Wednesday 10-15-03 Recaps

Wednesday 10/15/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

ATWT by 

B&B by Lea

Days by Rebecca

GH by Dee

Sonny has bought her a house in the country. A confused Carly tells the agent she’s too close to her due date to go traipsing around houses, and Bobbie sees the agent out. Jason and Courtney arrive home, he carries her over the threshold; they’re greeted by Sonny, who tells them he’s moved in with them. Later, when Carly finds out where Sonny is, she confronts him and tells him she doesn’t want the house. The dream was that they would live in it together. He insists that he’s doing this to protect her; she insists she’s not accepting this. Alcazar arrives home and finds Marcella’s goodbye note. He tries to engage Dillon to look for her, but backs off when Georgie arrives and is upset that Dillon isn’t doing his report.

Nikolas makes arrangements for Stefan’s funeral. Lydia sees him at the hospital and offers her help. He declines and as she walks away, she sees him and Emily embracing. Crushed, she goes to Kelly’s. When Lucky arrives, she says she’s not going to the funeral, but he asks her to reconsider. Alexis tells Nikolas she won’t attend the funeral. An informant tells Alcazar about Sonny moving across the hall and about his buying Carly a house in the country. We see his face, and it’s Johnny! Skye arrives back at the lake house with things for Luke to freshen up and is disappointed when he’s not there. But he arrives shortly thereafter and tells her he has plans for them. They’re going to a funeral. Jason and Courtney talk about Sonny and Carly. Courtney is concerned that they just got married and they need time alone. Alcazar buys a pendant for a ‘special woman’.

GL by 

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Y&R By Glynis

Lauren tries to make Raul see that he needs to accept Brittany’s job. Kevin asks Brittany out on a date. Brad realizes that he has just lost one child and that he can’t lose another. Victor thinks that if Sharon changes her attitude about Nikki, she will change her attitude too. Kevin is mad enough to make Brittany’s career go up in smoke after she snubs him. Lily and family show up to the fire site. Brittany comes home and finds Raul with Lauren. Sharon tells Victor that she will not be a part of Nick making Victor’s shortfalls public.

Raul and Brittany try to have a talk, but it is going nowhere. Sharon has a few questions for Nick. Brad wants to see Kevin and he wants to see him now. Raul and Brittany end up sharing a meaningful kiss.

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