Tuesday 11-25-03 Recaps

Tuesday 11/25/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

David and Bianca prepare to switch Bianca's blood sample's with Kendall's to prove that Kendall is pregnant. Ryan only trusts Maria to give accurate information. But Erica believes that David can prove Kendall is lying, although she does not trust Maria to do so. Bianca and Kendall pull off a screaming match for Erica and Ryan to see. And at the end of the testing, Maria comes out and announces that the blood tests confirm that Kendall is pregnant.

Adam is still trying to break up JR and Babe. JR is still not ready to end his marriage nor listen to his father. Tad and Jamie are discussing Jamie's inability to "let go" about Babe marrying JR. Brooke knows they are keeping a secret. Jack confronts Greenlee, demands she leaves Kendall alone, angers both Greenlee and Reggie, and becomes afraid he will have to spend Thanksgiving without his family.

ATWT by Glynis

Emily and Aaron’s parents argue over which child is the more influential over the other. Craig thinks that the sudden trip should be a way of showing the world that Lucy is over Aaron.

Rose is going to tell everyone what Mitzy has done. Mitzy explains how she got involved in gambling. Barbara gets the police to vouch for her not tampering with Paul’s car.

B&B by Lea

Eric pulled Bridget off the bed and tried to take Bridget home. Eric attacked Deacon and a gun fell to the floor. Deacon, Bridget and Eric argued. Eric picked up the gun while he yelled at Deacon. Deacon grabbed for the gun and asked Eric to put it down. The gun went off.  Brooke wanted to tell Stephanie about the foundry before Sally could do the deed. Brooke and Ridge went to see Stephanie. Brooke explained the situation to a stunned Stephanie.  Thorne and Darla discussed their respective evenings. He told her about how Bridget seemed to be falling under Deacon’s spell again. Darla agreed with Bridget – she thought Deacon had changed.

Days by Rebecca

Marlena and Roman bond, much to Sami's delight. They find out the dip was poisoned and Bo saves Hope from eating it. Bo attacks Rex and Tony but Lexie defends them. Victor talks to Brady about Chloe (how he now approves of her) which makes Nicole angry. Dead-Caroline tells Celeste that John will kill Marlena...

GH by Nicole

Elizabeth has an appointment with Dr. Meadows who confirmed that she is pregnant, she tells Emily she is pregnant and Emily in return wants Liz to tell Zander because it will save his torn down life, Liz is not so sure. She agrees to spend the afternoon with Ric after trying to tell him it's too late, he takes her on a picnic by the lake. Sonny and Carly talk admitting things are not right, he takes Carly and the kids to the island, Carly starts to reconnect when she has another dream of Alcazar, she starts crying and Sonny finds her. Courtney continues to want to be with the kids, Jason keeps her grounded. Zander tips Brian into thinking Jason had something to do with the bomb on the boat, so Jason visits Zander in the hospital and tells him he knows he planted the bomb. Jason tells Zander to rely to Faith that Nicholas and Emily have nothing to do with this anymore, Jason is taking care of it. Zander threatens Jason and Jason in return attacks Zander, but before things go too far, Emily bursts in the room and breaks them up, defending Zander that he didn't mean it. Brian goes to the Penthouse and questions Courtney about Jason's involvement, she reassures him he has nothing to do with it, Brian questions her marriage due to Alcazar's kidnapping with no charges pressed by Jason. Jason walks in and will not answer any questions without his attorney present. Alcazar tells Sage he needs to leave to get away from memories of Carly. Sam and Skye talk about Jax's intentions, Sam gets scared and runs to Jax to prove he loves her, he plays her back and proves it back. Luke and Skye dance and are happy together. Jax tells Ned that he is trying to ruin the Sam because she caused his father to die. Nicholas runs to Jason for revenge on Faith, Jason takes on complete responsibility of vengeance against Faith.

GL by Misty

After saying that is was a bad night to get drunk and she should not be there, Jeffery Invites Marah into his hotel room. Jeffery says there are worse things than being heartbroken. Neither him or Marah can think of any so Jeffery begins to open up about things, only to stop and send Marah home. Cassie, Reva and Buzz, all help to confuse Harley, who has ordered a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving instead of getting a Butterball., about how to cook a turkey. Buzz also admits to Harley he has invited Alexander for dinner. Harley hopes she is bringing her slob side to the dinner. Cause she is panicking about how it will go. As Gus is home finding Harley's "fresh" turkey is ALIVE! Cassie tells Reva she is making her own Thanksgiving plans so she can start her own traditions.

Nico pleads with Marina to go to the school dance with him, so Shayne can see her be happy. Then Shayne returns exhausted and in pain from a long rehab with Remy, and refuses to talk. In private Marina begs Shayne to slow down his recovery, but Shayne tells her to Butt out he does not need her love now. Cassie finds Marah leaving Jeffery's hotel room, and tells Marah to stay away from him, Marah tells Cassie she is the one trying to seduce Jeffery. Cassie decides to call Reva about Marah.

OLTL by Kym

Joe chews out Jenn for not being there when he needed her. He accuses her of fooling around with Rex. She lies & says she was with Marcie & Marcie backs up her story. John continues investigating the crime scene. He finds Jenn's wedding ring & questions Rex about his connection with Karen. Vicki finds a gun hidden in the cave. Dorian drags Todd's body to the cave & tends to him. Blair plays nurse to Kevin. Carlotta catches River trying to leave town. He lies & says he's going to his mom's in Georgia. Natalie goes to the church & Andrew comforts her in her grief. Andrew confronts River about trying to run off to Adriana. Todd tells Dorian he's really changed & promises he won't hurt anybody again. Marcie pleads with John to leave her brother alone. John tells her he's just questioning him & he's not a suspect.

Passions by Ashley

Liz watches Rebecca with joy while she plots to tell T.C. the truth. Eve has the support of Julian. Ethan goes to Gwen and does all he can to try and win her back. Meanwhile, Theresa watches and prays that Gwen will reject him. Chad is no where to found. Fox uses his disappearance to get close to a distraught Whitney.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Ashley feels that Jack can’t continue in his marriage. Brad finds Phyllis to be heinous. Christine is after everyone. Jack has to wonder if he can live without Phyllis.

Kevin suggests that Lily slept with 10 other guys. Lily puts her money where her mouth is. Michael learns who the victim is. Nick’s moment with Victor is very brief. Phyllis gives parenting tips. Victor tells Nick he knows who the culprit is. Victoria worries about the secret.

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