Monday 10-13-03 Recaps

Monday 10/13/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

At the Fusion party, Juan Pablo is cold to Greenlee after she apologizes to him. Simone is jealous of Tad and Liza, so she dances with Justin to make Tad jealous. Mia wants a chance with Aidan but he's only interested in Kendall. Kendall gets upset because Justin, Ryan, and Aidan all badger her about what she knows about Michael's murder and who she's protecting. Jamie hooks up with a girl named Babe at his school's beach party; Tad worries about what trouble Jamie might be getting into. Maggie and Bianca move Bianca's stuff out of Erica's place and plan to move in together into a studio apartment. Erica and Jack share a loving moment but she gets upset when he questions her about David and the night of Michael's disappearance. She is not sure how to react to Bianca and Maggie moving in together. Jack helps Greenlee with her problems with men and runs after Erica to insist that she listen to him.

ATWT by Kim

B&B by Lea

Days by Rebecca

GH by Dee

In France, as Sonny and Carly stand by, Jason and Courtney say their wedding vows. Afterwards, Sonny toasts the happy couple, then tells them he has to leave. Carly explains to Jason and Courtney that Sonny has moved out because he doesn’t think his family will be safe while he’s with them. When Courtney goes to the room, Carly tells Jason she doesn’t know how much more she can take. Lorenzo and Marcella toast success; Lorenzo says Sonny has moved out. Faith arrives and tells Lorenzo that Sonny has left the country in his private jet. A jubilant Lorenzo says that’s even better. Later, Marcella hears him telling someone on the phone to make sure it goes down over water. Lucky finds Stefan at the bottom of the cliffs. He tells Lucky that Luke murdered him and sadly, Lucky arrests Luke. Nikolas and Emily are kissing in the elevator when he gets a call from Lucky telling him his uncle is dead. Arriving on Spoon Island, at first Nikolas is stoic, saying Stefan deserved this and he didn’t love him any more. As time goes on though, Nikolas breaks down as he describes his childhood with Stefan.

Jax tries to make Sam leave his room. She resists and in the tussle, she pulls his towel off, just as Skye bursts in the room. After Jax gets dressed, Ned comes through Jax’s door, prompting Jax to say he needs to get the door worked on. Skye and Ned argue; she leaves followed by him. Skye arrives, with her bags, at the lakehouse and is grabbed by Luke. He tells her she is his ‘ticket to freedom.’ Sonny’s plane is delayed by an airport official. While he questions Sonny, Carly arrives and says she’s flying home with her husband. Later, the official calls Lorenzo and tells him everything has gone according to plan. However, he tells him that a pregnant woman who says she is Mrs. Corinthos is on the plane. Lorenzo reels and says he’s done it again, he killed her. On the plane, Carly tries to convince Sonny to stay with her. Suddenly, the plane lurches and the lights go out.

GL by 

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Y&R By Glynis

Nick tells Victoria that what happened at the party that night is due to his father’s negligence…Sharon is cleaning up the room and feeling bad for Ashley…Sharon tells Nikki that she owes her a huge thank you for what she did in helping with the food for the party…Phyllis goes outside and finds Victor sitting alone nursing a drink…Victor thinks that Phyllis’s reluctance to go home has to do with what happened with Ashley that night…Brad isn’t ready to make any decisions, but Jack feels that they have to do something for Ashley right away, like take her to the hospital…JT along with John and Gina ask firemen if there is any chance that Colleen may be in the burnt building…Brad is sure that nothing more is going to happen with Ashley that night…Nick wants to discuss Victoria and who really is the man of her dreams…Michael would like to know what Damon’s intentions are as far as Victoria is concerned…John is quite sure that he didn’t arrange to meet Colleen at Gina’s that night…Sharon and Nikki seem to be making up, but Nikki would still like to address how Sharon has been treating her…Victor invites Phyllis to sit with him and talk about how things have been going with her at home…Jack and Brad are sitting with their heads together trying to come up with the best solution to deal with Ashley’s emotional state…Jack and Brad decide on a way to go with Ashley, “I think that is a very good idea…” Ashley appears asking, “What is a good idea?”…Nikki makes it clear to Sharon that she isn’t ready to take Nikki’s place in the family for many reasons, and that she isn’t ready to give up her post as predominant woman in the family…Ashley talks to Jack and Brad as if she had no recollection of what happened at the party…a fireman rings JT Colleen’s cell phone, or pieces of it, after they found it inside…JT is hysterical when he realizes that there may be a chance that Colleen was in the fire…Ashley wants to know why Jack and Brad are looking at her like she is from another planet…John calls Brad telling him that Colleen is missing and that he has to get over to Gina’s right away…Brad leaves to find out about Colleen, while Jack sits with Ashley…Nick has to know what kind of a company he will be getting one day, it has to have integrity for him…Damon thinks that there might be a heart actually beating under Michael’s rough exterior…Ashley has a lot of questions, but Jack has no idea how to deal with them…Phyllis advises Victor saying that everything that he touches turns to gold, so there is no need for overkill….Nick would like to make a partnership with Victoria so that they could find out what kind of things have been going on with the company…Ashley can tell that something is being kept from her when Jack refuses to leave when she decides that she is going to bed…Brad shows up at Gina’s and he asks everyone what is going on…Brad stares at the burning building after hearing that Colleen’s cell phone was found in the building and that no one knows where Colleen is.

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