Tuesday 10-28-03 Recaps

Tuesday 10/28/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

ATWT by Kim

B&B by Lea

Days by Rebecca

GH by Dee

GL by 

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Y&R By Glynis

Damon…Phyllis has to wonder if Nick’s shorts are too tight, since he has come into her office with an attitude…Brittany has something to lay on Bobbie…JT gives Brittany’s parents a heads-up as to how he feels about Bobbie…Nick has to wonder if Phyllis is a little upset at what is happening to her husband and his company…Brad reveals to his associates that Victor has done something illegal…Drucilla has a drink with Damon and unloads…Vanessa shows up wanting to have information on how Damon is doing…Bobbie offers Brittany a night off so that she can meet up with Raul…Raul asks JT out to Marcino’s for a beer…Jack warns Brad to stay focussed as he could lose a lot right now if he doesn’t behave better…

Nick asks Phyllis how she would feel about the company if things were not on the up and up…Brittany is angry to find JT and Raul sitting in the crowd at her club…Raul gets recognized at the club by some men in black suits…Damon knows that there is a silver bullet that can pull them out of this trouble with the cosmetics…Vanessa tells Neil that his first impression stinks…Jack is finding it hard to be comforted by his wife…JT and Raul get asked for ID…Phyllis can tell that Jack is trying to get dirt from her about her company…Bobbie’s place is shut down because he served a minor…Jack has no patience for Phyllis as ‘someone’ in her company has been doing something illegal.

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