Wednesday 10-08-03 Recaps

Wednesday 10/8/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Jack continues to grill David about what he and Erica were up to the night Michael disappeared. They get into a fight, with Jack punching David. Tad breaks it up. Jack pours his heart out to Tad. Tad helps him to see his problems aren't so bad. Reggie thinks Jack is just putting on a big show of catching the killer so he can let the case slide, but Jack can't do that. Bianca goes to SOS with Aidan and Maggie. Aidan questions Maggie but she won't tell him what she saw. She tells Bianca that she went to Michael's condo with a gun but didn't go in. Bianca doesn't want to hear who or what Maggie saw. Lena helps Kendall keep the companies from Ryan. Boyd does some important errand for Kendall. Aidan tells Kendall that Maggie saw something and he wants to go to the police, but she won't let him. He tells her he loves her but he's not sure in what way yet. Greenlee punches Ryan, which hurts her hand, not him. He gives her ice and sympathy. He tells her that Juan Pablo left her because she is still wearing Leo's ring.

ATWT by 

B&B by Lea

Days by Rebecca

GH by Dee

As Sam argues with the thugs, Jax makes a quick appearance, then runs through the shrubbery with the thugs right behind him. When they return, they tell Sam that they shot Jax. She tells them Jax was a hero, he didn’t want money, he wanted the cards for his dying dad. Jax, hiding in the bushes, hears her. She struggles with them and Jax runs out and knocks them out. He ties them up and after finding out their employer called them from upstate NY, he tells them he’ll call the cops in 24 hours. However, Sam has the gun on Jax and leaves them all. As Scott and Luke argue in the hospital room, Capelli comes in and tells them Stefan escaped. Luke says Stefan is a fugitive now and fair game. Lydia comes to Windermere and pleads with Nikolas to give their marriage another chance. He refuses and leaves the room; Stefan comes out of the tunnel and drags her back in. He tells her that the Cassadines need her fortune. When she tells him that Nikolas refuses to give their marriage a chance, he tells her that Nikolas is not the only Cassadine. If she has a Cassadine baby the dna would be close and Nikolas would never abandon a baby. Appalled, she tells him she would never sleep with him.

Zander gets a call at the shower and leaves. Emily follows and finds him talking to Cindy. When Cindy leaves, Zander tells Emily that he’s trying to prove she set up Alexis. He leaves and Elizabeth joins Emily. When Emily complains that Zander was a ‘friendly’ guy while she was gone, Elizabeth thinks she knows about her and Zander sleeping together and starts apologizing. Emily is shocked and when Zander returns, she unloads on him. Carly puts on a happy face even though Sonny, Jason and Courtney are not at the shower. She’s genuinely touched by the thoughtfulness of the gifts. Courtney left her a beautiful note "This was chosen with love and hope. And with love and hope, we give it to you. May all the joys of the future wash away the cares of the past." It’s the comforter that she gave Courtney. Sonny meets with Marcella again in the cemetery. She tells him that something will happen to Carly and the baby because of him. He rushes to Luke's and insists that Carly come home. At home he tells her that to protect his family, he’s moving out.

GL by 

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Y&R By Glynis

Kevin overhears Gina and John talking at her restaurant, and he learns that Colleen is going to be at the gala that night…Victor is worried about Nikki’s mood but she tells him nothing…Ashley is having trouble getting into a good mood. She shares a moment with Brad about the baby…Drucilla is worried about Lily’s behaviour, but Neil reminds her that they have to get going to the gala…Kevin arrives at the site for the gala before anyone else…Colleen manages to convince JT to go to the gala with her…Kevin has a swig of booze from the bar, and then he calls the coffeehouse where he learns that Colleen is there. He has a message sent to her that she is to meet her grandfather at Gina’s…Colleen gets the message and leaves with not a worry that her grandfather might not be the one that wants to meet her…Nick tries to explain to Sharon what he thinks about the way that his father is running the business, but she thinks that he should just sit back and take notes…Victor and Nikki make personal plans for after all this business with the gala, and that makes Nikki very happy…Kevin has had a few drinks and the stage at Gina’s is set for Colleen…Colleen arrives at Gina’s and she finds an open door to a freezer or storage room…Raul and Lauren share some cute words before separating to get ready or the gala…Bobby tells Brittany to go get ready, as he will pick her up in an hour…Ashley sits for a quiet moment and she then thinks about her baby smiling as she hums…”Rock Little Baby, Don’t Say a Word….”Drucilla doesn’t want to go to the gala, but Neil forces her…Colleen goes into the room where it is cold and dark, while calling for her granddad. Kevin grabs her and pulls her deeper into the room and then escapes slamming the door behind him. Colleen screams and screams as she is in total darkness, but no one answers.

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