Tuesday 11-11-03 Recaps

Tuesday 11/11/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Jack reveals to Aidan that he honestly believes whoever killed Michael might very well walk, and he wouldn't want to be on either side of the case. Jack tells Reggie he might be a suspect, when the police cannot account for the gun he had. But Bianca tells him she can vouch for Reggie and give him an alibi. Greenlee finds out, from Jack, that Michael Cambias died before his father, which would enable Ryan to inherit all of the Cambias fortune, which would leave Kendall completely out. And she, Mia and Simone conclude that Kendall is sleeping with Ryan so she can get the fortune from him, and the three are ready to throw Kendall out of Fusion.

Erica goes to see Lena in jail, encourages her to get back with Bianca, and reveals how her own mother went after her rapist, with a gun all those years ago. So, if Lena killed Cambias, Erica says she will back her. Erica later goes to her mother's grave, and discovers that Michael Cambias will be buried at the same site.

ATWT by Hilary

B&B by Lea

Stephanie visited Sally and lectured her about getting under control. Nick told Jackie he did reach Brooke in time and stopped her from telling Ridge the truth. Jackie took Nick to the gynecologist’s office to discuss paternity testing. Ridge suggested Sam try dating Nick. Sally attended a doctor’s appointment with Darla. She heard Nick and Jackie through the air vent. Sally figured out the discussion was about Brooke.

Days by Rebecca

Victor consoles Caroline after Maggie's death, as Shawn looks on. Rex is arrested for Maggie's murder, and tells Cassie that the killer has already chosen his/her next victim. Roman tells Mimi that Rex is no good. Cameron Reese is brought in to defend Rex. Nicole and Brady kiss, and later, Victor tells Brady never to be with Nicole.

GH by Sarah

Dillion sees Sage on the docks and finds out she has a gun. Later, Alexis gets threatened by Sage with it....and dillion comes in and grabs it out of her hands. Luck blasts through the doors and shoots Dillion in the arm. He takes Sage away as Dillion is taken to GH. While there, Mac visits him and threatens to take Georgie away if he doesn't start making better decisions. Later, Sage visits him and kisses him as Georgie walks in the room. Skye questions why Luke would want to throw his life away. Emily finds a letter and gives it to Nik, it's Stefan's suicide note. Luke claims it to be forgery, and begs Nik not to give it to Scott. Jax gets to the hospital too late as his dad dies right when he sees him. Sam feels terrible as she is the one that made them late. 
Jason sees Emily on the docks, and tells her that he has to take out Zander because he is working with Faith now. Meanwhile, Courtney finds out that she is living in Brian's old home and that his family died in a car crash. She was the first person to rent it out. 

GL by Hilary

OLTL by Kym

Al tries to get Jessica to recognize him but all he can say is he's Michael & manages to come off looking like an idiot. Nora at first, resents working with Daniel & resigns, but later changes her mind. Vicki figures out that Walker is Todd & confronts him about not telling Blair. He explains to her how he wound up with Flynn's face. He invites her to his wedding, but she's not sure she wants to go. Harrison invites her to a political event, where her son will be giving a speech & she agrees to go. Al continues to try & romance Marcie but he only freaks her out & she tells him to stay away. Dorian debates whether to restore her home to it's former glory to impress the governor. Aunt Betsy Cramer shows up & promises good news to a member of her family. Kelly tells Kevin she won't be there for his speech.

Passions by Ashley

Ivy plots and plans to get her way to an upset Sam. Sam is devastated as Grace tries to make her decision between Sam and David. Jessica goes to Kay and reaches out to her to ask her to help get Sam and grace back together. Kay wonders if she should tell her sister the truth about everything she's done. Luis is thrilled when he finds out Antonio might know the truth. Antonio clings to a distraught Sheridan when they hear bad news about her baby.

Y&R By Rachel

Phyllis learns more about Vanessa…Would Damon cheat Vanessa?…Drucilla and Diane have something in common…Ashley ‘seems’ lucid…Are the Hodges in danger?…There is agreement that Phyllis is disloyal…Is Damon a thief?…Vanessa has a little spark in her…Is Damon taking over?…Bobbie pushes the door in!…Sal and Angelo discuss the bust…Brittany smells danger…Has Vanessa misplaced her trust?…Drucilla eavesdrops…Brad isn’t sure of Ashley…Vanessa gets introduced…Neil knows that Drucilla has a secret…Ashley seems convincing…There is heat in the room, after Vanessa leaves Drucilla and Damon…Sal will try to believe that things are going to get back to normal…Bobbie pushes Raul into a favour…Brittany is not a dumb blonde…Damon refuses to let Drucilla go with him…Olivia tries to read Ashley…Ashley has a private fantasy about the ‘love’ of her life while talking to Olivia…Olivia sees the love in Ashley’s eyes for her true love…Ashley can’t stop smiling…If Raul wants to keep his secret, he will have to perform a task…Brittany announces who she thinks is the real culprit…Drucilla wants to change the location of the honeymoon…

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