Friday 11-21-03 Recaps

Friday 11/21/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Bianca suddenly lashes out at Kendall, telling her she wants her out of her life, and never wants to see her again. Kendall appears startled at Bianca’s sudden outburst. Right then, they hear clapping. Ryan appears and tells them he knows they are putting on an act, he knows Kendall is not pregnant, and he can prove it by scheduling an appointment for her the following day, where she is examined by Dr. Maria Gray. Instantly, Kendall runs to find David Hayward, to inform him that Ryan is “on the prowl”. David tells her that he believes it’s perhaps the main reason for her to want to fake the pregnancy, is so she can take control of Bianca’s “heir” to the Cambias estate. She cries and honestly tells him the money is not as important to her as the consequence of the baby having to live with knowing it’s the child of a rape, as she has known throughout her life.

Adam reveals to Jamie that JR may very well not be the father of Babe’s child but doesn’t get around to telling him who he believes is. JR and Babe go to dinner and when she notices Paul Kramer, she suddenly insists that they leave. Erica reveals to Jack as well as to Justin and a cop, that if she wants anybody to be sold down the river for the murder charge it’s Kendall. Jack tells her that’s not a good thing to wish on Kendall. But she doesn’t care.

ATWT by Glynis

Bob tries to force Alison to tell Chris he truth. Alison remembers Chris not wanting to be with her anyway. Something has happened but Aaron has no idea what. Barbara tempts Will with a computer game. Hal hangs up on Barbara. A man follows Barbara. Will doesn’t feel like visiting with anyone. Rosanna makes a call in private. Mitzy has had enough. Rose knows that Mitzy is hiding something. Paul agrees to a private meeting. Craig is curious over Rosanna hurrying off.

Evidence has been found. Dusty heads out to see what’s up. Aaron learns he is to be a father. Susan stops Aaron from chasing Lucy. Hal reveals that Barbara has a new man in her life. A policeman reveals himself. Katie believes that the truth is the only option. Kim is relieved that Chris isn’t the father. Lucy gets some motherly advice. A deliveryman brings an envelope. Jack gets a message. Molly won’t let Dusty be a white knight without the police.

B&B by Lea

Ridge told Brooke there was only one decision he could make. Again Brooke tried to explain everything that happened at the foundry. Ridge blamed Nick. Ridge didn’t want anymore explanations. He didn’t want to discuss it anymore and preferred to act as though nothing happened. The paternity test is scheduled for next week and Brooke is convinced the baby is Ridge’s.

Bridget told Deacon about Eric’s plan. Deacon was shocked by Eric’s actions. Bridget confronted her father. She told Eric she respected Deacon more than she respected him. Jackie thought Nick should call Brooke. They discussed the baby and what Ridge might be thinking. Jackie wondered if Ridge could forgive Brooke. Nick is not sure how he would feel if he was the father of the baby.

Days by Rebecca

Jan Spears is back in town, and enlists Marlena's help. Her parents are dead and she wants to start over, but she makes her promise not to tell anyone she's in town. Brady and Shawn are talking about Jan (wow, lol) and Shawn wants to forget it all. Nicole enters Caroline's wake, but Victor makes her leave. Later, Brady is there to comfort Nicole, with Victor looking on. Bonnie "comforts" Mickey at Caroline's wake, and Celeste is there. They sing Danny-boy, which a dead Caroline sings also! She tells Celeste that the worst is yet to come!

GH by Dee

GL by Suzanne

Reva and Christopher meet at Company; they talk about her children and the pressures she's been under. They are holding hands when Josh and Billy come in. Christopher says she is off the project until her life is more under control. Josh and Billy join them; Billy gives Christopher a hard time about his work but Christopher is unfazed. Josh and Reva talk about how to get back to where they were. Cassie and Jeffrey fight over Marah's interest in him. She throws a glass of water at him and tries to attack him with a breadstick. A photographs gets a picture of it so they fight over that until Cassie almost breaks his thumb. She storms out after more insults, vowing to keep Marah away from him. Carrie tells Michelle, Marah and Marina that their rings have powers that can grant them wishes. They are skeptical but Michelle wishes that people could respect the Santos name. They give their rings back to Carrie before she vanishes. Bill worries that Danny will decide not to run after seeing the slanderous newspaper article, but Danny arrives and tells him that it won't deter him. Nico phones Danny to say that a mob on 5th street is chanting his name so Danny rushes over there; Bill wants to go but Danny won't let him. Eden praises Bill for giving people like her and Danny confidence in themselves after turning over a new leaf. She and Danny make peace. Nico and Danny return to Danny's house to tell Michelle that the crowd mobbed Danny because they love him for everything he's done. They even threw money at him. Michelle realizes that her wish worked. Sandy arranges for Marah to meet him in Josh's office so he can talk her out of getting her heart broken with Jeffrey.

OLTL by Kym

A furious Todd continues looking for Blair & Vicki in the storm. The governor tells him that Blair went off with Kevin. Dorian & Vicki work together to survive & wind up holing up in a cave. They show flashbacks of them in their glory days & all the times of adversity they went thru together. Jenn & Karen hang out together in her hotel room, trying on clothes & getting drunker. Eventually they pass out & Jenn wakes up to find Karen dead with a red leotard tied around her neck. Kelly finds out that her husband & Blair are trapped in a cabin somewhere. Natalie thanks John for helping to organize a search party for her mother. Kevin says he loves Blair. Rex notices Joe's spending a lot of time with Kelly. The victims of the killer are discovered to have been part-time college students. Todd loses control of his car & crashes.

Passions by Ashley

Chad and his love gets him into dangerous consequences. Rebecca and Theresa end up having words over all that has happened between her, Ethan, and Gwen. Gwen decides she cannot let Ethan back into her heart. Fox and Julian have a father son talk. Once they are through Fox decides he wants to be with Whitney more than ever despite what has father has said. Luis tries to calm down a distraught Sheridan and tell her she's made a mistake with her baby. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Antonio does all he can to accept reality.

Y&R By Glynis

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