Wednesday 11-19-03 Recaps

Wednesday 11/19/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Adam finally breaks Babe down, by revealing the dirt he's dug up on her, involving her and Paul Kramer, which Adam has found out from Paul's aunt, Dorian Lord. He's confident, and she's very afraid, that once JR finds out, he'll want her to pack up, take Adam's offer, and get out of Pine Valley. When JR appears, however, he promises his wife that nothing she tells him will make him stop loving her. She tells him she is pregnant with his baby.

Ryan tries, unsuccessfully, to get the truth out of Kendall, on whether she's pregnant. When he fails he goes to contact Edmund and Maria. Bianca almost reveals the secret to Aidan. He asks Kendall. She offers no explanation. Bianca goes to ask Palmer Cortlandt to help Kendall. He agrees. But, Opal, who overhears the conversation, says she disapproves of anybody helping Kendall.

ATWT by 

B&B by Lea

Ridge is stunned by Brooke’s revelation. He wondered how she could have slept with his brother. Brooke attempted to explain the situation, but Ridge blamed Nick. She begged him to understand. She said Nick didn’t come on to her – “it just happened.” Ridge also realized the baby could be Nick’s. Brooke asked Ridge to forgive her, but he walked away. Deacon visited Bridget to tell her about his meeting with Eric. Eric called Deacon to further discuss the subsidiary idea. Deacon is thrilled. 

Eric discussed his plans for Deacon with Stephanie. Stephanie thought there could be a fairer way to handle Deacon. Stephanie is a bit disgusted by Eric’s power play. Jackie tried to comfort Nick. Nick told Jackie to leave because Ridge would be coming over and he thought the confrontation could get ugly. Ridge arrived at Nick’s boat.

Days by Rebecca

Bo and Hope find out that Caroline was poisoned, and another message from the killer is received. Roman confides in Marlena that he cannot forgive Kate and her past with Stefano, and Kate warns John not to let Sami get in the way with his marraige to Marlena. Will has high hopes for his parents, and Sami and Lucas have a talk with him about them "never" getting back together. :)

GH by Sarah

GL by Suzanne

Beth and Alan have a nice time at Towers; Philip lays on the floor at home and won't get up. Beth is conscious of Jeffrey being at Towers. First he's with a chatty reporter and then later, Marah hits on him. He turns down Marah but is intrigued. Sandy comes in to see them together. Danny talks to the mayor about his (Danny) running for mayor. Jeffrey tells a French guy on the phone that they have Danny where they want him, and then he kisses up to Danny about running. Beth and Alan find Philip on the floor. He cries and admits he needs help. Shayne is jealous of Marina and Nico, and upset about her not telling him about the dance. Nico and Sandy visit Shayne. Marina and Marah have a brief chat about Carrie. There is sexual tension between Marina and Sandy. Bill is excited about Danny maybe running for mayor. Tony visits; Eden tries to get him to leave. Bill is clueless to the secrets between them. Danny arrives and tells them that Michelle is all for his running but he's still not sure. Tony wants to sound out the people on the street about Danny's running; he is evasive when asked about his own criminal past.

OLTL by Kym

David dresses up as Dorian's chauffeur, pushing her in a wheelchair to get her on board the gov's plane. Natalie rats on Jenn, telling Joey she's been hanging out with Rex. Joe confronts her about this, but Jenn denies it. Todd's released from the police station. Roxy hits on Ron. Paul continues to suck up to Aunt Betsy & acts sympathetic to her problems. As Starr eavesdrops on them, eventually Betsy tells Paul she will be leaving the money to him. Bo tells Nora that Walker's Todd. Michael tries to make himself a better person. He takes a look at the MBK crime scene evidence & gives his medical opinion on the victims. Jessica continues to question students about Prof. Barnes' behavior. John surprises Natalie by having Crossroads' pool table delivered to Rodi's. She's not impressed however & tells him to stay away from her. Elyssa's discovered to have worked undercover as a lap dancer in a club. Michael starts to make progress with Marcie. Dorian has an idea & stows away in the luggage compartment of the plane. Todd tries unsuccessfully to locate Dorian. The killer plans his next murder.

Passions by Ashley

Luis and Antonio continue to fight and then brawl over who Sheridan really loves. Beth and Sheridan continue to quarrel when Sheridan will not give back her baby. Grace struggles to leave and go with her decision. Jessica is pained over the decision her mother has made. Charity is pained also and worries she and Miguel won't last. Kay uses Maria's homecoming to try to get Miguel.

Y&R By Glynis

Albert gives an order!

Bobbie comes looking for Brittany.

Brittany seems ready to quit the club.

Christine has to work through her conflicts of interest.

Glen knows that once Christine does her first assignment, she will understand her job.

Jack visits a friend.

Nick sees that his grandfather doesn’t flinch at the name ‘Christian Miller’

Nikki worries about the trip.

Phyllis gets an accusatory look.

Raul sees that Brittany would sacrifice for him.

Danny thinks his arrival should have been expected…There is going to be state action…Mr. Becker warns that timing is everything with evidence…Larry quits…Katherine finds a glass that smells of alcohol…Bobbie finds a strange woman answering the door…Lauren has made a big move…Victor got his closure at the orphanage…Jack has to find out if Phyllis knew all along…Michael gets an opportunity…Jill loses another man…Christine realizes that she hasn’t kept in touch with a very good friend…Peter hasn’t said a word, yet!…Nick has anonymity…Paul doesn’t want a roommate…Nikki sees new hope…Miguel announces its time to go…

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