Thursday 11-13-03 Recaps

Thursday 11/13/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Greenlee tries, unsuccessfully to persuade Erica to join forces with her, to stop Kendall from taking over their companies. Erica does not respond well, she lashes out at Greenlee and angers her. Jack defends his daughter. Reggie tries to get them to reconcile. But it does not work.

Ryan can already tell what the picture of the ultrasound that fell out of Bianca's purse, is about. Kendall urges him to leave her alone. She tells him Bianca was pregnant, but has aborted, and it is she, not Bianca, who is presently pregnant by Michael Cambias. Tad Martin confronts Jamie about knowing he's slept with Babe. Jamie denies it and introduces both Tad and JR to his new girlfriend, Kerry. She covers for him in the story about the cow, saying she stole it, instead of Babe. But Tad does not buy that.

ATWT by Hilary

B&B by Lea

Ridge talked to Sam and Clarke about his happiness. Meanwhile, Sally confronted Brooke about her sexual encounter with Nick. Sally threatened to tell Ridge everything if Brooke didnít give back her company. Brooke explained she doesnít own the company and couldnít just hand it over. Sally gave Brooke 24 hours. 

Eric discussed Deacon with Thorne. Ericís not happy he still controls 2 percent of Forrester Creations. Bridget dropped by with the information about Deacon and Sallyís new company. Eric agreed to meet with Deacon to help him with the new venture. After Bridget left, Thorne wondered what was up with his father.

Days by Jenne

Victor provides Caroline with an alibi. He also tells Bo that he believes Caroline will be the next person the killer attacks. Shawn tells Mimi that he thinks Rex wants Cassi to murder someone, to make him look innocent. Cassi asks herself if she could kill someone for her brother. Lucas kisses Sami. Victor threatens Sami because she didn't keep Kate's secret. Bo gets a message saying "Death comes to the funeral." Three coffins are on the screen, with Jack, Abe and Maggie's names underneath them. A fourth coffin appears, with a question mark underneath it. The message then reads "The next death comes within the hour" and a timer appears. 

GH by Sarah

Georgie confronts Sage about kissing Dillion. Georgie believes him, and tells Sage to leave as Maxie calls her back to work. Carly wakes up, but is unsure whether or not her dream was actually real. Courtney is in the middle of a blackout at the house when Brian brings over flashlights. They set at the table with candles, and Brian tries to kiss Courtney as she bends down to pick up something. Jason walks in, and says Courtney is leaving to come home now. Michael calls his mother, but is disappointed when she is distant to him. Later, Brian says his goodbyes and gives Michael the baseball glove. Luke is freed from jail, much to his dismay. Skye finds him on the cliffs where Summer died, and after a fall they both land on top of another. He says now she is responsible for him since she saved his life. They laugh. Jax comes home to an empty house as Sam is gone. He burns her letter in the candlestick. Tracy is smiling as she sees the cards. Bobbie asks Sonny how soon the kids are coming home. Sonny says now, he is so happy that she has her life and family back. Alky visits Carly in her room, and he says he knew she was dreaming about him because the monitors spiked then. Carly admits it was true. 

GL by Hilary

OLTL by Kym

Walker/Todd & Blair finally have their wedding with all the Cramers there. Vicki decides to show up at the last minute & tries to reason with Todd to tell Blair the truth. Jenn hangs out with Rex & Karen at Rodi's. Karen starts to demonstrate to Jenn what a lap dance is when Natalie stops the show. Kevin shows Vicki that he's got evidence Walker is Todd & he wants to tell Blair before she marries him, but Bo comes by & delays him with questions about Elyssa. Natalie tries to discourage Rex from pursuing Jenn, but he tells her he's in love with her. As Kevin works on his speech, he fantasizes about being married to Blair. Joe finds out that Jenn's been taking birth control pills & hits the roof. Addie slips & calls Walker "Todd" again. After the wedding, Aunt Betsy finally gets everyone's attention when she says one of her relatives will be inheriting $30 million after she dies.

Passions by Ashley

Beth meets up with Charlie and Beth begins to cover her tracks. Tabitha decides to put a sell on Kay so she will not help rekindle her parent's love. But Grace soon says something to Kay and Kay rethinks her whole decision. Ivy is up to her same tricks. Sheridan and Luis await news about their baby.

Y&R By Glynis

Jack begs for an extension for his loan…Drucilla and Damon make a pitch…Neil learns that someone else will be tripping…Victor is warned not to expect too much…Nick gets a progress report…Lynne gets a visit from a shark…Christine finds boxes…The sooner Paul gets out the better…Victoria hasn’t been feeling bright and shiny lately…Damon gets someone to fund his trip…Michael shares a glass of wine…Lauren defends her intentions…Phyllis is asked if she would cheat on her husband…Vanessa is the key…An ex husband appears…Franklin Becker starts his investigation with a visit…


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