Friday 11-14-03 Recaps

Friday 11/14/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Derek and Justin take Jack to the station for questioning. They conclude that the reason he has prevented all investigations from all suspects they've identified, is because he is the one who killed Michael. Kendall futilly attempts to sell, to Ryan, that she is pregnant by Michael Cambias. Bianca remembers her nightmare where Kendall and Michael take her baby, and becomes suspicious that that is exactly what Kendall is planning. Kendall becomes hysterical to hear that Bianca would believe that about her, and Bianca apologizes. Kendall reveals that she told Ryan a lie, to protect Bianca's baby from knowing it was the child of a rape. Greenlee attempts to persuade Ryan to team up with her against Kendall. And he tells her that Kendall has alleged that she is pregnant by Michael Cambias. Aidan informs Erica that he removed Michael's body from the graveyard where her mother was buried. She tells him she is very grateful.

ATWT by 

B&B by Lea

Brooke told Nick about Sally’s accusations and blackmail. Nick asked what Sally wanted and thought Brooke should give her the company. Brooke wondered how she could love Ridge and yet continue to hurt him again and again. She also knew if Ridge was going to find out, he needed to hear it from her.

Ridge and Stephanie discussed the situation between Brooke and Sally. Stephanie agreed to talk to Sally. She also proposed holding a baby shower for Brooke. Bridget shared Eric’s invitation with Deacon. Eric met with his lawyer to find a way to get back the stock Deacon controls. Eric is going to propose that Deacon sell the 2 percent of Forrester Creations stock for 1/3 ownership in the new subsidiary he is creating. 

Days by Rebecca

It is still the Abe/Maggie/Jack funeral, but the killer sends Bo a message, his mother Caroline is next! People go up to make their eulogies, and afterwards, the lights go out! When it comes back, we see another casket with the nameplate 'Caroline Brady' which is exactly what happened in Celeste's vision earlier in the show...

Days by Jenne

Cassi visits Rex in jail, and he asks to borrow her PDA. He tells her to "Watch and learn." Bo gets the same message on his PDA again, but this time, the 4th coffin has Caroline's name underneath it. Celeste has another premonition. Sami offers her condolences, and Jen and Lexi ask her to leave. Shawn asks Mimi to record Rex. Belle tells Shawn that she's coming home, but he persuades her not to. A wreath is sent to the funeral, with Caroline's name on it. The lights go out in the church, and when they come back on, there's a 4th casket, with Caroline's name on the side. The coffin is opened, and there's a skeleton inside. 

GH by Sarah

Jason tells Sonny that he believes Carly is acting on her feelings for her family. Sonny doesn't believe Carly needs time to adjust at all. Carly is being a great mom to her boys, but is a little disturbed with all of the new information at once. Carly tells Alkazar to leave her room, but later calls him and says she needs to speak to him. Jax tells Sam to get out of his father's funeral, and later she finds that someone stole the Dead Man's Hand. Tracy is telling Dillion that she now has the cards. She also advises him to get his life on track, and that she doesn't approve of Georgie. Sage begs Alkazar to let her stay with him instead of going back to boarding school. Dillion asks alky for a job to be more independent from his mother. Agreeing, Alkazar hires Dillion to be sage's bodyguard. Meanwhile, Tracy leaves one of her Dead Man's Hand cards for Jax, something Sam catches. Later Tracy and Sam argue over the cards as Jax sees. Zander begins beating Nikolas under faith's orders, and Emily comes to his rescue as she hits Zander on the head from behind. Emily then has the unconsious Zander arrested to protect him from himself. 

GL by 

OLTL by Kym

John runs into Natalie at Rodi's on her first day. After a discussion, she's cool with it. Evangeline tells Kevin she should tell the cops about Elyssa investigating Walker. Aunt Betsy tells everyone that she plans on leaving the money to Starr, until she hears about Starr's dad. Lindsay & Daniel have lunch together. Natalie sheds some insight into John's MBK investigation. Todd & Blair celebrate their wedding night at home. Betsy changes her mind about Starr & says she will leave the money to Paul instead. Dorian catches Starr defending Walker as her dad & begins to suspect he might be Todd. Evangeline tells John about Elyssa finding dirt on Walker. Todd tells Blair he plans for them to go cover the convention in Saranac & combine it with a honeymoon. After being detained at home, by John, Todd tells Blair to go on the plane without him & he'll catch up later. She runs into Kevin at the airport.

Passions by Ashley

Grace and Kay talk and Kay contemplates telling her mother the truth. But once they begin to talk Grace's words sting her and she lashes out at her. Grace is distraught over her decision and all the hurt it has caused. Beth and her "child" Martin visit Luis to bond between father and son. But her plans get ruined when Martin has health problems.

Y&R By Glynis

Danny thinks his arrival should have been expected…There is going to be state action…Mr. Becker warns that timing is everything with evidence…Larry quits…Katherine finds a glass that smells of alcohol…Bobbie finds a strange woman answering the door…Lauren has made a big move…Victor got his closure at the orphanage…Jack has to find out if Phyllis knew all along…Michael gets an opportunity…Jill loses another man…Christine realizes that she hasn’t kept in touch with a very good friend…Peter hasn’t said a word, yet!…Nick has anonymity…Paul doesn’t want a roommate…Nikki sees new hope…Miguel announces its time to go…

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