Tuesday 10-7-03 Recaps

Tuesday 10/7/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Greenlee and Kendall fight in the elevator, with Ryan egging them on. They realize what he's doing and decide to team up against him. Simone and Mia discuss their options. Simone is very cynical and ready to sell them all out. Mia blasts Simone for just rushing ahead without thinking who it might hurt, and she uses Tad as an example. Derek tries to pin the murder on David, but Jack says there isn't enough evidence, so they have to let David go. Derek is furious that Jack interfered, and Aidan accuses him of covering up for someone. David drops the charges against Aidan. Derek thinks Jack might be protecting Erica. Juan Pablo meets with Carlos in the park to tell him about the Argentinian gangsters that have arrived in the U.S. Carlos is not afraid and shows JP his gun. He says he did not kill Michael. JP fixes the elevator in time to hear Greenlee say that nothing is more important to her than Fusion. They have an argument and he leaves. Bianca tries to tell Lena about the baby. Lena already knows about the pregnancy and says that Bianca did the right thing to terminate the monster's baby, so Bianca doesn't tell her that she's keeping it. Lena wants to go out but Bianca tells her to back off. Bianca gives a big speech about her rape to her classmates at the student center after some girls stare at her and make some comments. Kendall asks Lena's help in coming up with dirty tricks to keep the company from Ryan. Ryan asks Derek to tell him the time of the murder in exchange for information about David.

ATWT by Hilary

B&B by Lea

Days by Rebecca

GH by Dee

Jax and Sam realize they are on an uninhabited island. As they share a meal, they discuss the cards; Sam says that if she gets them, she’ll destroy them. When Jax protests and talks about his dad, she say the best way to give him hope is to get married and have babies. Dillon talks to Ned about borrowing his car to go to the concert, but when Ned asks where he got the money for the tickets, Georgie tells him that he got it from Alcazar. Appalled, Ned tells Dillon there will be no concert, no car, he is grounded indefinitely. Edward, who hears part of the conversation, threatens to send him to military school. Later, Georgie apologizes to Dillon for telling Ned about Alcazar. Bobbie and Carly meet at the hospital and Bobbie invites her and Sonny to dinner at Luke’s Place. Carly accepts for both of them. When Carly leaves, Bobbie calls Courtney and tells her that everything is set. Carly and Sonny won’t know what hit them. At the penthouse, Jason and Sonny argue when Jason tries to convince Sonny that whatever he saw wasn’t a ghost. Sonny tells him to leave. He meets Carly in the hall and tells her that Sonny threw him out. Carly goes in and tells Sonny that she doesn’t believe that he’s seeing Lily’s spirit, but she can’t convince him. She tells him she needs him and asks him to go to Luke’s with her. He says he can’t, he has to go to the cemetery.

Cameron moves in with Alexis and from the beginning they argue. She thinks the barnyard toy he got Kristina is inappropriate; he thinks the defense she’s planning is all wrong. They argue about who’s taking Kristina for a walk, then race each other to get to the nursery. Emily tells Zander they have to go to Carly’s shower tonight. He tells her he shouldn’t be there because of what almost happened between him and Carly. She wonders what else he hasn’t told her. Alcazar visits Stefan and tells him for now, they’re even, but if Stefan says anything about Capelli working for him, what will happen to him will be worse than the fire. Luke visits to threaten Stefan, is chased away by Bobbie, returns only to be arrested by Scott. Carly is shocked when she arrives at the shower. Jason invites Courtney to come away with him; she accepts. Marcella tells Sonny something is going to happen to Carly and the baby.

GL by Hilary

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Y&R By Glynis

Victor doesn’t trust Michael even though Michael is trying his best to show Victor that he can be trusted…Michael has a way to get Victor off Damon’s arm…Nick asks Victoria to back him on this thing with looking into what Victor and Michael are up to…Victoria thinks that he brother is over exaggerating…Colleen finally gives up that Lily has been dating a guy in his 20s…Neil heads over to rescue their daughter…Lily is convinced that her parents really don’t care about her that much…Victor isn’t sure that Michael is being on the up and up and he even laughs at the man…Lily’s boyfriend tells Lily that he is going to take her away from all this…Neil arrives at Lily’s apartment and bangs on the door, shouting that he knows that she is in there…Gina and Phyllis try to get John and Jack to escort them to the gala…Jack flatly refuses to go to the event…Damon tells Diane that the really enjoyed meeting her the other day…Diane asks Damon to the gala…Neil doesn’t find Lily but he gives a very threatening message…Lily is gone, now, but the lamp goes flying after Neil leaves…Phyllis strokes John and Jack into attending the gala…Lily comes home to find her friends having a friendly chat with her mother. “Hey! What’s going on?”…Drucilla demands to know where her daughter has been and what she has been doing…Damon decides that showing up at the gala with Diane on his arm will not be as disastrous as being there with Victoria…Nick sees an ominous figure coming through the window…Lily strongly defends her love life against her mother.

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