Tuesday 11-4-03 Recaps

Tuesday 11/4/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer


ATWT by 


B&B by Lea


Days by Rebecca


GH by Sarah

GL by 

OLTL by Suzanne

Nora and Bo work on getting votes the night before the election. R.J. brings her info about Daniel's DUI so she can win, but she says she won't use it. Daniell tells Lindsay about David's being wanted by Interpol for conning female art dealers, so she slaps him when she sees him. He swears he is not conning her and that they are good together because they both have a past. He kisses her and she is intrigued. Blair catches Todd talking to Flynn, thinking it's Briggs at the Sun. Todd makes plans with Flynn for him to come by on Friday to get the money; he does something to the private elevator. Evangeline questions Kevin and Todd about the disappearance of the PI. Kelly is shocked that Kevin wants a divorce and tries to talk him about of it. When that doesn't work, she begs, then she tries to get Asa involved. Kevin won't change his mind but Asa assures her that he will. Kelly phones David to get the illegal adoption going, so they make plans to go to Mexico.

The next day, Riley tells Flash that he is leaving the band and going back to school. He doesn't like being famous. R.J. tells Flash that her band is going on tour. Nora loses the election to Daniel and has to concede. Bo comforts her. They are both touched when Matthew calls him "Dad". Lindsay tells David he deserves a second change; he tells Lindsay he will see her when he gets back. Blair finds David and Kelly just as they are about to leave for Mexico. Bo questions Matthew about the music box again and then later phones John. John finds a clue in Angel Square.

Passions by Ashley


Y&R By Glynis


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