Tuesday 11-18-03 Recaps

Tuesday 11/18/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Ryan approaches Bianca and urges her to tell him if she's really pregnant. But she will not admit to him that she is, and keeps telling him it is Kendall who is presently carrying Michael Cambias' child. He does not believe that for a minute and goes to confront Kendall. But she tells him the same thing. Erica urges Kendall to come clean and admit that she's lying about the pregnancy. She tells Kendall she cares about her, wants to help with the mess she's in, and make her part of the family. But Kendall does not budge.  Tad Martin catches Mary Smythe in his son's bedroom trying to seduce him. They both tell Mary they never want to see her again. Adam Chandler is ready to throw Mary out of his home, and is still suspicious of his son's marriage to Babe. Babe goes to talk to Brooke, tells Brooke she is crazy about her son, and want to make things right with his father. Brooke sounds courteous to Babe, but tells her she has no clue as to how to get on the good side of Adam Chandler.

ATWT by 

B&B by Lea

Ridge asked Brooke about what she has to tell him. Ridge was not in the mood for talk – he just wanted to spend the night with his wife. He presented her with a christening gown he designed. After Ridge wondered if Nick would ever have children, she knew she had to tell him the truth. Ridge finally knows Brooke and Nick slept together.Sally was in the mood to celebrate. She thanked Jackie for her son – because he would be helping Sally get her company back. Jackie chose not to “celebrate” with Sally. Bridget told Nick she knows about everything that happened between her mother and him. She accused Nick of using Brooke’s sorrow and despair to further their relationship. He thought Brooke was going to kill herself. He said neither he nor Brooke really understand what happened. Jackie burst in and told Nick that Sally knows everything. 

Days by Rebecca

Bo, Roman, Hope, Shawn, and Shawn-D race to Caroline but it's too late. They all grieve and threaten whoever did this. Shawn-D thinks Cassie did, and calls her on it, but Mimi stops it. John walks into the Brady Pub (the funeral wake) and tells Sami and company that Caroline is dead. After a second or so, he starts the interrogation!

GH by Sarah

GL by 

OLTL by Kym

Natalie starts inviting people to Cristian's memorial service, but asks Jenn not to come. Jenn is hurt by this, but Jessica tells her to give Nat time to get over it. David tells Lindsay he has the Carlivatti paintings & it will cost her $75,000. She plans on writing him a bad check & have Daniel catch him in the act of conning her. Kevin continues hitting on Blair at the hotel, but she's not interested. Dorian continues trying with David's help to sneak on board the governor's jet to get to Blair, but she's caught once again. Daniel, John & Bo continue working on solving the murders. Daniel's sure that Walker did it, but John doesn't agree. John tells Bo that "Walker" is really Todd Manning with a makeover. Todd is held in jail until he comes up with a phony alibi with Kelly's help. Kelly tries getting a flight to Saranac, but has no luck. A friend of Jessie's confides to her that a professor flunked her when she refused to sleep with him. Jessica promised to talk to her mom about it. Todd begs Bo not to tell Blair that he's Todd. A candid photo is taken when Blair hugs Kevin.

Passions by Ashley

Grace gets an earful from a furious Kay. Sam tends to his emotional wounds while helping his daughters to accept Grace's decision. Luis and Pilar do all they can to help Antonio. Antonio is shocked and distraught when he finally learns the truth and his brother and mother try to explain. Sheridan holds "Beth's" baby and realizes it's hers and will not give him back. Beth is frantic and tries to talk to Sheridan.

Y&R By Glynis

Bobbie orders Brittany into see him…Brittany bullies Raul into a test…Christine explains that she is fine with being alone…Gina almost tells Phyllis some good news…JT tries to make Raul change his lifestyle…Jack seems happier than usual…John learns that Nick was at the Jabot offices…Michael brings boxes to Christine’s place…Nick is softening…Phyllis takes offence…Raul has been neglecting his tests…Victor cautions Nick to follow his own heart…

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