Friday 10-10-03 Recaps

Friday 10/10/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Fusion has its big gala to announce the winner of their Sexiest Man contest. Kendall and Greenlee fight at first but then they all unite for the big moment. Aidan grills Erica at the boathouse about the murder and about Kendall. Jack rescues her and they dance, then kiss. The police search Ryan's room to look for his evidence. Adam enlists Mary's aid to find out about J.R.'s girlfriend. She and Opal have a knock-down, drag-out fight. Tad, Jamie and J.R. go to the Fusion bash but J.R. is thinking about his girl and wondering where she is. Mia has a thing for Aidan but he's only interested in helping out Kendall. He asks Ryan to back off Kendall and the time of death question. Juan Pablo asks Tad for help with Carlos and the men who are after him. Greenlee looks hopeful when she finds Juan Pablo outside of the Fusion party.

ATWT by 

B&B by Lea

Days by Rebecca

Days by Jenne

GH by Dee

At dinner, Ned tells an upset Skye that Jax is missing. As she worries that there are no survivors reported, Jax shows up in the restaurant. He joins them and Skye is a lot more sympathetic to Jax than Ned would like. AJ appears and insinuates that Jax is pretending to be worried about his father while he plans a takeover, maybe ELQ. Sam listens intently from a nearby table. When Jax and AJ leave, Ned and Skye fight about her attentions to Jax and she leaves the restaurant. Luke comes to Wyndermere and finds Lucky tied up in the study. He tells Luke that Stefan has Lydia in the tunnels. Luke rushes into the tunnels, leaving Lucky tied up. Meanwhile, Stefan tells Lydia that they will make a baby, which will be passed off as Nikolas’s child. She agrees with him, but tells him not this way, not as an act of violence. He says he’s not a rapist and unties her. Luke comes upon them, Lydia runs away. Luke and Stefan fight over a knife, but Lucky breaks it up by firing a gun. Stefan runs away; Luke tells Lucky to stop him, he’ll have to shoot him in the back, then leaves when Lucky can’t do it. Nikolas and Emily meet Zander outside Kelly’s. They try to tell him about the new treatment, but he wants to know if she’s filing, or is he?

Carly goes to Kelly’s and confides in Bobbie that Sonny has moved out and worries how she’s going to tell Michael his daddy isn’t coming home. Lorenzo joins Sonny at the PC Grill. They argue over Carly and Sonny tells him he’ll kill him before he’ll let him near Carly. Jason and Courtney plan their wedding to take place in the garden of the chateau. Sonny gets a phone call and says he’ll be there right away. Lorenzo tries to talk to Carly in Kelly’s, but she blows him off. She gets a phone call and is shocked. Nikolas meets Emily at the hospital. Her doctor tells her she can start chemo the next morning. He says he’ll take her home, in the elevator they kiss. Jason and Courtney meet in the garden for their wedding. First Carly, then Sonny joins them. Stefan emerges from the tunnels on the bluff, Luke is there. They fight, Stefan stops resisting and he’s stabbed in the chest. He tells Luke that now his life is over too, then falls off the cliffs.

GL by 

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Y&R By Glynis

Lauren confirms to Nick that Michael was trying to pull something to get Safra on her shelves…Sharon panics after hearing that her party will have no food delivered for her very prestigious party…Brad returns to the living room to find that Ashley has disappeared…Phyllis asks Damon why he is there with Diane…Victoria tries to forget about Damon and dances with Michael…JT calls Colleen’s cell phone and when Kevin sees the name and number on her phone, he is so angry, he smashes it against the wall…JT gets Colleen’s voicemail and leaves her a message…Neil apologizes for having to be so harsh with Lily for seeing Kevin…Brad realizes that Ashley is gone and he hits the phone to get assistance…JT is getting really disturbed now, as Colleen is very, very late…Colleen is on the floor now, and she is exhausted at having banged on the door for most of the evening…Kevin goes over to the kitchen and lights a match…Frances comes over to sit with Abby while Brad heads out to find his wife…Nick is unhappy that his sister is getting along so well with Victoria…Nick thinks that Michael is pulling a fast one on them…Victoria is having a better time than she thought that she would…Nikki keeps a close eye on Sharon who is frantically talking on the phone and pacing back and forth…Bobbie recognizes Nikki as the infamous Nikki Reed…Brittany tells Raul that she would rather be at the gala with him, but Raul only wants another drink…Sharon can’t find anyone to help her feed her guests…Nikki has overheard Sharon’s call and offers her some help…JT and Brad connect on the phone and Brad would like to get a call from JT when he finds Colleen…Kevin starts the fire…JT goes to the party, but Colleen isn't there either…John and Gina learn that Colleen is missing…Sharon feels that Nikki is going to be a real “B” over Sharon not getting food for her party…Victor tells Diane that when her new company goes bankrupt, he will buy it for pennies on the dollar…JT and Colleen’s family are very concerned now about where Colleen could be…Kevin stands sadistically and watches as the fire grows and grows before him…Colleen whimpers in the freezer for help…Neil tries to reassure his daughter about her parents’ love for her…Victoria and Michael are having a nice time outside in the moonlight…Damon kisses Victoria when he catches her alone outside, and Michael sees them….Sharon gets harsh words from the woman that has been overseeing this event…Nikki tells Sharon that she is a life preserver and she offers herself to Sharon…Kevin lights fires all over Gina’s, ending at the door, “You should have never messed with me you little bitch! I don’t get mad, I get even”…Sharon stands by and watches Nikki get a chef to agree to bring over food, whip Worthington and Miguel into shape…Sharon is indebted to Nikki for saving her butt from embarrassment…Victor doesn’t mind that Michael is with his daughter that night…Bobbie shows up just as Brittany is going to belt Lauren in the chops…Lauren assures Brittany that she is not her enemy…Ashley is in a building, wearing her robe and holding her blanket as if it were her baby…The party is saved as the food is brought in…Sharon tells the woman assisting with the party that Nikki was the one that pulled everything together…Gina and John are having a great time when Gina gets a call that there is a fire at her restaurant…JT feels that this fire might have something to do with Colleen…Victor finds Ashley on the floor in her robe at the party and he picks her up off the floor…Brad enters the party shouting for Victor to get his hands off Ashley…Ashley shows Victor the blanket holding it as if it were her baby and she is telling him that the baby is beautiful, “…isn’t he?…” Jack sees that things are sliding out of control and he orders Brad to take Ashley home right away…Ashley leaves and Victor stands there, with tears in his eyes as everyone looks on at him…

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