Monday 11-17-03 Recaps

Monday 11/17/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Tad Martin overhears Simone talking to Carlos about the secret they both have in regard to the Cambias murder. He urges her not to incriminate herself by covering for Carlos. But she refuses to betray Carlos. Mia tries unsuccessfully to seduce Aidan. Kendall and Bianca cook up a plan to make it look like Kendall is pregnant, by having David Hayward write phony doctor reports about her pregnancy. He grudgingly agrees to help them. David and Maggie wonder if Kendall's main motive for creating her false pregnancy, is to get herself off the hook for murder. But Bianca protests that Kendall is doing that to protect the real baby Bianca is going to have, from knowing about Michael Cambias. Greenlee reveals Kendall's "announcement" about being pregnant, to Erica. And Erica almost reveals that she is ready to "team up" with Greenlee to stop Kendall. Jack gets grilled by Derek and Justin about the Cambias murder, but makes it clear that he's not afraid and that they will have to eventually give up their investigation.

ATWT by 

B&B by Lea

Brooke told Bridget about Nick and the possibility he could be the father of her baby.Bridget doesn’t understand how Brooke could have been thinking about sex when she believed her husband was dead. Brooke said it wasn’t about sex – it was about comfort. Brooke told Bridget she was going to tell Ridge the truth tonight. Bridget offered her mother support and advice.

Ridge asked Nick to be the baby’s godfather. Bridget confronted Nick. Eric and Thorne met with Deacon and discussed the new company. After the meeting Deacon proposed bringing the new venture under Forrester Creations as a subsidiary – just as Eric wanted.

Days by Rebecca

Mimi visits Rex in jail and he finds the recorder. She wants to trust him, and they have a touching moment. Cassie and Tony talk about the Bradys, and Tony whoops Shawn-D when he attacks him! Later, they talk of the raven, and its similarities to the Phoenix. Victor and family surround Caroline, trying to keep her safe, though it may be too late...

GH by Sarah

GL by 

OLTL by Kym

Dorian tries to get ahold of Blair on her phone to warn her about Walker, but can't seem to. Antonio & Jessica invite McBain & Natalie to dinner. McBain holds Todd at the penthouse to question him. Todd's later taken to the police station & finally arrested for not having an alibi for the night of Elyssa's murder. Bo & Nora cut a rug at Rodis, like the old days. Kevin & Blair spend the day together at the lake while waiting for Todd to show up for his honeymoon. River finds Adriana's phone number & calls her, saying for her to stay put & he'll come get her. Dorian tries to talk her way onto the governor's plane, but she's not allowed to get on. Todd asks Evangeline to get him an alibi for the right price.

Passions by Ashley

Luis finally tells a distraught Antonio about the truth. Beth is furious when she views her worst fear. Sheridan reunites with her child. Grace deals with a the flack and pain caused in her decision. Kay makes a decision that could change her life due to her mother's words.

Y&R By Glynis

Albert already has penetrated Victor’s heart…Bobbie thinks that he can win Katherine over…Brittany is prevented from leaving…Christine wants no more surprises…Jill wants to have a little visit…JT is ordered to get out…Katherine regrets leaving the house…Lauren may get Paul after all…Lynne tries to make sense of a situation…Mary demands to know why there is kissing on her couch…Nick watches as Victor dreams about a friendly reunion…Nikki worries about the trip…Paul defends Lauren…Raul refuses to eat…Victor isn’t afraid of anything…

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