopping spree when Alan goes to get Philip help. Tony meets a mysterious women in a hotel room later we see him pay her. Alexandra and Eden are shooting a Bad Girl shoot at Danny's. Tony arrives and Alexandra ropes Tony in to modeling with Eden. Tony tells Eden that they are made for each other. Carrie invites Marah, Michelle, and Marina to a ball. Carries says in the invitation is a question. Marah is to ask Josh the question, Michelle is to ask Ed, and Marina is to ask Buzz. Their invitations all include the same question: Do you remember a woman named Maryann Caruthers.

OLTL by Kym

Vicki rescues Dorian out of the rocks. Dorian has a major panic attack. Vicki gets her to talk about her traumatic childhood to help her calm down a little. Todd & Kevin continue to fight until it escalates into Todd being punched. Betsy makes the announcement that Paul's getting the inheritance to the Cramers. Blair tries to calm down Starr about the money. Blair tells Betsy to shut up when she starts bad-mouthing both Todd & Starr. As Betsy's finally leaving to go home, Starr kicks her in the shin. Starr has another cartoon fantasy about her family living happily ever after with the money. Dorian tells Vicki she found a letter from Victor apologizing for the things he did to his daughter, but in a rage she burnt it. Vicki accuses her of making this up. Blair tells Paul he's not fooling anybody & she doesn't trust him. Kelly wonders if Starr knows Walker's her dad. Vicki & Dorian light the fuse on the dynamite to blow open the cave.

Passions by Ashley

Antonio and Luis continue to fght as Pilar steps in to break it up. Sheridan has a talk with an angered Gwen. They console each other and Sheridan tells Gwen to make up with Ethan. Theresa gets a chance to spend time with Ethan when Little Ethan decides he wants to play with him. Eve and whitney have a mother daughter talk about her feelings for Chad. No matter what Whitney does Simone will not forgive her sister. Julain is disgusted about the wedding plans an elated Rebecca is making. Julian admits to himself privately that he is proud of his son Fox, for his pursuit of Whitney.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Christine refuses to run and hide. Damon gives an excuse for going to Japan. Danny saves the day. Drucilla announces a new wedding guest. Gina gives the okay to leave. Lauren makes a stand.  Lynne stops a friend from hitting the bottle. Neil makes a secret call, once his spouse is sleeping. Nick reveals his intentions. Paul feels like dancing. Sharon finally understands her sister-in-law. Vanessa plays a head-game.

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