Thursday 10-23-03 Recaps

Thursday 10/23/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

ATWT by Hilary

B&B by Glynis

At the family gathering, Stephanie welcomes Brooke to the family…There are people that think that Ozzy is trying to make money on Macy’s death…Ozzy invites her to the opening but Brittany won’t be there…Thorne is furious when he hears the news about Ozzy…Clarke and Deacon are going to make sure that Ozzy doesn’t open his doors

The people at the family get together notice that Brooke is missing from the party…Brooke doesn’t think that she can keep the truth from Ridge, but Nick wants her to see differently…Sally and crew are shocked to see that Ozzy has set up a tribute to Macy…Brooke will not lie to Ridge, he has to know.

Days by Jenne

GH by Dee

Emily stops Zander and Nikolas from arguing, says she can’t choose between them. Later, Monica tells her she is in remission. She meets with Zander and Nikolas and tells them she’s going to be a doctor. Edward makes Georgie believe that Dillon lied to her. Sonny and Alcazar face off with guns, the lights go off, they fire, and when the lights come on, Alcazar is gone. While Carly is in labor, Courtney lies beside her overturned car. Capelli finds her and calls Alcazar before calling the paramedics and Jason. Alcazar gets Courtney to tell him where Carly is. At the hospital, Courtney tells Sonny where Carly is, and that she needs him. He rushes off. Sam lifts AJ’s keys and goes to the Q mansion. She hears Dillon talking to Tracy about the cards. Alcazar bursts into the house and tells Carly he’s taking her to the hospital – she tells him it’s too late, the baby is going to be born now.

GL by Hilary

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Y&R By Glynis

Detective Webber has a warrant…Lily begs her mother to keep the secret that she had sex with Kevin…Neil walks in as JT is explaining to Colleen that Lily has a lot of problems, especially with her parents…Victor tells Nikki the disturbing news that he got from his brother…Damon tells Victoria to take off her shoes when she comes to visit him…Nick sounds to Sharon like he hates Victor…Damon would rather have a Japanese Tea Party, than to seduce Victoria…Olivia watches quietly as Ashley goes about the house and is pleasantly pleased…

Neil demands answers from Colleen and JT…Lily finally realizes that she has been used…Kevin takes the warrant and gives up his computer…Ashley is frightened by Brad’s behaviour, then he takes her ‘baby’ showing her that she has been holding nothing but a blanket…Sharon is very afraid of what her husband is planning against his father…Nikki and Victor discuss Victor’s mother being alive…Drucilla wants to drag her daughter to the doctor for a check-up…Neil tells JT that if Kevin has used Lily for sex, he will be a dead man…Victoria crawls dangerously on her hands and knees to kiss Damon…Lily’s parents confront her with the question about sex…Ashley fights Brad tooth and nail to get to her blanket, then she won’t let him anywhere near her…

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