Tuesday 10-14-03 Recaps

Tuesday 10/14/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Ryan helps Greenlee move on with her life by taking off Leo's ring, even though her finger is swollen. He holds her while she cries. Juan Pablo learns from Maria about her sister Julia being in the witness protection program, so they share a common problem because of their siblings. Edmund tells him that the bad guys are headed to town to take care of Carlos. Jack tries to get Erica to trust him and tell him what happened with David that night, but Erica won't budge. David shows up and helps Erica get rid of Jack. Erica tells David that she doesn't want to tell Jack the truth because he could be an accessory then. David assures Erica that he will take the fall for what happened, if necessary, because he has nothing left to lose. J.R. greets Stuart, who tells Adam that he has to let J.R. make his own decisions. J.R. asks Adam if he can have a big family dinner tomorrow night, so Adam agrees. Jamie and this girl he met steal a big ceramic cow from a restaurant and then have sex; it is his first time. Maggie wants to help Bianca out throughout her pregnancy, even though Bianca thinks that's too much to ask.

ATWT by Hilary

B&B by Lea

Days by Rebecca

GH by Dee

Jax and Sam argue about her staying with him. They’re interrupted, first by Ned wanting Jax to clarify his feelings about Skye, then the hotel manager looking for the ‘new maid.’ Sam hides from Ned and tears off her shirt and kisses Jax when the manager uses his key to get in. The manager backs out before he recognizes Sam. Skye tries to get away from Luke, but he catches her again. When Ned comes knocking at the lake house door, Luke threatens Skye if she gives him away. She doesn’t and Ned leaves. Later, Skye and Luke drink (she drinks water) to a new alliance. Carly tries to convince Sonny that his family is safer with him. As she walks to the other side of the plane, it lurches and the lights go out. Sonny calls the pilot, who tells him the plane is losing fuel and they’re over the Atlantic. Jason and Courtney are talking about their future when they get a call from Sonny and Carly. Sonny tells Courtney to tell Mike he loves him and to take care of Jason; he also tells her he’s proud she’s his sister. Carly thanks Courtney and Jason for letting them be part of their wedding, then she asks Jason to take care of Michael. They call Michael to tell him they love him and will always be in his heart. Then they tell each other how much they love each other. In Port Charles, Alcazar realizes that he may have killed Carly.

Sonny’s pilot is able to make a crash landing on the coast. When Sonny and Carly exit the plane, he tells her that he was meant to be on the plane alone. He says no matter how much he loves her, he’s divorcing her. He leaves her alone on the tarmac. As she starts to go after her, Alcazar calls her name. He tells her that he became aware of the problems with the plane and was worried about her, but she tells him she has to get home to her son. Sonny lets Jason know they made it, and then tells his pilot to check out the plane for sabotage. Marcella leaves Alcazar a goodbye note.

GL by Hilary

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Y&R By Glynis

Brad won’t wait for firemen to check for Colleen…Neil gets the news about Ashley…Victor finds he has a lot to think about…Nick shows up at Victoria’s with office files…Neil reports on his talk with Lily…Sharon has no idea where Nick is…Lily is on the internet because everyone criticizes her…Kevin tells Bobby that he has been working all evening…JT remembers that something funny did happy earlier…Cassie noticed that Nick was distracted…Sharon walks in on Sharon and Nick arguing…

Nick refuses to let his sister be…Neil uses the computer to show Lily how many anonymous people she talks to…Bobby notices that Kevin if feeling good today…Nick finds irregularities with the sales figures…Why didn’t Lily stop the date, with older Kevin?…Kevin might forget to pay Bobby’s fire insurance one day…Nick scores points while pretending to be Michael’s assistant.

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