Thursday 10-09-03 Recaps

Thursday 10/9/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

As the Fusion women prepare for their big Sexiest Man announcement, they each have a dream about choosing a man--not for the contest, but in their lives. Simone dreams she's in a boxing ring, Kendall is in the board room, Simone is in the Wizard of Oz, and Greenlee is at the Fusion party. They are each left thinking after they wake up about the dreams. Mia ends up with Aidan in her dream. Kendall has a nightmare that she ends up with Michael in Hell. Greenlee is with Juan Pablo, but he turns into Ryan. Simone only wants Tad but she has a hard time sticking to a casual relationship.

ATWT by 

B&B by Lea

Days by Rebecca

GH by Dee

GL by 

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Y&R By Glynis

Colleen bangs and bangs on the door to get out, but no one comes…Kevin tears up the kitchen as he shouts out to Colleen who can’t hear him…Nikki keeps her snaky comments to a minimum after hearing that Sharon’s event is going to get national coverage…Brad comes in to find his wife in a catatonic state…Brad decides to get Ashley some help…Mr. Worthington arrives to make sure that everything is tippidy-doo…Jack is sceptical about being there…Nick secretly tells Jack that they have to meet later…Neil asks Lily if she spent the day at Kevin’s instead of school…Drucilla appears at the gala in the same dress that Phyllis is wearing…the press arrives and they scope the room pointing out the Newmans…Victoria is unhappy to see Damon enter with Diane on his arm…Sharon is disappointed to find Nikki being interviewed by the press across the room…Kevin douses Gina’s with gas and booze…Colleen is trapped in the freezer room, she has found the light but still can’t get out…Kevin smashes a bottle against the freezer door, but Colleen can’t even hear it and is getting very cold…Sharon crashes in on Nikki’s interview and the camera catches Nikki’s displeasure…JT calls the coffeehouse looking for Colleen…Bobby and Brittany arrive at the gala and her parents see them…Bobbie and Frederick almost get into it…Raul is suddenly unhappy when he sees Brittany with Bobbie…Phyllis and Drucilla turn as they are drinking outside and they see that the other happens to be wearing a familiar dress…Lily admits that she has no idea how old Kevin is…Damon laughs at Drucilla when he sees that she is wearing the same dress as Phyllis…Victoria is sad that Damon has come with Diane, as she thought that he wasn’t coming…Phyllis freaks when she sees Damon walking up to his date…Victoria interrupts a talk Damon was having with Phyllis…Victoria refuses to sit at a table near Damon and she walks off…Ashley keeps dreaming of her baby as if he lived…Ashley imagines the way her child looked and would have looked if he were alive…Brad realizes that Ashley went to the morgue to see her baby…Ashley doesn’t want to consider adopting…There is no food…Victor greets the Abbots in a private room…Lily cries when her father brings up statutory rape…Jack has to hold his father back from beating the lights out of Victor again…Sharon’s gala is going to air in a few days…Worthington reports to Sharon that there is no food and their won’t be…Lauren tells Nick that Michael tried to bribe her…Kevin continues to get the restaurant good and soaking wet with every bottle of booze in the joint…Colleen sits on the floor of the freezer ready to cry…Kevin is good and drunk now and he has finished his work, “That’s that last time that bitch is going to bother me, or anyone else”…Brad has a party planned for his bride and himself…Ashley hears baby music and smells her baby’s blanket, she holds the blanket as if it were a baby and she simply and quietly walks out the front door in her blue terry cloth robe…

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