Monday 11-10-03 Recaps

Monday 11/10/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Ryan tells the cops they must dismiss the charges against Lena and give her a prize for attempting to kill Michael Cambias. Jack confirms that if Michael died before Lena put the poison in his allergy pills, then they have no case against her. And Derek informs Kendall that if she can attest that when she announced to all that she married Michael, he was already dead, then Lena is off the hook. But Jack tells her that if she changes her story, she is in trouble. She tells them that Michael was alive when she married him and when Lena attempted to poison him. This statement gets Lena charged with attempted murder and taken to jail. And people all around believe that Kendall is only out to save her own hide. 

Greenlee demands that Juan Pablo talks to her, that he must realize that it was her mother, not herself, who leaked the story about him and Carlos to the tabloids. But he tells her she’s just as worthless as Mary. Maria urges Juan Pablo to tell Greenlee that he loves her. But he tells her that having Greenlee believing he’s dumped her will keep her safe and he tells Maria that she is putting herself at risk being Carlos’ doctor. Maria says she’s not afraid and will be taking care of Carlos until he gets out of the hospital. At Adam Chandler’s house, Mary tells JR that she knows Jamie has a crush on Babe. She informs Adam that she’s certain his son’s marriage will be over soon. Adam and Mary believe the plan has been a success, when they overhear what sounds like JR angrily confronting his wife and brother. But little do they know that it’s just an act. JR tells them that he has no intention of divorcing Babe, nor does he believe she slept with Jamie. And JR lets his father and Mary know that the three of them are onto all of their schemes.

ATWT by Kim

Rosanna was very upset with Craig for being late to Cabot's christening. He manages to convince her he was truly sorry and then says a prayer asking for help keeping his secret. As Rosanna and Craig are about to go home she decided to change Cabot. She finds a wig and scarf and immediately asks Craig who it belongs to. Craig lies saying it might be Carly's. Rosanna leaves Craig at the church and goes to Carly's. Before Rosanna can get there Craig shows up asking for Carly's help. Craig is listening to
Rosanna ask Carly if the wig and scarf are hers.

Just as Rose gets home there is a knock on the door. The hitman Barbara hired is asking to use the phone because he has a flat tire. As Rose turns her back he pulls out a cord to choke her. Mizi comes into the room as he puts away the cord and pulls out a gun. He points the gun at Rose just as Barbara starts yelling and banging on the door. The hitman leaves and Rose demands to know why Babs is there. Later Babs meets the hitman to tell him she changed her mind. He says that is impossible because the money has changed hands and someone will die. He finally changes his mind after telling Barbara he could kill her. She tells him that James knows him and wouldn't like that. He walks away. Rose answers the phone and hears a voice on the other end tell her someone has it in for her.

B&B by Lea

Brooke tried to tell Ridge about what happened between her and Nick. Nick dropped by before Brooke could actually tell Ridge. Brooke told Nick she had to tell Ridge the truth. Nick was not convinced it would help the situation. Amber offered Oz a job at the new company she, Deacon and Sally started. Amber also offered herself to Oz. Deacon visited Bridget and asked her to be a part of the new fashion house. They discussed his reasons for getting involved with the new venture. Eric saw them talking.

Days by Rebecca

GH by Sarah

Sonny tells Alkazar to stay away from Carly's room. Carly is dreaming about ending her marriage to Alkazar because he killed Sonny. Jason visits Courtney at the house and tells her to move home but she refuses. They share passionate kisses before he gets called back to work. Brian comes over again to visit, and goes on a picnic with Courtney and the boys. Later, a mysterious person leaves newspaper clippings about Brian her porch. Sage enters Dillion's room to change clothes, and has to hide under the bed when Georgie comes over. she tries to make love with him, but he has to stop her because he knows Sage was watching everything. Sam spends lots of money at the casino trying to win with the Dead Man's hand, but loses every time. Jax wins the jackpot at the casino trying to prove that the cards are unlucky. He wins a boat for Sam, and they rent a hotel room. Later, they make love. 

GL by 

OLTL by Kym

Jenn & Rex start to make love until Joey comes home & interrupts them again. Marcie sees Al as Michael & isn't interested in him. Flynn's dead body is found in the bottom of the crashed elevator by John, Antonio & Blair. Todd shows up & tries to explain who he is, but everyone's skeptical. Blair makes up a lie about her & Kevin to bring out his explosive side & manages to confirm he is Walker/Todd. Natalie & Carlotta look at her wedding pics. Blair lies to the cops & tells them Flynn told her he rigged the elevator to crash & not Todd. She then demands he tell her what happened. Thru flashbacks we see that Flynn pushed Todd out of the elevator & shot him. Todd was unharmed because he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. He then pushed the remote button, releasing the elevator to crash below. Bo & McBain continue hunting for clues about the Music Box Killer. They find Elyssa's strangled body in a pile of rubbish. Al tries to tell Marcie how he knew "Al" & what a great guy he was, but he gets overzealous about trying to get her to like him & drives her off. He gets discouraged & is ready to give up, but Luna encourages him not to. He sees Michael's face when he looks in the mirror, but we see him as Al. Blair tells "Walker" she wants to get married right away.

Passions by Ashley

Antonio realizes the love between Sheridan and Luis as they await for news on their child. In all the comotion the Harmony residents believe Charlie is dead. Beth meanwhile prays that her "companion" Charlie is finally dead. Sam is devastated when he hears a bewildered Grace call for her husband...David. 

Y&R By Glynis

Brittany’s parents have an idea to keep Brittany’s clothes on…Vanessa approaches Damon regarding her idea…Drucilla keeps her mouth closed regarding Damon’s new friend…Frederick talks fondly about Raul…It is just a matter of time before Brittany goes back to work…Brittany refuses to fold sweaters…Lily has plans to go honeymooning…JT refuses to leave…Damon doesn’t care about hair care…Brad has a new best friend…Lily has second thoughts…Raul gives Brittany some options…Neil remembers a conversation…Neil calls a cop…Phyllis is feeling funky…JT is warned…Brittany accuses Raul of setting up Bobbie…JT is not afraid…The new chemical may be a disappointment…Phyllis plants an idea in Neil’s head…JT sets a date…Could Damon be more excited than he is letting on? ….Neil has been holding out on Phyllis…Brittany figures it out…


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