Monday 10-6-03 Recaps

Monday 10/6/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Juan Pablo tries to give Ryan a hard time but he lets JP know that Greenlee was in his room. Edmund tells JP that he knows he is connected to what happened in Argentina with the Calatravas family, and warns him that they have landed in Miami. The Fusion women fight amongst themselves about Ryan and the company. Greenlee tries to talk Kendall into selling out to Ryan and starting a new company with her. But Kendall knows that Greenlee visited Ryan in his hotel room, so she's suspicious. Ryan drops by and tells them that Kendall tried to cut a deal with herself in charge of Fusion, so they are disgusted with her. In the middle of their fighting, Ryan tries to leave but Kendall and Greenlee end up getting the elevator stuck, with them and Ryan in it. Aidan brings David's gun to Derek. David protests. Derek arrests Aidan's gun, which means they can now test David's gun against the bullet that killed Michael. Jack had tried to stop it but couldn't. He and David argue about whether David and Erica are in trouble or not. Derek gets the bullet's test results back. Lena runs into Maggie and Bianca at the college. Maggie urges Bianca to tell Lena about the baby and try to start a relationship with her again, so Bianca and Lena go to Maggie's dorm room for some privacy. Lena says she still loves Bianca. Bianca has a hard time getting the truth out. Adam tries to throw Mary out but first she blackmails him and then J.R. protests, so Adam has to let her stay. J.R. has gathered his family for breakfast: Adam, Tad, Brooke, Liza, Jamie, Ruth, Marian, and Joe. He gets a mysterious phone call that everyone wonders about, particularly Adam.

ATWT by Kim

B&B by Lea

Days by Rebecca

GH by Dee

Jax and Sam have washed up on the beach, where she erroneously thinks heís unconscious and starts to give him mouth to mouth. She starts putting up a tent and tells him itís hers Ė fine, he fines a trunk fully of food, itís his. They compromise and share - but not happily. Lucky tells Luke heís made his point, Stefan has admitted to having Summer murdered by mistake. Please end the trial. Luke drags Stefan out of the warehouse. Zander accuses Nikolas of knowing that Stefan was dangerous to Emily, but she defends Nikolas. Luke shows up at the PCPD with Stefan, however Scott lets him go and arrests Luke for kidnapping. Alexis shows up, reminds Scott that the whole town heard Stefanís admission of guilt. Does he really want to go this route? He releases Luke on his own recognizance. Capelli calls in an update to Alcazar and gets orders to kill Stefan.

Sonny tells Carly that the baby has a hole in his heart just as Dr. Meadows comes back. She confirms this and tells them that in 60 percent of the cases, no surgery is necessary. If it is needed, they will wait until the baby is four months old. Sonny tells Carly, Jason and Courtney that Lily told him about the baby. This proves that heís not imagining this. He asks Jason to take Carly home and leaves to go back to the cemetery. Alcazar tells Marcella that he is going to make Sonny leave Carly. He sends her back to the cemetery. Sonny has taken flowers to the grave. She tells him that he is the reason that something will happen to Carly and the baby. At the PH, Jason comforts Carly and tells her that this is not her fault, the doctor said that sometimes babies have this problem, no body knows why. When Courtney arrives, he leaves to check out ĎLily.í Courtney tells Carly that Alcazar sent his best wishes and asks if Carly has encouraged him in any way. Carly is grateful that he saved her baby, but thatís all. At the cemetery, Jason finds high heel prints. Sonny comes home and tells Carly he will do anything to save her and the baby.

GL by 

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Y&R By Glynis

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