Monday 10-27-03 Recaps

Monday 10/27/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

ATWT by Kim

B&B by Lea

Days by Rebecca

GH by Dee

Sonny is thrilled to hold his son, but devastated to see that Carly has been shot. Jason arrives and Sonny tells him he shot Carly. They take them to GH where Tony Jones tells Sonny that Carly has to have surgery immediately, but she isnít stable, so the surgery could kill her. Jason takes Morgan upstairs where the neonatal doctor tells him that the babyís heart is healed. He introduces him to Courtney. Elizabeth and Ric view the baby through the window, Ric says he canít believe he was going to keep this child from his parents. Later, on the docks, he expresses regret for his actions. He tells Elizabeth he aches for what might have been. She admits that sometimes she does too. Nikolas is a hero, which gets him some attention from Emily. Sam and Jax contemplate which Quartermaine had the cards.

Skye decides to cover for Luke with the police. They argue about the dead manís hand; later, Jax finds Luke snooping in his suite. Sam sneaks into Dillonís room, but is caught by Skye. Alcazar thinks Carly has come to save him, but itís Marcella. She takes him back to the house and when the paramedics arrive for Carly, they take him to GH. At the hospital, he keeps asking for Carly. Sonny hears him and tells him the bullet went through him and struck Carly in the head. At Carlyís bedside, Sonny tearfully tells her heís sorry.

GL by 

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Y&R By Glynis

Bobbie tells Brittany how Kevin had his computer taken away from him. Diane shows up at Phyllisís office to taunt her. Drucilla isnít prepared for her meeting. Nick comes to see Ashley and is shocked at what he finds. Bobbie offers Brittany a deal and dinner. Neil tells the police that they better get Kevin or he will. Kevin enlightens Lily so that she knows that she canít prove that they ever slept together. Drucilla and Damon reveal that they know that their products have been moving out of the publicís eye. Nick reveals to Brad that he knows what has been happening with their businesses. Fred and Anita have a plan that will get Brittany back with Raulís help.

Neil isnít satisfied with the policeís stance on picking up Kevin. Kevin picks up the letter opener as he listens to Lily talk. Neil wants an Order to keep Kevin away from Lily. Kevin forgives Lily for the way that she has been talking. Lily knows now that Kevin is a freak and she is going to make him pay. Brittany turns down Bobbieís invitation. Raul agrees to the plan. Brad barges into the Abbott meeting to announce that he has the ammunition that is going to bring Newman down.

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