Friday 11-28-03 Recaps

Friday 11/28/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Sorry if y'all expect a recap. BUT, unknown, (and to my dismay), AMC wasn't ON my ABC station, in Bangor, ME. THere were football games all day, which cancelled all the soaps.

No All My Children on Thursday or Friday. Happy Thanksgiving!

ATWT by Glynis

B&B by Lea

No Show Today

Days by Rebecca

Kate questions whether spending the night with Roman means that he is ready to believe in her innocence. Roman swears to stand by Kate no matter what.

Lucas arrives to have Thanksgiving dinner with Sami and Will. Sami continues to vow that Roman and Kate will never live happily ever after. Sami sees Kate's head taunting her.

Shawn gets word that Shawn Sr. is too sad to get out of bed so Kimberly and Kayla are staying with him. Shawn retrieves bags of food from them to bring home for Thanksgiving dinner.

Celeste notices blood on a sign for the piñata party. Cassie e-mails Rex to tell him that she knows the identity of the killer. Celeste notices blood dripping from the piñata and runs to tell Hope and Bo but Bo doesn't believe her. Cassie gets a phone call from the killer during which she promises to go straight to the police with what she knows. Roman gets a message from Cassie who tells him that she knows who the killer is.

Kids at Salem Place whack the piñata only to have a bloody Cassie fall out of it. Kate is found holding a bloody knife.

GH by Dee

GL by Suzanne

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

Theresa gets scolded by her angry mother Pilar. She is upset with all the goings on in L.A. with Gwen and Ethan. Ethan tries to get through to Gwen to win her back but she will not give in. Whitney tries to talk to Simone but she will not forgive her. Rebecca blackmails Julian into being faithfull to her. Eve and T.C. console their friends over their breakup. Kay's plans along with Ivy's plans blow up in both thier faces.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Brad hopes that the chemical will be the double whammy. Damon is not amused by Drucilla. Damon is visibly excited. Drucilla feigns a one-track mind. Jill loves the word ‘manservant’. Katherine doesn’t want Charles to get her coat. Michael won’t let Phyllis go to Jack.

Neil makes a pest of himself. Nick gets a promotion. Phyllis wants to get to Jack first. Sharon thinks that she has gotten through to Nick. The Newman women may have to choose sides. Vanessa hears her trusted friend is taking a trip. Victor finds two ‘traitors’ together. Victoria puts 2 and 2 together.

Alexis sees Kevin. Cassie goes to Nikki for help. Cody gives a warning. Colleen knows that once Kevin is behind bars, things will be better. Danny stops a catfight. Detective Webber feels that there is a chance that someone else may have infected Lily.

Kevin is outed. Lily talks about pregnancy. Michael talks like he has a guilty conscience. Neil tells Lily’s secret. Nick is feeling sorry. Nikki visits a freaked out Sharon. Phyllis is losing her 2nd child. Sharon remembers being abused on many levels.

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