Friday 10-24-03 Recaps

Friday 10/24/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

ATWT by Hilary

B&B by Glynis

Brittany is suddenly happy that Ozzy has done this for Macy…Brooke will not be pushed by Nick to keep their secret…Sally makes a gut-wrenching speech about her daughter to the crowd…Ridge finds Brooke with Nick…Amber and Deacon show their feelings when they see Brittany kissing Ozzy…Ridge knows that there is more going on and he demands the truth, and he demands it now…

Days by Jenne

GH by Dee

GL by Hilary

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Y&R By Glynis

Lily admits to her father that she slept with Kevin…Bobbie freaks out because Kevin has brought the cops on him and his place…Victor guesses that Victoria has been with Damon when he sees her face…Bobbie fires Kevin and demands his files back but Kevin can’t return them as the cops have them…Lily tells her parents that she fell for Kevin’s lies because they treated her like an afterthought… JT and Colleen hear that Kevin got a warrant from the cops…Lily goes for a walk…Bobbie will make Kevin go away if he doesn't make the cops go away…

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