Wednesday 10-22-03 Recaps

Wednesday 10/22/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

ATWT by 

B&B by Glynis

Darla and Thorne hover over Macy’s unconscious body…Jackie finds out her son is leaving town as she is getting ready to marry Massimo…Sally is angry when people refer to Macy in the past tense…Thorne agrees to go to an ultrasound appointment with Darla…Jackie can tell that Nick wanting to leave has to do with Brooke…Sally meets privately with her daughter hoping that Ozzy will do the right thing…

Days by Rebecca

GH by Dee

Marcella tells Jason and Sonny everything. Jason goes looking for Faith while Sonny sends Marcella to a safe house. Courtney finds Carly, but Carly tells her she has to go for help. Call an ambulance and Sonny. Edward introduces Dillon to the commandant of a military academy. Dillon tries to con the commandant, and then Georgie burst in, saying she’s pregnant with Dillon’s child. Nothing works and the commandant says they’ll leave at 0600 tomorrow morning. Nikolas delivers divorce papers to Lydia, and then plans a getaway with Emily. However, they’re foiled by Zander, who tells Emily he wants to try again. Meanwhile, Lydia and Lucky grow closer. They share a dance at Kelly’s.

Alcazar bursts into the PH with a gun. He says he knows Sonny has hurt Carly, wants to know where she is. They trade insults, then Sonny grabs his gun. They both fire and the lights go off. Carly’s water breaks and she realizes that her baby is going to be born soon. Courtney reaches Jason by phone, but before she can tell him where Carly is, she has an accident.

GL by 

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Y&R By Glynis

Kevin sees one of Lily’s friends out on the patio at the coffeehouse…Olivia and Damon have a heated argument over how Ashley should be treated…Brad tells Jack that it seems that Ashley has really lost it this time and that Olivia is their only hope…Victoria asks Michael how he knows about Peter…The buyer admits to a bribe…

Kevin tries to be smart but ends up revealing a lot …Colleen is smart enough to know that Lily is the real victim…Drucilla has questions about Kevin and sex for Lily…Michael tells Victoria that the only reason that he would fall on a sword for Victor is to win Victoria’s affections…Nick makes an ally out of the buyer…JT is going to keep his eye on Colleen until Kevin is caught…Colleen hopes that Kevin has left town…Detective Webber hears that Kevin has revealed that he was the attempted killer…Drucilla tells her daughter that in spite of her having sex, things are going to work out, she will make sure of it…Victor and his brother regret that they didn’t get the chance to bond better…Ashley sounds lucid again…

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