Monday 11-03-03 Recaps

Monday 11/3/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Adam walks in on J.R. and Babe half-naked in his living room. He tells them he wants to invite Babe's family for Thanksgiving dinner. She gives him some info about her mom and he has someone look for her. Brooke questions Jamie about the cow-stealing and the necklace, but he evades her questions. She runs to Tad but Tad is not concerned. Mary tells Adam she thinks there is something between Babe and Jamie so she throws herself at Jamie to get info out of him. Maria fills Tad in on Carlos' condition and says the police lost the bad guys that were after him. Tad suggests she be very careful. Maria asks Tad if they can have the Crystal Ball in Dixie's honor. He agrees but nixes her suggestion that he have hope for finding love again. Ryan won't tell the police that Kendall poisoned his pills but Derek wants to arrest her anyway. Kendall covers for Bianca to Erica, making herself look bad to her mom in the process. Aidan whisks Kendall away to Ryan's jet so she can escape being arrested. Ryan, trying to distract the police, tells them that he knows who killed Michael.

ATWT by 

B&B by Lea

Days by Rebecca

Days by Jenne

GH by Sarah

GL by 

OLTL by Suzanne

Rex gets Jen tipsy and they kiss; she breaks away before they have sex. She meets Joe and Lindsay at the Palace. She tells Lindsay that she almost slept with Rex. Lindsay thinks her feelings for Rex are like hers for Troy. Later, Jen takes a birth control pill before going home with Joe (Joe doesn't know she has them, but Rex does). Joe sets Marcie up with Michael, an intern. They start to have a date but she gets disgusted at his homophobia. Al is happy to take Michael's place at Marcie's side. After a futile attempt to talk Al into letting Marcie get on with her life, Luna gets the idea that maybe there is another way for them to be together. Lindsay and Daniel hit it off at the Palace bar. He warns her that David is big trouble. Kevin tells Kelly about the videotape so she goes to Todd and gets him to give her the tape and promise to destroy the copies. Kevin meets with the governor but sees Blair, who is showing off her engagement ring. He wonders whether he should tell her about Todd and even gets advice from Renee. When Kelly returns home, Kevin doesn't care about the tape. He just wants a divorce. Dorian walks in on Todd and Blair, who have been naked on the couch. Dorian wants her money but he doesn't have it. He gets the call from Kelly so he asks Blair to take Dorian out. Dorian flirts with the governor but their conversation ends up bringing all her ex-husbands up. Todd gets a call from Flynn but is interrupted by Blair.

Passions by Ashley

Y&R By Glynis

Nick tells all…Phyllis corners Victor…Paul and Lauren stand dangerously close…Lily gets the answers to her physical examination…Colleen gets flashbacks…Kevin has erased his hard drive…Lily is relieved to learn that her aunt isn’t going to tell her parents about the unsafe sex…

Christine is leaving her job but she is going to be great in the new one…Lauren finds that Christine isn't’ really Paul’s heart’s desire…Phyllis is happy to hear that all that Victor has been doing is helping his product along…Nick might not be able to get charges against his father if he seems to be simply angry with him… Paul can’t remember a time when he didn’t love Christine…Colleen starts wondering what would have happened to her had JT not found her in time…Kevin is served with a Restraining Order…Olivia gives Lily medication for her condition…Michael can’t understand why Christine isn’t at the altar with Paul…Paul is in a bad mood when he comes home to find Christine and Paul together…Victor confesses to Phyllis what he has done…Nick knows that he isn't going to change his mind about nailing Victor…Lily feels dirty and used…Christine can see that Paul wants very little to do with her…Paul decides that it is time to move out…Phyllis demands that Michael tell her his version of what Victor just told her…Nick has nothing to say to his father when Victor comes home and finds him there…Colleen turns and shines a light into the face of Kevin who has found her…

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