Monday 11-24-03 Recaps

Monday 11/24/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica catches Kendall at David’s home and loses it. She demands that David finds out that Kendall is lying about her pregnancy. David “acts” out yelling at Kendall, telling her he will never keep a secret from Erica, and escorts her out of his house. But when they are alone, outside his door, he reveals that he still plans to help her “pull off” her false pregnancy. Bianca is hidden, in his bedroom, overhearing everything.

Ryan is attacked by the men Juan Pablo is hiring to protect his brother. Ryan asks Juan Pablo just what Carlos’ big “secret” is. Juan Pablo refuses to tell him, but instead, tells him he needs to leave Greenlee alone, and stop stringing her along. Ryan says he needs to do the same thing, and is able to “piece together” the fact that whoever Carlos is hiding from is probably the same person who injured both Carlos and Greenlee, with their car in the parking lot, that night in question. Adam Chandler reveals to Mary that he’s very certain that JR is not the father of Babe’s child. Tad informs Jamie that he knows Jamie is very hung up on Babe, must have slept with her at least once, that although Jamie did not know he was sleeping with JR’s wife, Babe did know, and she’s slept with many other guys besides JR and Jamie, any of whom could be the father of her child.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron gets responsible. Alison is keeping her baby. Crater and Rose go for a ride. Dusty carries his tote bag to the back of the club. Jack waves the handcuffs. Lucy worries what people are going to say to her.

Mitzy gets nabbed for a bad check. Molly spills about the trunk. No one is sneaking around the house. Paul gets his keys. Rosanna knows that things can turn around. Rose figures out the scam. The police book a hotel. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are in town.

B&B by Lea

Brooke told Ridge about Sally’s attempt at blackmail. Ridge vowed Sally would not get away with her threats. Sally decided to drop in on Brooke. Sally demanded the keys to her company. When Brooke refused, Sally told Ridge about the foundry. She was disappointed to learn Ridge knew everything. Ridge told Sally to stay out of their business.

Bridget tried to walk out on Eric. Eric stopped his daughter. They discussed what he did to Deacon. Bridget was upset with Eric. Eric defended himself and explained that Deacon couldn’t be trusted. Bridget disagreed. Eric discussed Bridget with Thorne.  Bridget visited Deacon just as he was taking off his wedding ring. Deacon and Bridget talked about what happened in Eric’s office. Deacon kissed Bridget and he vowed to make up for the past. Bridget kissed Deacon and as they fell to the bed, in walked Eric.

Days by Rebecca

Sami tells Will that she is never getting with his dad, but he still has hope. And later Sami stops Kate and John from going in the pub, but they get in anyway Marlena collapses and Lexie and family rush to her side. She has multiple seizures but they don't know what's wrong with her and the ambulance isn't getting there.

Ghost-Caroline tells Celeste what needs to be done, and Celeste tells Lexie to use something to induce vomiting, which does stabilize her. Tony gets Rex out of jail, which does not please Bo, and he threatens them. They show up at Caroline's wake and Rex says he knows who the next victim will be. We see Marlena's vision of eating the carrot and dip which is poisoned, and Hope strolling along with one in her mouth...

GH by Nicole

Zander is found lying outside of the room Nicholas and Emily were trapped in, a rescuer finds him and brings him the hospital. Jason notices how attached Courtney is to Mikey and Morgan, Courtney tries to find excuses for the kids to stay with them until Sonny and Carly "reconnect". Faith approaches Sonny about Jason retaliating against her for bombing Nicholas' boat, Sonny informs her that he is out of the business, Faith reassures him that no one leaves this business, not even him. Alcazar is thrilled Carly has came to him. Marcella overhears Alcazar telling Carly he loves her and walks in to a stunned Carly, Marcella tells Carly everything Alcazar has done to sabotage Sonny and Carly's marriage, Carly is furious, slaps Alcazar telling him that he is a monster and means nothing to her. Ric interrogates Zander in the hospital much to Liz's dismay. Carly goes to the Penthouse, apologizes and tells Sonny, Jason and Courtney she loves them. Carly is still nervous and obviously not connected. Alcazar is angry at Marcella and kicks her out, and trashes his apartment and gets drunk. Liz is faint, nauseous and tired, she buys a pregnancy test which comes up positive! Ric videotapes himself an apology to Liz and asks her to take him back, she watches it and is touched. Emily and Nicholas get questioned by Lucky and Brian, they state they don't have an idea who might have planted the bomb on the boat, but they survived and that's all that counts. Carly, trying to reconnect, wearing lingerie, tries to reconnect intimately with Sonny, but can't. Nicholas and Zander get into an argument over revenge and Emily. Emily tries to convince Nicholas to leave Zander alone regardless if he was involved with the bomb.

GL by Misty

While looking for Shane, Marina runs into Carrie, who tells her to believe in her wishes. After taking the ring from Carrie, Marina admits she wishes Shane could walk again. While talking about her wish, Carrie disappears. While pouring his woes out about his situation with Marah to a bartender at Towers, Jeffrey runs into Josh, who offers to buy him a drink. Josh proceeds to drink too much and talks about his woman problems with Jeffery, hitting close to home about Jeffery's situation.

Sandy confronts Marah about her kiss with Jeffrey, telling her she is
setting herself up for a big hurt. Marah tells Sandy that Jeffrey couldn't hurt her any worse than Sandy himself has. Marah then accuses Sandy of still having feelings for her. Shane asks Nico to take Marina to the college dance so that she can have a "normal" night out. Nico tried to persuade Marina to go to the dance with him, but after she gets upset, he ends up telling her that is was all Shane's idea for him to ask her out. An obviously drunk Josh runs into Sandy at the office, then passes out at his desk, while Sandy takes care of him. Marah runs straight to Jeffrey's room after her fight with Sandy, saying she needs to be with him tonight.

OLTL by Kym

Todd survives crashing his car with just a gash in his head. Paul's ex-wife shows up & swears she filed the annullment papers, but he claims he never got them. Vicki slips leaving the plane & breaks her arm. Dorian sets it for her. Ron shows up at the bar with bruises on his face. He's questioned as a suspect in the murders & is found to have no alibi. Jenn calls Rex for help with her situation & he cleans up the room for her, leaving no trace of Jenn having been there. The hotel maid later finds Karen's body & calls the police. Dorian & Vicki get drunk to forget their troubles. A helicopter flies overhead looking for the wreckage, but doesn't see them. After an argument with Vicki, Dorian stomps off to find Blair. On the way, she finds Todd laying unconscious in the snow. She leaves him there. It's Search & Destroy night at Ultra Violet & Marcie's one of the judges. Al continues to follow Marcie & she starts to find him attractive. Natalie decides to postpone Cristian's memorial until they find her mom. Nora recognizes the fragrance of somebody else's perfume at the crime scene.

Passions by Ashley

Gwen tells Ethan and Theresa that she cannot stand them both and wants nothing to do with them. She tells a distraught Theresa that she can have Ethan and tells her she killed her baby. When Theresa tries to apologize Gwen attacks her claiming she did not care at all about her daughter Sarah. Luis does all he can to comfort Sheridan and get her to believe that Martin is Beth's baby and not hers. Sheridan tells him he is wrong and wants to do anything she can to prove it's their baby. Beth and Antonio decide to help each other get back the people they love. Rebecca witnesses a passionate kiss between Eve and Julian. They try to lie their way out of it but she tells them she will tell everyone regardless. T.C. arrives at the hospital to find his wife. Meanwhile, Alistair plots while watching everyone on monitors.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Ashley loses reality. Christine can’t tell if Victor is confessing. Detective Webber has a way to get Kevin behind bars. Did Kevin know that he had this disease before Lily? Drucilla feels left out. Forget the family, Nick has to make a call. Glen might not make it in the next election.

Jack shouts to get attention. Kevin laughs when asked to take a test. Lily can’t keep the secret. Neil remembers his promise. Nick hightails it when Christine appears. Sharon tells Cassie that she shouldn’t tell Nikki everything. The girls revel in their success. Victoria is pessimistic.

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