Friday 10-03-03 Recaps

Friday 10/03/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Greenlee tries to convince Ryan, in his hotel room, to sell her Fusion after she convinces Kendall to sell it to him. She pulls out all the stops, flirting and using her body to get his attention. He brings up Leo and they chat a little, but he never agrees to their deal. She kisses him as she leaves, which Kendall sees. Bianca explains to Maggie why she is keeping the baby and how she plans to hide her pregnancy from everyone. After some objections, Maggie agrees to support her completely. Jack gets Kendall alone and swears that she is like family, and he knows that whatever she did, it was out of love for Erica and Bianca. She says she didn't kill Michael; he promises to try to keep her out of jail. Aidan breaks into David's house and finds a hidden gun. He gets interrupted so he tries to lie to David about why he's there, saying Anna called him. David knows he's trying to dig up dirt on him about Michael's murder. Tad and Adam's brawling is interrupted by the appearance of J.R. He tells them sea stories and they drink beer. Adam is glad to have him home but Tad thinks that J.R. has more stories to tell.

ATWT by 

B&B by Lea

Days by Rebecca

Days by Jenne

GH by Dee

With everyone gathered at the warehouse, Luke puts Stefan on trial for the murder of Summer. Mac, Scott, Georgie, Bobbie and Lucky are watching TV at Kelly’s and see the trial begin. Stefan denies the accusations and says Luke is crazy, but first Nikolas, then Emily and Lydia damn him with their testimony. Scott orders Lucky to arrest Luke, but when he gets to the warehouse, he tells Stefan that Summer was a good person and tells Luke to ‘nail the bastard’. Jax comes to in the bar, finds out where Sam is and shows up on her boat. They argue about the cards, and then realize the boat won’t start and the radio is dead. When they fight over the flare gun, the flare goes into the boat and they have to jump overboard. Sonny shows Michael the picture of Lily and Michael says that’s the woman who talked to him when he and Courtney were having ice cream. Sonny leaves and Carly convinces Jason to go after him. They meet in the cemetery and ‘Lily’ shows up at the gate. When Jason pulls a gun, she leaves. Jason tries to convince Sonny that it was not a ghost. A ghost would not have been frightened of a gun, but a real person would. Sonny is angry at him and orders him to leave him alone.

Luke finds Dillon looking in the window of the warehouse and pulls him inside; he becomes Luke’s camera man. Nikolas tells Stefan that he has destroyed every bit of love he had for him. Stefan breaks down and rants about how Helena, in a year, destroyed the fortune that had taken generations to build, and he had to borrow to save the Cassadines. He tells Nikolas that he was the only light in his miserable life and he would do anything for him, lie, cheat, steal and even kill for him. He finishes and sits there sobbing. Carly goes to GH to have another ultrasound to prove to Sonny that the baby is ok, but afterward, Dr. Meadow says she has to consult with another doctor. ‘Lily’ appears again to Sonny and tells him the baby has a hole in its heart. He rushes to the hospital and tells Carly, Jason and Courtney what Lily said, just as the doctor comes in. She confirms what he said.

GL by 

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

After being clobbered with a frying pan, Jamal regains consciousness and finds that Madea has closed up shop permanently. Finding Imani's calendar with the current date (September 26) circled, he wonders what the significance could be. As Imani flees, she trips and falls, inadvertently giving Jamal a chance to catch up with her. Although she tries her best to make Jamal leave before it's too late, he refuses to go anywhere without knowing the truth. Wracked with pain, Imani insists that he look to the night sky for the answer to his question. After seeing the full moon, Jamal looks back toward Imani and finds an angry, growling wolf in her place. Back in Port Charles, Ian finally starts to believe in Lucy's universe the idea that there is hope for his future. Meanwhile, Olivia is thrilled with Caleb's choice of accommodations, but she's unnerved when their officiant turns out to be an old female friend of the Morley clan: Annette Manning, the hostess of the bed and breakfast. Acknowledging that her insecurities might have cost them their happiness, Olivia promises to love Caleb forever. When she completes her vows, Caleb tells her how much her love means to him; he considers himself to be the luckiest man alive. After the exchange of rings and blood (by biting each other's wrist), Annette pronounces them husband and wife. After speaking with the minister who counseled them, Rafe concludes happily that his wedding will be perfect. After Alison walks down the aisle, Rafe hesitates to go ahead with the ceremony, but he gives the go-ahead when their guests arrive for the happy occasion. Unknown to Alison, he had invited her mother, Lucy, Ian, Jack, and Ricky. Alison is thrilled with her wedding surprise. As Rafe and Alison exchange vows and become united in marriage, Caleb informs his own new bride of the consequences of her actions. To Olivia's horror, she learns that Caleb's night of passion was spent with Alison, who is now carrying his child.

Y&R By Glynis

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