Monday 12-1-03 Recaps

Monday 12/1/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall gets arrested and taken to jail for the murder of Michael Cambias. Jack is suddenly informed that he is removed from the Cambias case, suspended from his position as DA, indefinitely, and he will be scheduled for an inquisition for his "questionable" behaviors, with the evidence, in the murder investigation. At this point, he announces that he plans to represent Kendall as her defense attorney. And Bianca is able to discover that Ryan might actually be in Kendall's corner, willing and able to help her.

Adam Chandler is up to his old tricks. JR is upset to find out his brother slept with his wife. Brooke urges Adam to leave Jamie alone, stop trying to run JR's life and judging Babe. JR and Babe reconconcile and JR tells his father he'd better stop his tricks.

There’s disruptive Thanksgiving family dinners all over Pine Valley. At the Martins, Justin and cops show up and demand that Adam Chandler talks to them, right then and there. But at that moment, Opal has an outburst about Palmer getting in trouble. JR announces to everybody that Babe is 6 weeks pregnant. And everyone is able to witness Jamie’s startled reaction and despair. Jackson Montgomery tries desperately to get everybody in his party to chill out and be civilized. Erica is ready to kill Kendall for being there. Kendall announces and freaks out everybody who did not already know, that she is “supposedly” pregnant by Michael Cambias. Bianca, Reggie, Maggie, Greenlee, Mary Smythe, Myrtle, Boyd, Lena and David, are all having a very exciting time. While everyone is out of their homes for Thanksgiving, the cops are invading their empty homes. Ryan observes Derek and cops in Kendall’s. Other cops are at Jack’s. Then Derek sends the cops to Myrtle’s to inspect Boyd’s room and possessions, knowing he’s helped Kendall. Then he sends them to David Hayward’s. Then they go to Erica’s. While Jack and his crew are in the middle of their Thanksgiving dinner, Ryan enters to threaten Kendall. He tells her she must, now, pass a DNA test to prove she is pregnant by Michael Cambias. Suddenly the cops enter and tell them they are there to make an arrest.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron accidentally breaks the news. Alison gets a warning call too late. Barbara pulls out her gun. Chris feels that he was right about Alison all along. Dusty gets punched out. Hal reminds Paul about Rose answering the phone. Jen is accused of being a spy. Katie has been set up. Mike has a timetable. Molly sees that Dusty is destructive. Paul shakes a flashback from his mind. Rose takes out the device and asks a question. Tom stops Chris from hitting the bottle.

B&B by Lea

Bridget waited for Deacon to wake. She and his doctor agreed Deacon had to be told about his paralysis. Oz arrived at the hospital and told her the shooting was all over the news. Oz wondered why she was at Deacon’s place. She told Oz that Deacon may be paralyzed. Deacon wanted the doctor to tell him what happened. He explained there are complications. Just as he was going to be told, Stephanie stopped in with his son. Little Eric crawled up on the bed and Deacon realized he could not feel anything. Bridge told Deacon he might be paralyzed.

Jonathan (the Forrester family lawyer) warned Eric that he could be looking at a trial. Stephanie called to check on Eric. He wondered if there was any news on Deacon’s condition. Stephanie offered Eric her support. The police arrived to arrest Eric.

Days by Rebecca

Bonnie is on a mission to get on Mickey's good side, which worries Mimi. Cassie's dead body has fallen from a piņata, and Kate has a knife in her hand, standing only a few feet away. Roman looks on in disbelief as Rex runs to his sister's body. He blames Kate for the murder, but Kate denies it all. Sami tells the crowd that Kate is the murderer. At the lodge, John gets the call that Cassie is dead, and must break the news to Marlena. Shawn tells Phillip the bad news and Mimi tries to comfort Rex. Celeste tells Bonnie her premonition that John will kill Marlena.

GH by Nicole

Jason questions Carly about how Alcazar knew Sonny was coming after him. Carly admits she called Alcazar, but not to save him, to save Sonny. Jason tells her that no man would forgive his wife for betraying him. Sonny takes Sam hostage and tells her to drive, he needs to get out of Port Charles. Sam inquires about why Sonny is fleeing, he explains to her that Carly, his wife, betrayed him, Sam comforts him and tells him in her eyes, Carly did not betray him, she was trying to save his life. Sonny lets Sam go and she runs back to Jax who welcomes her with open arms. Courtney moves into a room above Kelly's to find out that Brian has a room across the hall. Jason goes to Courtney and asks her to come home because she is his wife, she refuses, saying she needs time. Elizabeth tells Ric that she will go away with him. Luke finds half a million dollars hidden underneath the flooring of the Haunted Star. Skye, noticeably attached to Luke, agrees to be a partner with him for the floating casino.

GL by Megan

Sandy asks why Marah isn't at Thanksgiving and Reva explains. Sandy thinks she expected too much and after a goodbye leaves. Shayne asks Josh to be his physical therapy coach. Josh asks Reva her opinion and she says it is ok. Cassie apologizes to Jeffery after seeing Marah's attraction to him. Marah hands Jeffery a key to the Springfield Inn. Cassie tells Edmund she loves him. Franks asks Darci to move in with him and she accepts. Philip arrives saying he is fine but once everyone leaves the room he sees Olivia. Tony comes on to Eden.

OLTL by Kym

Aunt Betsy tells Paul she's doing a background ck on him & warns him he better never have been married or plan on getting married. Starr warns Paul that she's on to him & she knows he's just out for the money. David shows concern for Dorian & tells Kelly to keep him informed. Dorian & Vicki are trapped in the cave by an avalanche. Todd confronts Blair about the circumstances he found her & Kevin in. She tries to tell him it was nothing, but he remains cold towards her. Vicki finds a bag stuffed full of money & tells a horrified Dorian that she wants to burn it for warmth. Dorian & Vicki both imagine what each other's lives are like, in humorous scenes of them trading places with each other. Todd tells Kelly about how he found her husband & Blair huddled together. Daniel asks Lindsay out on a date. The rescue team's unable to locate the cave. Blair & Kelly return home to Llanview, while Kevin & Todd stay behind to help with the search. To try & get someone's attention, Dorian fires off the gun in the cave. This only serves to trigger a cave-in on her. She's trapped under the rocks.

Passions by Ashley

Eve worries about Julian and all he is about to sacrifice for her. Julian professes his love to Eve. Luis and Antonio have a physical fight over Sheridan. Sheridan and her best friend, Gwen help each other through their tragedies. Kay and Jessica both push away an upset Grace. Meanwhile, Grace lets Sam and David both in on the news of a death.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Christine isn’t surprised by a loved one’s behavior. Damon remembers someone else knows about Japan. Drucilla extends another invitation. Gina hopes that her brother doesn’t see his old flame. Lauren brings up an old offer. Mary drops some information.

Michael offers a logical explanation. Neil starts putting the pieces together. Nick confesses to the only one the can. Nikki is warned. Paul invites Lauren to sit on his lap to see what’s up. Sharon learns someone near and dear is a felon. Vanessa tries to make a date. Victor lays blame.

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