Thursday 10-16-03 Recaps

Thursday 10/16/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

ATWT by Hilary

B&B by Lea

Days by Jenne

GH by Dee

Faith tells Sonny that Alcazar is after his wife. Carly hears a knock at the door. It’s Marcella, but she’s dragged away before Carly gets to the door. She goes to Jason’s and Courtney’s penthouse and tells them she can’t sleep until she knows where Sonny is. When Jason goes into the hall, he sees Johnny leaving PH4. Johnny says he was just checking to make sure everything is ok, but Jason is suspicious. Later, he tells Stan to investigate Johnny’s bank records and have him followed. Sonny comes home and agrees to go to dinner with Carly, but while she’s getting dressed, he finds the letter Johnny left on the mantle. It’s a letter Lily wrote him when they were married. Alcazar tells Marcella she has to meet Sonny in the cemetery once more and tell him he’s a danger to Carly. Everyone gathers for Stefan’s funeral. Skye arrives with a black veiled person; everyone thinks it’s Luke. Just as Scott is ready to unveil the person, Helena arrives! She insults Alexis, Lucky, Emily, Elizabeth and Cameron and at last Nikolas tells her to leave. She says this is a Cassadine funeral and she’s the Cassadine matriarch, she has every right to be here. Nikolas agrees to let her stay. When the priest asks if anyone would like to say anything about Stefan, Helena says he was a second son and a second rate person. Nikolas stops her and talks about Stefan raising him.

Skye and her ‘friend’ are leaving – Scott pulls the veil off and it’s Dillon. He says he’s researching a film. Luke is hovering outside the cemetery, when everyone leaves; he opens the coffin to make sure Stefan is dead. Jax and Sam get a visit from AJ. Jax thinks maybe he knows about the cards. He and Sam leave separately and meet again at the Q mansion. Sam has found one of the cards. Sonny goes back to the cemetery and asks ‘Lily’ why she left the letter. She says the happiest day of her life was when he told her he loved her. She disappears, but Sonny knows she’s a fake. One of his biggest regrets was that he never told Lily he loved her. Carly, thinking Sonny set her up, calls Alcazar to meet her in the park. When he gets there, she tells him this was a bad idea. When Jason comes home, Courtney tells him Carly left and she planned to make Sonny jealous.

GL by Hilary

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Y&R By Glynis

Victor can’t get the thought of Nick and Victoria working hard on ‘something’ out of his mind…Brittany begs Raul not to let her go…There is screaming when Colleen’s friend finds Kevin with Lily…Nick won’t tell Sharon his secret as she confides in Victor and she knows that Nick hates that...Kevin is released by the police as an angry mob watches…

Raul loves Brittany but that might not be enough…The police think that Colleen has run away…Nikki and Victor discuss their upcoming trip…JT and Brad help each other during this trying time…Raul and Brittany realize that all they can ever have now is sex, because of her stripping…JT steals a flashlight and runs into the burning building…Kevin gets home and is angry that people are getting in his face. “No one messes with me!”…

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