Tuesday 10-21-03 Recaps

Tuesday 10/21/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

ATWT by Hilary

B&B by Glynis

Amber gives Brittany a warning after she is asked to move out. Ridge reunites with his parents. Deacon notices that Brittany has grown up. Sally shows Darla the newspaper proving that people can sink very low. Amber has to wonder if Brittany is right that she shouldn’t be living at Deacon’s house. Amber feels better when she thinks about the promotion. Stephanie embraces Brooke. Deacon realizes that he may have made a mistake. Amber’s boss lifts her spirits. Stephanie tells Brooke that she accepts her and will not get in the way of her marriage to Ridge.

Days by Rebecca

GH by Dee

Sam joins Jax in his suite and persuades him to continue her ‘lessons’ in being a lady. He has her change into numerous high fashion outfits, none of which she likes. AJ tells Coleman to get Sam drunk and find out what her agenda is. He’s going to show Coleman the cards he has, but when he opens the book, they’re gone. Skye and Luke meet at Jakes and plan another trip to the Q mansion; Coleman comes in and asks if Skye is off the wagon. She says she’s taking Ferdinand (Luke) to an intervention and they leave for the mansion. Sam comes into Jakes; Coleman makes a call to AJ, and then starts pouring shots of tequila for her. She tells him about the cards and shows him the jack of diamonds. Jax comes up behind her and snatches it away. Ric eavesdrops on Bobbie’s and Monica’s conversation about Carly. Elizabeth comes up and tells him he’s eavesdropping. He tells her it’s his job to investigate Carly’s disappearance, but she tells him not to get involved in Sonny’s life. He doesn’t take her advice.

Bobbie comes to the PH and tells Sonny she’s taking Michael home with her. He tells her she can see Michael, she’s his grandmother; but Michael is staying at home. Ric arrives and asks Sonny about Carly’s disappearance. Sonny tells him to leave, it’s none of his business, but Bobbie tells him that Carly hasn’t been seen since last night. He tells her she can file a missing person’s report and she leaves to talk to Mac. Ric tells Sonny this looks like domestic abuse to him and if Carly can’t be found, he’s a prime suspect. Alcazar gets angry at Marcella for questioning him and telling him Sonny wouldn’t hurt Carly; he tells her to take her things and leave. Later, he gets a call and tells the person on the phone not to alarm her and get the plane ready. Sonny and Jason think Alcazar has Carly and Sonny goes to Alcazar’s plane, where he comes face to face with Marcella. Carly, in pain, tries to call for help, but her cell phone doesn’t work. The door opens and Carly looks up.

GL by Hilary

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Y&R By Glynis

Damon gets a first hand view of Ashley in her fantasy. Jill watches her mother move out of the house. Ashley reveals that she has been having nightmares. Victor reveals that he was the one that recommended Christine for the Assistant District Attorney job. Nick fakes the buyer into talking about his deal with Michael.

Ashley admits that she has been having nightmares. While Katherine has a flashback; Jill comes to the gravesite to see her. Victor warns Michael that Victoria and Nick have been looking over sales reports. Nick learns that the buyer in question has been paid before and is willing to be paid again. Jill admits that she doesn’t hate Katherine.

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