Thursday 11-20-03 Recaps

Thursday 11/20/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall and Bianca are planning how to pull off their story about Kendall being pregnant. Although Bianca is concerned about Kendall throwing away her relationships with both Erica and Ryan in her attempt to protect Bianca's secret, Kendall assures her she could care less about either of them, and all she cares about is Bianca and her baby. Babe reveals that she is pregnant. And a doctor confirms it. But Adam, Tad and Brooke suspect the possibility that Jamie is the father, instead of JR. When Jamie finds out she is pregnant, he makes it very clear that he is not happy. Ryan reveals, to Maria that Kendall has told him she is pregnant, but he seriously believes she is lying, and instead Bianca has become pregnant from the rape. He tells her he's really confused with what to do, in regard to Alexander's will that makes any child of Michael Cambias the sole heir of his fortune.

ATWT by Suzanne

Lucy visits Alison to tell her off but ends up shoving her. Alison falls and hurts her knee. Katie protests at the hospital when Bob and Susan want to x-ray Alison, so everyone figures out she's pregnant. Mike asks Margo to suggest to Katie that they have a memorial service for Simon, so she can get on with her life. Katie asks Tom if she is legally single for sure and he agrees that she is. Hal finds the note that Barbara gave to Will about meeting her. Hal meets Barbara, totally disgusted with her actions and what a bad situation she's put Will in. Barbara rants about Rose so Hal figures she is the one who threatened Rose and trashed her car. Barbara denies it; Hal says he's through cutting her any breaks. After talking to Dusty, Jack questions Paul about his whereabouts when Rose's car was damaged and also asks about the voice alternator that Molly saw. Paul gets Crater, the bodyguard, to lie that they were together and shows Jack a toy phone that he swears is what Molly saw. Rose is touched by a pretty wedding photo album that Paul got her from Paris. Carly brings Rose's wedding dress over so Rose can try it on; Rose is upset about Paul and everything but doesn't want to suspect him. Crater reports to Dusty and Molly what Paul asked him to do; Dusty asks him to get physical evidence against Paul. Molly tells Paul that he'd better just be helping Rose and that's it.

B&B by Lea

Eric was pleased with his plan to rid his family of Deacon once and for all. Eric is very confident Deacon will sign the contract and sign his son’s shares away. Bridget and Deacon discussed his future with Forrester Creations. They shared a kiss which confused them both. Bridget overheard Stephanie and Thorne as they talked about Eric’s plan. Stephanie does not like the underhanded tactics Eric is using to get the shares. Bridget agreed with Stephanie. Bridget left to try and stop Deacon from signing the contract. Deacon was not sure he should sign the contract. Stephanie called and warned Eric that Bridget was on her way over. Deacon signed before Bridget could stop him.

Ridge confronted Nick. He accused Nick of talking advantage of Brooke’s grief. Nick tried to explain what really happened. Ridge was in no mood to listen. Ridge told Nick he had no respect for him or his wife. He was never going to forgive Nick and Nick better pray the baby is Ridge’s. Before he left, Ridge punched his brother. Ridge went home to Brooke. She apologized again and swore the baby is his. Ridge told Brooke he knew what he had to do …

Days by Jenne

The killer taunts Bo with a message from "his mother" which makes him believe even more that he is responsible for Caroline's death. Shawn-D says a final good-bye to his grandmother. Shawn and Brady talk about life and love, and there will be more to add since Jan Spears is back in town! Kimberly comes home to Salem to comfort her brothers and father, and tells Bo to stop blaming himself. Bonnie goes to far with a still mourning Mickey, and Mimi is there again to yell at her. =)

GH by Sarah

Courtney visits Carly, and talks about memories when she loved Sonny deeply. Carly begins crying because she just can't seem to get those feelings back. Courtney tells her she just needs time, but Carly doesn't believe her. Courtney goes back to Sonny's house, and tells Jase he should visit Carly because he knows what she is going through. Sonny asks how Carly is, and begins saying how he never evemn liked her at first. Now he can't live without her. Jase visits Carly at the hospital. He tells her that he understands how she is feeling, and knows what it is like to have to say you are ok when you aren't. Carly opens up to Jason about her non-feelings for Sonny. Jase tells her to be honest with Sonny. Carly just wants her life back. Later, Sonny visits Carly and tells her she can go home as early as tomorrow. Alky goes to visit her and finds her room empty. Carly is walking on the docks with her bag. Jax apologizes to Sam and asks her to dinner. She reluctantly accepts. Later, Tracy comes up and gives the cards to Jax as she is rude to Sam. Sam strikes back, and Tracy leaves. Jax leaves the cards on the table to test Sam's loyalty, and she doesn't touch the cards. Jax believe he has her right where he wants her. Faith plans to attack Nik's new ship. She gets Zander to place a bomb on the ship. Nik and Em visit Nik's new ship. They talk about their future. They lay on the table and start to make-out, right on top of Zander's bomb.

GL by Suzanne

Cassie wants to make love but Edmund says that first he has to make amends to Sandy. Jeffrey is at Towers when he receives balloons from Marah. Michelle tells Ross and Ed that Danny is going to run for mayor; they try to dissuade her from the idea. Sandy finds Marah and suggests that she stay away from Jeffrey. Reva finds Christopher while he's jogging and pours out her heart about Sandy. They make dinner plans. Michelle and Marah both read the news headlines about the mobster running for mayor; they meet up and discuss it. They find some fortune cookies with some messages and a red ring. Marina visits and tells them she found a ring, too. They figure it all must come from Carrie. (there may have been a third ring, I didn't see, sorry) Edmund tries to offer advice and money to Sandy but he refuses it. Sandy isn't sure if Edmund is human and tells him that he will do everything he can to keep him as an outsider. Reva asks Edmund to back off from Sandy. Ed and Ross tease Jeffrey about the baloons. Cassie arrives and gives Jeffrey the cold shoulder as she waits for Edmund. Jeffrey asks Cassie about Marah, saying he thinks she has problems. She suddenly realizes that he's been hitting on Marah.

OLTL by Kym

Rex romances Lindsay to get to Jenn, while Lindsay's showing him paintings she has for sale. Lindsay says she's still in love with Troy McIver. The killer sets up his next murder. We see him stalking Llanview in his black gloves, leather jacket & satchel. Todd takes off in his car to catch Blair before Dorian gets to her. John continues to work on the MBK case. Joey chews out Jenn about missing a fundraiser she was supposed to host. Kevin's speech is a big success. Kelly informs Joe that Jen's been hanging out in clubs with her ex. Todd starts to imagine the worst between his wife & his enemy. The governor's plane crashes in the snow, leaving Vicki to rescue Dorian from the baggage compartment. Natalie continues to rag on Jenn about what a lousy wife she is. The killer follows Jen & Karen on their way to a strip joint.

Passions by Ashley

Theresa does all she can to try to convince Whitney to take back Chad. Chad and Ethan go to a nearby bar to wash down their troubles. Gwen and Rebecca share some girl talk. She tells her daughter to take back her husband but Gwen refuses her advice. Sheridan shows a confused Luis that she has found their child. Beth is panick stricken over Sheridan's actions. Meanwhile, Antonio does all he can do to deal with knowing Luis fathered Sheridan's baby.

Y&R By Glynis

A well-dressed man comes to town…Albert wonders what Victor’s expectations are…Brittany learns Bobbie came by…Cassie has questions about Frank…Christine crosses the line with Phyllis…Danny gets a room…Gina avoids Phyllis’s questions…Michael stops a fight…Nick leads his sobbing father home…Nikki gives Michael a warning…Phyllis gets her claws out…Raul can’t live with the new Brittany…Sharon sees a man and panics…The stranger suspects nothing…Victor finds Albert honest…

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