Wednesday 11-26-03 Recaps

Wednesday 11/26/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

A colleague warns Jack that Justin and Derek might be "on the prowl", ready to implicate him for murder on Thanksgiving Day. But Jack is not worried. And it seems that their "suspicion" is "re-routed" elsewhere, when Babe calls and says she's an anonymous source with information, which causes them to interrupt Thanksgiving Dinner for Adam Chandler, to question him instead.

Bianca breaks down and confesses to Lena everything that has happened, and that she cannot allow everyone to be so hateful to Kendall, with all that Kendall has done for her. Greenlee is ready to abandon Jack, Reggie and the family, and instead spend Thanksgiving with Ryan. But he refuses, and she is visited by Mary, who's been "thrown out" of the Martins. And they both join Jack's family for Thanksgiving.

ATWT by Glynis

Alison looks at being a single mother. Barbara crosses the line again. Ben and Jessica split. Bob tries to tell Chris the truth. Carly cancels Mitzy’s ticket. Chris appears.

Christine wants Alison back. Curtis refuses a ride to his friend’s house. Dusty reveals to Molly that he knows that she has been lying to him.

Emily makes a prediction. Lucinda comes to the rescue. Lucy will keep up appearances. Mitzy scores a check. Molly knows who stole the evidence. Paul tells Rose, “Til death do us part.” Rose gets a present.

The pearls prove to be a bad omen.

B&B by Lea

Brooke tried to explain what happened between her and Nick at the foundry. Stephanie is disgusted by what she heard. Ridge told Stephanie if she wanted to blame someone she should blame Nick. He asked her to forgive Brooke. Stephanie told Brooke off – again. She also guessed the baby might be Nick’s.

Bridget waited for news on Deacon’s condition at the hospital. The police arrived to find out what happened. Eric explained the shooting was an accident. Deacon survived the operation, but may be paralyzed from the waist down.

Darla was at another doctor’s appointment Sally. Darla and Brooke have the same doctor and Sally hoped to find more information about Brooke’s pregnancy. While Darla had tests, Sally snuck into the doctor’s office. Sally found the order for the paternity test.

Days by Rebecca

It's out! Sami tells everyone that Roman is the father of the twins, and Mimi confirms that and Kate being their mother! Kate and Roman bond and make-up, and so do John and Marlena, since Tony is out of the parental loop. Sami is stressed out that her parents are with different people now, and says she'd kill to get what she wants! Shawn-D is angry that the suspects are his cousins, and yells at Mimi for keeping the secret. The twins tell Tony that they will always be his children, and he agrees. Bo and Hope get a message from the killer, that they're Thanksgiving will be interrupted by a murder. Cassie finds out who the killer is!!

GH by Nicole

Carly finally tells sonny what she is and is not feeling, she can't find her feelings for Sonny and that in her dreams she was in love with Alcazar, but she had feelings for him, just not as strong. Sonny leaves the island but doesn't say goodbye to his family, Carly realizes where he is going and what he is going to do so she follows him back to Port Charles. On the ride back Carly calls Jason to ask him to stop Sonny from killing Alcazar, Jason says he'll try, but once Sonny returns, Jason realizes there is no stopping him and lets Sonny leave with his gun. Carly calls Alcazar on the ride home and warns him about Sonny coming after him, so Alcazar puts on some protection. As Alcazar leaves his house, outside, Sonny appears and shoots him, Carly is right behind Sonny trying to stop them, Sonny takes Sam as a hostage as she drives by to get away from the police. Courtney and Jason argue about Brian and mob issues. Courtney realizes that she has had enough and packs a bag and leaves. Skye lets Sam know that Sam is falling in love with Jax and Sam admits it, but says she will prove that she is serious about getting the cards. Sam is ready to make love to Jax to start a relationship when Jax stops her tells her he knows her plan and gives her the cards after telling her it was just sex. She leaves upset and gives the cards to a suspicious homeless man, turned out to be Luke Spencer. Faith approaches Alcazar about doing business, he reassures her he is leaving Port Charles due to
his situation with Carly.

GL by Suzanne

OLTL by Kym

An escaped convict shows up at the cave. Todd comes up behind him & conks him. Kevin continues to rant & rave about his feelings for Blair. Asa & family gather for Thanksgiving dinner, while waiting for word about the people lost in NY. Lindsay brings more slides to Rex & runs into Jenn again. River asks his dad to help him get to Adriana. His dad promises to talk about it. Ron's found to have no alibi for the night of the murder, until he tells the cops he got in a fight sticking up for Marcie. He has no witnesses however, so they hold him there. The convict overpowers Todd & forces him outside. He then steals his car. Sarah considers going back to college with Riley. John questions Jenn about the ring he found in Karen's hotel room. She denies it's hers, but he doesn't believe her. Dorian & Vicki continue to argue about being stuck together, until an avalanche shuts them up. Todd finds his wife & Kevin in a suspicious looking situation, that's really innocent.

Passions by Ashley

Alistair informs everyone that he knows where Sheridna's baby is. Beth is relieved about it because that means Martin won't have to be DNA tested. Alistair tells everyne the future for Sheridan and Luis' baby while Luis stand by susupiciously. Kay and Ivy try to make a Thanksgiving dinner but fail miserably.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

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